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									12th May 2011

Dear Parent/Carer

You should now be aware that in June 2011 we are installing a new biometric cashless
system for the catering service at Great Sankey High School as part of a continuing strategy
to provide and improve the quality of the meal service available at the school. This new
system is being launched in conjunction with an on-line payment facility.

       Cashless catering is an electronic system by which pupils/staff are able to pay for
        their school meals without using cash. Each pupil has an electronic account to which
        money can be added by either putting money into a cash revaluation machine or by
        making a payment on-line. Cheques will only be accepted as a form of payment in
        exceptional circumstances. For those pupils on free school meals their account will
        be topped up automatically by the school with the correct daily cash value.
       Biometric identification uses a pupil’s/staff members fingerprint to link the
        learner/employee to their catering account. Those learners whose parents have
        chosen to opt them out of biometric identification will be issued with a smart card.
       The on-line payment system is a web based facility that allows parents to make
        secure payments electronically for school related activities including school dinners.

The biometric cashless system will start operating on MONDAY 20th JUNE 2011 by which
time all pupils/staff will either have had their finger print registered or have been issued
with a smart card, be informed of and given training on how to use the new system. From
this date onwards no cash will be accepted at any of the school food counter ‘Till Points’.

To assist you with the rollout of both biometric cashless catering and on-line payment the
school has generated the enclosed information pack.

With respect to biometric registration it should be emphasized that at no point in time is a
total fingerprint stored within any database. A parent/carer has, however the right to opt
their child out of biometric registration. Those wishing to do so must complete the relevant
section of the attached “Confirmation of Contact Details Form” and return it to the school by
no later than Friday 20th May 2011. Each pupil will be issued with their own smart card
which when used links them to their individual account. (Note lost or stolen cards will be
charged at a price of £5.00 to cover replacement card, print and administration costs).

Parents should note that here is a daily ‘spend limit’ programmed into the system of £4.00,
this can be increased or decreased for an individual pupil by completing the relevant section
of the attached “Confirmation of Contact Details Form”.

The proposed timetable for implementation is as follows:
     Friday 20th May 2011: deadline for return of current contact information, opt out
       forms by parents and request to change daily spend limit.
     Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th June 2011: biometric pupil registration. After this date
       pupils can start to add money to their individual accounts via cash revaluation
       machines located around school (Humanities corridor, outside BHT and inside BHC
     By Friday 10th June 2011: all parents to have received their unique id number to
       enable them to register for use of the on-line payment system. This will allow a
       minimum of 10 days for parents to start making payments to their child’s account
       ahead of the go live date of June 20th 2011.
     Monday 20th June 2011: cashless catering system goes live within Great Sankey High

Initially the on-line payment system will only be for the payment of food however on-line
payment for other school related activities/items e.g. school trips, music tuition and items of
uniform will become available over the next few months.

What do I need to do now?
  1. To ensure you get your unique on-line authorization code to allow you to make on-
      line payments please complete the attached “Confirmation of Contact Details” form

    2. If you wish to opt your child out of biometric registration please tick the opt out box
       on the attached “Confirmation of Contact Details” form

    3. If you wish to change the maximum daily allowance for your child please state the
       required figure in the daily allowance box on the attached “Confirmation of Contact
       Details” form

    4. Return the completed form to the school by no later than Friday 20th May 2011.
       Please mark it for the attention of School Office.

We believe that the introduction of the above systems will greatly simplify payment of
school related activities for both the school and the parent/carer and look forward to your
cooperation in adopting this new way of working.

If you have any questions relating to either biometric cashless catering or on-line payments
please contact the School Business Manager, Dr Helen Jones.

Yours faithfully,

Alan Yates
Head Teacher

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