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Advice For Spending Less On Fuel As Gas Prices Rise
    (ARA) — Remember when $4                        more trouble than it's worth, but                                                                                               • Keep your tires inflated              also have a negative effect on
seemed like an outrageous                           when prices are high, it's not                                                                                               properly. Keeping your tires at            your fuel economy.
amount to spend on a gallon of                      uncommon for thieves to siphon                                                                                               the optimal level not only keeps               • Reduce weight and drag.
gasoline? Now that number                           gas from vehicles, especially                                                                                                you safer, but can improve your            Getting rid of items such as roof
doesn't seem so far-fetched.                        those with larger tanks. Adding                                                                                              gas mileage by up to 3.3 percent,          equipment when they aren't
While you can't do anything to                      a locking gas cap can be done for                                                                                            according to the Department of             being used can help your car
control the unrest in the Middle                    much less than the cost of a tank                                                                                            Energy. Your owner's manual                become more aerodynamic and
East or oil rig explosions that                     of gas. In addition to preventing                                                                                            should tell you the proper psi             run more efficiently. Keeping
could lead to gas prices spiking                    theft, locking fuel tank caps can                                                                                            (pounds per square inch) levels            unnecessary items in your car,
at a moment's notice, there are a                   also prevent anyone from tam-                                                                                                for your vehicle.                          especially if they are heavy, can
few things you can do to help                       pering with your gas tank.                                                                                                      • Drive for optimal gas                 also make your car work harder
ease the pain of high gas prices.                      • Keep your tank full. While                                                                                              mileage. How you drive can                 and use more fuel than it needs
    While buying a more fuel-effi-                  you're looking to reduce the                                                                                                 affect how much gas you use.               to.
cient car might be an option for                    amount of gasoline you are                                                                                                   Most cars run at peak efficiency               By adding up the small sav-
some, new and used cars that get                    using, constantly running your                                                                                               at around 60 mph, with fuel                ings gained by each of these tips,
more miles per gallon tend to be                    car with the tank close to empty                                                                                             economy decreasing sharply                 you can really notice a difference
more in demand — and more                           can wear down your fuel pump.        tank can help your fuel burn         Department of Energy. The                          when       traveling      faster.          on how much you are paying at
expensive — when gas prices are                     "The gasoline in the tank keeps      cleaner.                             RockAuto.com parts catalog has                     Aggressive driving with rapid              the pump, especially over a long
high. If a new car isn't an option                  the fuel pump cool. Take away           • Keep your car in shape.         oxygen sensors from $10 to more                    acceleration and slowing will              period of time.
for you, implementing the follow-                   the gas and the fuel pump runs       Keeping your engine properly         than $100 depending on the car,"
ing changes can help ensure that                    hot and has a shorter life," says    tuned improves fuel efficiency by    says Taylor. Especially if you're a
you get the most from the fuel in                   Tom Taylor, engineer and vice        an average of 4 percent and          do-it-yourselfer, you could quick-                                  15% Off All Exhaust Work
your gas tank:                                      president of RockAuto.com. If        repairing a major issue like a       ly recoup the cost of an oxygen                                          Excludes Bullydog Products
    • Keep the gas you buy in                       you have an older car that has       faulty oxygen sensor could           sensor or other repair after as                                Expires May 15, 2011 • MUST HAVE COUPON
your car. When gas prices are                       accumulated dirt and rust at the     improve efficiency by up to 40       little as one tank of gas through
                                                                                         percent, according the U.S.          improved fuel economy.                                      MAGNAFLOW, FLOWMASTER, OEM MUFFLERS
low, stealing gas would likely be                   bottom of the tank, keeping a full                                                                                                   RADIATOR REPAIR, RECORING & NEW COMPLETE RADIATORS AVAILABLE.
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