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General Assembly Meeting


									                             General Assembly Meeting
                             September 4, 2007 7:00 pm
                             Paxton Keeley Gymnasium

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mrs. Hassemer who welcomed everyone
in attendance and turned the meeting over to PTA President Shelli Thelen.

Secretary, Melissa Hill, read the minutes from the last General PTA Meeting on
April 17, 2007. Minutes were approved.

Treasurer, Elizabeth Blake, presented the budget for the year of $27, 400.00. A
motion was made to approve the budget by Gena Patton and the members seconded
the motion.

President Shelli Thelen discussed the PTA’s desire to decrease the amount of fliers
that are coming home. We have made changes to the monthly newsletter by
including calendars for the current and upcoming month. Shelli also discussed five
ways to help out our school they are as follows:
       1. Collecting Box-Tops.
       2. Collecting the yellow rectangles from the Campbell Soup labels.
       3. Recycling ink cartridges.
       4. Attending Business Fundraisers which will be listed in the newsletters.
       5. Designate Paxton Keeley as your school when using you Target Credit

Shelli Thelen, also discussed that in the budget. Part of the money will be
distributed as follows: $5,000.00 as disbursements to Paxton Keeley teachers,
$2,600.00 for field trips, $1,000.00 to the 5th Grade Party, $1,000.00 to landscaping
and $10,000.00 to buy technology for our school.

Lisa Griggs, Fundraising Chair, announced we will be selling Innisbrook (gift wrap
and other items). We will not be selling Kringles since HyVee now carries them.
Our goal for this year is $12,000.00 if we reach our goal all students will have a
Movin & Groovin Gala during lunch. Sales will start September 14, 2007 and go
through October 1, 2007. You will be able to pick up items during Parent Teacher
Conferences in November.

Mrs. Hassemer introduced Mrs. Burger and welcomed the students from the
various colleges in Columbia. She thanked everyone for a smooth start to the year
and for dealing with the early release days due to heat. She also encouraged
everyone to take advantage of the Columbia Public Schools alert system.
Information can be found at Map Testing results are
also in and Paxton Keeley once again outscored the district and state.

Mrs. Hassemer thanked the PTA for the following: Shelli Thelen for watering the
new trees during the summer, volunteers for installing the benches and planting for
the Literacy Area in memory of Joanie Sanford and for the staff disbursement

Meeting adjourned at 7:20,
Respectfully submitted, Melissa Hill, Secretary
Date accepted/approved______________

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