How to protect yourself against Identity Theft by joymali


									                    How to protect yourself against Identity Theft

One of the many things to look out for in this dangerous world is thieves. They can attack you in
several ways, most of them break-in in your homes or attack you in dark alleys. But what you
should be aware about is how thieves can go into your credit account and steal your identity.
With today’s gadgets, you can virtually do anything you want. Identity theft is when a person
hacks your account and uses your identity, makes use of your money or for transactions. Read
down to learn more on how to protect yourself against identity theft.

      Monitor your credit report regularly- Every year, you are entitled to a free credit
       report from the credit agencies. For you track it better, request a new one every 3 or 4
       months. Monitoring your credit report will help you track fishy transactions or any
       changes in your account. Identity thieves usually change your mailing address or
       number so that you won’t be able to receive and know about suspicious dealings.
      Keep important information to yourself- Letting others know more than they are
       supposed to could be a threat to your credit. No matter how close you are to your
       friends, try to keep important details to yourself. You’ll never know what might happen
       next, better safe than sorry. Thieves can also ruin your account and this may hurt your
       credit score. They can even run huge debts on your account without you knowing.
      Credit monitoring services- These may be the best defense against credit fraud. You
       get to monitor your account wherever you may be; you can check your account as often
       as you want and lastly, peace of mind. Credit monitoring services let you do all these but
       with a price of course. These services may charge you $50 a month, a little steep to
       some that’s why it’s best to weigh out your needs to know if this is worth paying for. This
       will also help you pursue fishy transactions and you get to be notified for bills, late
       payments, and exceeded limits or for every change in your account. Very handy if you
       are often abroad or don’t have enough time to check regularly.

Your account needs to be taken care of because with your credit history, relies your credit score
and with a good credit score, the benefits may be endless.

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