Girl Scout Shed by fanzhongqing


									                                 Girl Scout Shed
                         Inventory taken on May 12, 2011
For the outdoors
1 pie iron
Container of Little Tikes Shovels
1 box of metal hand shovels and small rakes
2 large soft Frisbees
Container of burlap sacks
Charcoal Barbeque Grill
2 Propane Lantern Lamp Posts
Archery Bows, Arrows and Wristbands
Nerf Archery items (3 bows and arrows)
Assortment of rubber, playground balls
Container of Magnifying Glasses
2 Propane Lanterns with Fuel
4 Buddy Burners
1 cast iron skillet
Entire cast iron cook set
1 Dutch oven
Variety of sand toys (shovel, buckets, etc.)
3 swimming kickboards
float rings
inflatable balls
water sponge balls
1 water slide
3 hula hoops
water gun and balloons
pool wristbands
16 floating bowls and balls
plastic lobster, crab, fish, starfish
4 plastic bats
roll of plastic table covering
14 hotdog sticks for fire
pool noodles

Container of Glue Guns and Glue
Container of scissors & a few hole punches
Plaster of Paris
1 Container of Fun Foam
1 large bag of DMC Floss
Container of Knitting Yarn
Container of Construction Paper
Thick and long dowel rods
Blank CD’s
Container of Masking tape and rope (lashing materials)
Items for a Girl Scout tea; Wicker Fans, 12 Victorian hats (can be used for tea)
1 bag of Victorian lace shawls (different colors)
Container of Pens
Container of Crayons
Container of markers
Container of Colored Pencils
1 large container of miscellaneous crafts (googly eyes, feathers, bells, foam sticky hearts, foam
items, chenille stems, pom poms, ribbon, etc.)
1 large container of different colors of lanyard with scissors
1 container of pony beads
1 container wooden crafts
1 container of paint trays, brushes, wild west sponges foam stamps
7 coloring plates
1 container of fleece and felt material
1 container of candles
1 huge container of wallpaper (can be used for sit upons)
Box of hammers, nails, block of wood, design papers, glass beads
Film Cannisters
Box of Page Protectors & Craft Books

Kitchen – * Paper Products & select items for use for Camp only
7.6oz 1 Carafe (Stainless Steel)
1 Coffee Urn
Grilling Utensils
Electric Griddle
3 Measuring Cups
1 Can of Decaf Coffee
5 metal mixing bowls
A variety of different sizes of aluminum platters and trays
Kitchen towels and washrags
Container of paper, plastic and garbage bags
1 container of plastic utensils (forks, spoons, knives)
1 container of cups and napkins
3 Pam sprays
1 container of a variety of ziplock baggies, foil, plastic wrap
3 tablecloths
Paper plates and syrofoam bowls
Coffee filters
Paring knives
Salt and Pepper
6 pitches (1 gallon)
16 paper plate holders
2 large water jugs

1 Extension Cord
1 Box of Decorations including balloon weights, streamers, Girl Scout green tablecloth, plastic
Bingo set
A few different colored bandanas
1 large box of carnival prizes and games
Variety of old event patches
American flag with pole
GS flag with pole.
Gold, Silver & Bronze Award banners
3 large washtubs
2 metal buckets
4 mop buckets
2 buckets
1 round storage bucket with lid
4 plastic washtubs
3 witch hats
15 glass bowls or candleholders (can be used for centerpieces for an event)
roll of caution tape
compasses (in with carnival games box)
plastic whistles (in with carnival games box)
3 containers of Girl Scout songbooks
box of First Aid instruction books
books and videos for diversity/dance badge
1 Christmas Tree with presents, decorated ribbon, ornaments, skirt and beads
Girl Scout Quilt
Ice Packs
Box of Wicker Baskets with Metal Flowers
CD Player/Radio
Page Protectors

  If you would like to borrow or use something from shed, please contact Chris Bench or
              Jean Wilkinson. Please give us at least 1 week advance notice.

The valuable and reusable items will need to be signed out at the shed. There is a tablet in
         shed to sign items out. You can also contact one of us to return items.

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