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									How To Keep Your Work Space Secure
and Protected

Do you know how to keep your working space protected? Although you may feel that the office poses little danger, a

security breach can harm your career and your future in the company.

Keeping your office space secure is a relatively simple task, as long as you get used to a number of easy and highly

efficient practices.

Lock Your Computer

Each time that you leave your desk, you are exposing important information that is stored on your computer. Keeping

this information safe depends on locking your account and having password protection.

Learn to log off your account each time you leave the desk. Your computer settings will enable you to protect the

account with a password. Choose something relatively complex that differs from your birth date or the city that you

live in.

Document Password Protection

Apart from protecting your computer with a password, you can also increase the security of important documents that

contain sensitive information.

Specific programs and little tools are available for password protection of documents. Make sure that you have added

a password to all of the important presentations, calculations and reports that you have spent a lot of time and effort

on. Someone may otherwise feel tempted to benefit from your ideas without giving you credit. Minimize the chance of

this happening by password protecting your documents.

Back Up Everything

Something can always happen to your office computer. It can be a virus or a simple act of carelessness. Such a

problem may result in the loss of vitally important data.

Workplace security involves document backups. You can use an external hard drive or CDs to make copies of all the

documents that are exceptionally important. Keep the copies stored in a secure place and use those in the case of an


Protecting Drawers and Cabinets

Apart from computer protection, you need to focus on keeping all of your drawers and cabinets safe.
A simple, old-fashioned locking mechanism can be sufficient for great document protection. Although it may seem like

an act of paranoia you should lock all of the drawers that have printed copies of documents, presentations, contracts

and other sensitive information.

Be Careful with Important Documents

A final rule of workplace safety focuses on the manner in which you handle and dispose of sensitive information. Be

very careful and think about the best places to store such information.

Print out solely the documents that you will have to carry around and use during presentations and official reports.

Everything else should be stored safely on your computer and protected with a password.

When disposing of such documents, it will be wisest to utilize the document shredder. Throwing documents in the

waste bin will leave them exposed and available for everyone to go through.

Keeping your work space secured and protected involves several basic precaution measures. Make sure that your

computer has a password and lock all of your drawers. Such steps will be sufficient to guarantee your workplace


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