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Web Development in a Fair Way


Web development. Small or big, simple or complex, everything from one page to enterprise-level database management applications. Dealing with special needs the same way as with general queries. Working over 60 hours a week delivering only the highest quality in every job without compromise

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									Web Development in a Fair Way

The story

When a young man starts his LIFE alone he always have great intentions about something he already interested in

be it sports, literature or technology. He always has great dreams about the future, that he will be famous in some

ways, will do something nobody has ever done before and will go further then anybody in the past. He will build and

then lead his business to great success, will find somebody to love, will raise a family and will lead a happy life. But

as time goes by he finds it harder and harder to push through...

The business

Web development. Small or big, simple or complex, everything from one page to enterprise-level database

management applications. Dealing with special needs the same way as with general queries. Working over 60 hours

a week delivering only the highest quality in every job without compromise. Advanced level skills in several

programming languages make it easy to select and use the right tools for every project. Having the experience to

bring a project from scratch to completion. Only clean hand-written code, bespoke content management systems,

unique designs, cross-browser compatibility, logical structure, extendability and interactivity - in one word,

professionalism what describes the products.

Sharks in the water

Running a business always involve competitors. Old ones, new ones, smaller ones, bigger ones, less or more but

there are always some. And it is all right. All right, as long as it is fair. However in the web development business

nothing seems to be fair at the moment.

Customers are not aware of differences between a website and a website. They can see, what is on the screen. They

can see if they can find themselves on Google. And they can see the prices. And one's price is a really small

fragment of the other. The difference is so huge that the customer thinks nobody would do it so cheap so just out of

curiosity they start communicating with the guy offering the cheap price. After a few conversations it is obvious that

they are talking about the same thing. It makes the customer believe that the other quote is the one which is

incorrect. And there cannot be that much difference between the two products. And of course that is true.
Probably there is a little difference. Probably there is none. And even if the product is completely the same in terms of

hours spent on the project, structured clean code, good results in search engines, quality design, cross-browser
compatibility, high accessibility and so on, there is just a LITTLE thing... And it is called FAIRNESS.

A website can be built on a computer and can be uploaded from anywhere in the world where there is an internet

connection. There are many great developers and many great designers all around the world where the cost of living

is really just a small chunk comparing to the cost of living in the UK, especially around London...

So Website Owners! While you don't call yourself a millionaire however you would be really wealthy with your

monthly income in some other countries, PLEASE don't consider your country's prices way too high just because you

are having your site done by someone from far away! Thank you.

The start

When the young man started his life finishing school with a broken-up family behind his back he still had the dream to

live for. In fact, that was all he had. Everyday survival can take the focus off easily though. And it did. Forgetting your

dream however does not mean that you have to lose it...

Bouncing between jobs, between pride and prejudice turned his life upside down every now and then. Everywhere he

went there was somebody to tell him he is going the wrong way. Time after time somebody told him to forget his

dreams and grow up. He hated them. He wished they had not been there.

Although he hated them he sometimes felt they might be right. Sometimes he felt he should gave up, like everybody

seemed to had given up already around him and join the queue at the end. It seemed to be all right. It seemed to be

so easy. Everybody did the same. Everybody joined the same queue. He seemed to be sticking out more and more

by every day and it did not feel good. But there was something he could not get out of his mind...

"A fruit is either ripening or rotting. There is no stationary state in between."

Those people had given up already. There was nothing in front of them. They had cut all their chances that

something might change to any better. The young man suddenly had to realize that those people were the only ones

who helped keeping his dream alive showing great contrast between future and survival. And he has chosen the


Humor of faith

The young man ended up in the United Kingdom. He came to find some answers for the questions bothering him. He

wanted to stay a couple of years trying his luck and wanted to save some money. But this move gave him much more
than he ever expected. Learning the language and getting familiar with British culture opened his eyes a bit wider and
he has seen his dream once again. Below the surface it has grown even bigger through those years than it has been

ever before. And it seems to be closing up on him now...

The man behind the scenes

My name is Barnabas. I was born in Hungary but moved to the UK in 2009. Ever since I am learning web

development. Although I created a few websites before my relocation, I only consider going professional since I am in

the UK. I learned a lot in the past years and looking at others' work I would consider myself as a competent person. I

have experience in PHP5 (object oriented), MySQL, XHTML, CSS2/3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Search Engine

Optimization and Photoshop so I have all the tools to bring a project up to completion.

Being aware of my capabilities I can see how can I turn my dreams into reality. However I am sure that my business

will bring me a lot of challenges I need to deal with I am happy already that I could get my old dreams dusted and can

look into the future with a smile on my face.

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