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 e-Worksite SolutionsSM

            A turn-key program, that enables you to easily and seamlessly
             provide solutions to your employees’ supplemental disability
             income insurance needs through a number of services and
             capabilities including an online needs analysis and application

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 e-Worksite SolutionsSM

            Advanced Customer Support
             – In conjunction with your representative, an experienced
               Case Manager from MassMutual will oversee all aspects of
               your account including:
                   Case Set-up

                   Logistical Strategies

                   Communications Strategies

                   Tracking

                   Billing

                   On-going Employee Support

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 e-Worksite SolutionsSM

            Logistical Strategies
             – In conjunction with the producer, your case manager will
               develop a logistical strategy that may include:
                    Individual Meetings

                    Group Meetings (in person or online)

                    Employee Self-directed with supporting communications

                    Combination of the above

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 e-Worksite SolutionsSM

            Communication Strategies
             – A communication strategy, customized to your company, will also
               be developed. Communications may consist of:
                     Email Communications
                     Endorsement letter from the company
                     Hard copy communications – flyers, payroll stuffers, tabletents
                     Pro-active call bank

             – Strategy is also designed to work with the performance of the case
               with specific emails based on employee experience.
             – It is critical that the strategy should align with the regular
               communication practices of your company.
             – Ultimate goal of the communications strategy is to ensure all
               eligible employees have the opportunity to review and understand
               the coverage opportunity. This is in the best interest of the
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 e-Worksite SolutionsSM

            Sample Communications Strategy

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 e-Worksite SolutionsSM

            Tracking
             – Detailed tracking reports are provided on a daily basis that
                    Who has logged in to the site

                    Who has not logged in to the site

                    Who has applied for coverage

                    Who has declined coverage

             – Tracking reports in combination with a flexible
               communications strategy, allow us to pro-actively manage
               your account.

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 e-Worksite SolutionsSM

            Sample Tracking Reports

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 e-Worksite SolutionsSM

            Billing
              – MassMutual* provides a number of flexible billing options
                       Electronic billing

                       Electronic payroll deduction

                       Electronic fund transfer

                       “One-touch-and-done” billing and collection services (Schedule
                        and make changes to payments online)

                       Flexible payment methods for employees

                *Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company

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 e-Worksite SolutionsSM

             On-going Employee Support
              – Throughout the application period, employees are furnished
                with a toll-free number that will allow us to directly address
                their questions, comments, or concerns

              – At any time, employees can choose to speak with a
                representative or, elect to apply using the traditional paper
                process if they are more comfortable.

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 e-Worksite SolutionsSM

             A State-of-the-Art Internet Site
              – Allows employees to explore options in a private, convenient

              – Customizable components for your company.

              – Provides interactive tools (Need Calculator and Savings
                Evaluator) that empower your employees to determine their
                specific needs

              – Using our electronic application and e-signature capabilities,
                employees can apply online -- in a matter of minutes, 24
                hours a day, 7 days a week.
                                                  You can request for a demo

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