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									     Edward Tuccio

An Experienced Real Estate
                About Edward Tuccio

 Successful real estate sales agent and broker and has more
than 15 years of experience in structuring, analyzing, sourcing
and negotiating highly complex transactions.
He is a strategic thinker and is passionate about devising
creative ways to become the industry leader and has been
working as the Chief Financial Officer at Tuccio Development,
Inc since 1996.
     Professional Achievments
 Edward J.Tuccio has strong skills in financial management,
securing financing for developments, marketing as well as
contracting with such contractors as architects and

He also successfully established 11 new, multi-home
subdivisions through extensive meetings and negotiations.

Personally identified unique market opportunities to manage
and maintain over $10M in sales.
    Present Work Experience

 At Tuccio Development, he maximizes real estate utilization
by coordinating the sharing of space among different
business units.

Maintains day to day contact with local management
and oversees all aspects of selecting development team,
building design, permitting as well as construction.
 Has the exceptional ability to access and quantify
opportunities and risks. He transformed a family start-up
company to become a successful business unit.

Worked with Lehman Brothers, Inc as an Account
Executive from 1992 to 1996.

Completed his Bachelor of Science, Business
Administration from College of Charleston located in
Charleston, SC in 1991.

He is an esteemed Ridgefield hockey coach and
Ridgefield baseball coach.

He is an avid golfer and has made a hole in one in
Okemo VT in the year 2000 and gets his golf ball into
the cup on the green with just one stroke.
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