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									                 Calgary Region

Home Builders’
                                  Annual Report 2010 - 2011
                                                            2010 – 2011 was marked by significant economic, political and regulatory influences. Canadian Home Builders’ Associa-
         Total Membership                                   tion – Calgary Region was fully prepared to prioritize and take action.
          (June 1, 2010)                                    The economy impacts us all and we as an industry do our utmost to aid in its recovery. Our members’ understand that
                605                                         success is not achieved in isolation but rather collectively. This attitude has helped endow the Association with informa-
                                                            tion that helps effect positive recovery and growth for our entire industry. Coupled with expertly formulated forecasts
                14%                                         and other internal and external insights into current market conditions and trends, data is provided back to our
                                                32%         members as tools by which they can to respond to short term fluctuations and build long term success. The recovery
8%                                                          curve has not been as rapid as we had all hoped, but the resources provided by the Association to our members are of
                                                            benefit to all who take note.

                                                            The term coincided with the launch of Calgary’s general election which witnessed the resignation of our mayor and
                                                            many seasoned aldermanic candidates plus a sizable number of new candidates throwing their hats into the ring. The
                                                   3%       work of the Political Action Committee and the resulting VoteCalgary.ca initiative prepared us to take on the challenge
                                                            of informing our members and their employees regarding the candidates in each ward and their platforms. It also
                                                            highlighted issues making headlines and those that we as an industry believed were worth consideration when the
            43%                                             30,000 people who directly contribute to and benefit from the residential construction industry went to the polling
   Builder 197                                              Through social media applications on the website, we welcomed dialogue with our fellow constituents and many
   Developer 23                                             provocative topics were introduced and successfully managed. This open and transparent approach to VoteCalgary.ca
   Supplier/Manufacturer/Trade 251                          positioned us as thought leaders and information resources. We as an industry benefitted substantially by boosting our
                                                            credibility and building a more positive image within Calgary and surrounding areas.
   Renovator 46
   Service Professional                  88                 We continue to be a regular presence at various committee and council tables. In the past year, Association volunteers
                                                            and staff met with over fifty partner and stakeholder organizations, ranging from safety and technical councils to
                                                            municipal administrations and committees. Some successes were marked and much remains in development, but the
                                                            core point is that the Association has continued to be a voice for our industry at every opportunity. This year, I had the
                Membership                                  opportunity to speak before Calgary City Council regarding some of the potential ramifications of a substantial levy
                                                            increase. We as an Association were not formally involved in these negotiations, yet our perspectives were considered
                2002 - 2011                                 and acknowledged. That opportunity came to us in great part because we have nurtured on-going relationships. When
                                                            issues that impact our membership are on the horizon, we are already aware and informed and positioned to act.

                                                            Standing alone, no company has the ability or resources to be as proactive, involved and impactful as you have through
                                                            your status as a CHBA – Calgary Region member. Thank you for throwing your support behind our efforts over the past
 500                                                        year. I offer my sincerest thanks, respect and appreciation of your decision to be a member.

 300                                                        Respectfully submitted,


        2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

Program & Event Highlights                                                                                Key Advocacy Issues
       VoteCalgary website captures public and media attention                                                  Building and Development Permit Approval
       Dinner Meeting attendance up 26% over previous year                                                      Processes & Fees
       Builder Breakfasts attract record attendance                                                             New Alberta Building Code Recommendations
       125 members attend special Social Media workshop                                                         & Changes
       SAM Committee introduces on-line entry and judging processes                                             Land Use Bylaw Sustainment Team
       Seventy one of eighty eight companies were 2010 SAM Awards Finalists                                     Green Building Initiatives by the City of Calgary
       Twenty four companies entered the SAM Awards for the first time                                           Planning Policy Initiatives by the City of Calgary
       RenoMark™ Destination Renovation launched at HomExpo 2011
       Fall and Spring Renomark™ Renovation Tours feature 17 homes
                      Calgary Region

Home Builders’
                                                                                                 REPORT CARD 2010 - 2011

  Associate Board
  The successful Mentorship Breakfast program was revised to include luncheons. The events, which group industry leaders
  with up-and-comers, continue to be popular with many attendees participating regularly. In September, the Associate
  Board offered a Mentorship Golf event at Heritage Pointe.
  In December, the Associate Board hosted its second annual Children’s Christmas Party celebrating the season with
  activities, games and a special gift from Santa himself!
  A sub-committee was struck to review the mandate and programs offered by the Associate Board.

                                                                                        Builder / Realtor Committee
                                                                                        The committee continues to cultivate relationships of mutual benefit between the two groups to enhance sales
                                                                                        opportunities and profitability.

                                                                                        Builder Trade Loss Committee
                                                                                        The Committee produced and distributed over 2,000 Builders Watch™ / Safety Posters and 5000 Builders Watch™
                         Home Builders’
                                          Calgary Region

                                                                                        stickers in two sizes. The Builder Trade Loss Committee is working with the Calgary Police Service to revise hot Sheet
                                                                                        information content and to explore real time message delivery regarding incidents.
                           Association                     TEXT: “crimetip” to 274637

  Condominium and Multi-Family Committee

  This committee has been participating in numerous City of Calgary initiatives including the Development Completion Permit (DCP) process, Barrier Free Code Change proposals,
  CPAG review,
  Residential Street Tree Standards, Low density multi in different arrangements within the Bylaw and Building Permit fee structure review. Members of this committee also
  participate in regular meetings with senior management at Development and Building Approvals along with Land Use Planning and Policy to ensure common challenges and
  construction industry specific issues are discussed.

  Economic Research Committee
  The committee is actively involved in the research, analysis and projection of all levels of economic forecasts related to then residen-
  tial home building industry.

  Government Relations Committee
  Following the municipal election campaign the GR Committee was revitalized to ensure that CHBA - Calgary Region’s voice is heard at
  the local level. A successful first meeting was held with Chima Nkendrim, Chief of Staff to the Mayor’s Office. The committee will
  continue to develop new strategies to maintain and build upon the Association’s influence within Calgary and surrounding areas.                                         Richard Cho, CMHC Senior Marketing Analyst
                                                                                                                                                                               and CHBA - Calgary Region Volunteer
  Inner City Builders Council                                                                                                                                            delivers his economic forecast to 700 members.

  This group has been active in promoting contextual uses for the established areas of the city. City Council recently passed a semi-detached contextual use in addition to the single
  family detached. There were several other initiatives this committee worked on over the past year including the Practical Guide to Construction, DCP process, scoping project on the
  Development Permit process with the Federation of Calgary Communities and the initial review of the proposed redevelopment levy.

  Membership Committee

  The Committee participated in the recruitment of 55 new members between June 1, 2010 and June 30, 2010. Attendance at dinner meetings and mixer events rose by twenty six
  percent to 2,674. Speakers ranged from the likes of Sports anchor, Lisa Bowes and Social Media expert, Mark Evans, to a pre-election Aldermanic Forum and post-election, Calgary’s
  new mayor, Naheed Nenshi.

  The Committee also initiated conversations with post-secondary educational institutions in regard to initiating a special student membership aimed at those actively preparing for
  a career within the residential construction industry.
                        Calgary Region

 Home Builders’
                                                                           REPORT CARD 2010 - 2011

Safety Committee
This year the committee created two CHBA-Calgary Region Safety Awards that were presented at the June Dinner
meeting. The Safety Committee continues to offer feedback and direction on a variety of safety related issues such as;
COR/SECOR requirements, WCB changes, Alberta OH&S initiatives, local school programs, Safety BBQ’s, etc.

Government Relations Committee

This newly formed group has met several times to discuss how to effectively advocate our various positions to municipal
government. A successful first meeting has been held with Chima Nkemdrim, Chief of Staff, Mayor’s Office, City of                     Hundreds of our industry workforce stopped
Calgary.                                                                                                                              by the Safety Barbecues to get the latest in
                                                                                                                                       information, legislation and equipment.
Policy briefs on high priority issues will be developed to assist these committee volunteers in communicating more
clearly with decision makers.

Renovation Council
The Renovation Council’s primary focus was the promotion of the RenoMark™ program. The Council again produced two renovation tours, permitting public access to 17 renova-
tions of a various descriptions. The Council also produced their first Destination Renovation installation at HomExpo, featuring nine renovators, providing the public inspiration,
information and insights into the renovation process. The Council in conjunction with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation presented a half day workshop on mold and
asbestos site remediation. The session was delivered by national site remediation authority, author and internationally recognised speaker, Gord Cooke.

                                           SAM Awards Committee

                                           The Committee introduced on-line entry and judging to the 2010 SAM Awards. The new processes were very well received by both
                                           entrants and judges alike. In total, 88 companies submitted 544 entries. Of those companies, 74 were finalists and 32 winners.
                                           Twenty-four companies were first time entrants, 23 of them were finalists and 10 winners.

                                           The 2010 SAM Awards Gala was attended by 1500 guests, which set the stage for a tremendous industry celebration.

                                           Sports & Recreation Committee

                                           The committee organized three events for the 2010 - 2011 calendar. Fourteen teams registered for September’s CHBA – Calgary Region
                                           Slo-Pitch tournament, including four builder teams. Bowling Fun Night in February of 2011 saw 21 teams (5 builder teams) compete
                                           in four rounds. Participation in the CHBA – Calgary Region 25th Annual Fairmont Golf Classic at Fairmont Golf Springs Resort was sold
                                           out with 304 members in attendance of which 288 were golfers.

Sustainable Builders Council

The City of Calgary is producing a Sustainable Building Practices framework that is looking to introduce increased standards for energy efficiency, resource conservation and other
‘green’ initiatives. Volunteers on the Sustainable Builders Council have taken part in various stakeholder sessions and have been asked to provide comment on the numerous propos-
als as well as suggest other potential avenues for the City to investigate. This committee has also worked closely with City administration to develop an incentive program that
would be of benefit to both the industry and the homebuyer. Sustainable Builders Council members will also be providing critical analysis of the information proposed in the City
of Calgary’s new Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan.

Technical Council

The members of the Technical Council have been extremely busy this past year. Volunteers have dealt with many issues such as the side wall venting changes, the City’s Sustainable
Building Practices Framework, evaluating Development and Building Approvals’ Code change request regarding the 10-minute response rule, providing feedback to City staff on
the Lot Grading Bylaw and a host of other items. This has enabled the Technical Council to become even more engaged with our City partners in trying to find solutions that work
for everyone. Other items on the agenda for this committee have included being able to provide comment on the potential for mandatory sprinklers in residential construction,
monitoring changes to the upcoming Building Code concerning energy efficiency, utility locate challenges and auditing procedures. For the first time, this group has initiated a
meeting with municipal representatives from the surrounding municipalities such as Okotoks, Airdrie, Cochrane and the RM’s of Rocky View and Foothills to discuss common issues
with Builder representatives.
This past fiscal year has been filled with opportunity, challenge and success. We can be proud as we celebrate the
second half of our 65th year of operation that we have turned the corner and are poised for prosperity once again.

Votecalgary.ca united the homebuilding and land development industries in an effort to educate and mobilize the
industry to vote in 2010 municipal election. Exceeding all expectations our site became the go to election site of the
region – providing powerful information to the industry and general electorate on how the decisions made at city
hall impact all Calgarians. Building on this platform the votecalgary.ca brand will continue to provide education and
important information on key issues faced by the industry. I encourage you to go back to the site and join in the

Communicating to you, our members became an important focus this year and we engaged in a comprehensive
communication enhancement exercise. This has resulted in the development of an exciting new website incorporat-
ing the social media tools essential in today’s marketplace.
In order to stand up and be counted we must maintain a strong and vibrant association with members representing
all segments of our industry; we must have a strong contingent of member volunteers who will roll up their sleeves
sharing their knowledge and expertise with our partners to solve issues coming our way and we must have the
financial resources and human resources to maintain a successful operation.                                                               Calgary Region
We have concluded another successful year of operation. Membership has grown to 605 companies and I firmly
believe we will continue this trend into the future. We were proud to pay tribute to 216 volunteers during our Annual
                                                                                  to 2
Volunteer Appreciation Evening a tribute to the fact that volunteers receive the greatest value for their membership.
                                                                                    eatest                                    Canadian
Participation at all our events has increased this year and we sincerely appreciate your generous contribution of your
                                         ased th ear                                       ene
                                                                         appreci e yo r gener                            Home Builders’
time - our most valued resource. We are proud to have maintained a strong and healthy financial operation. This
                                           e od             mai
                                         are proud to have ma ntained             n ealt fina
                                                                                          lthy na
                                                                                 and healthy finan                         Association
fiscally prudent strategy has allowed us to embark on a new direction toward changing the perception of our
                                          us to embark          ew diirec
                                                                      recti      a changi he pe
                                                              new diirectiion toward ch ing the pe
industry in a positive way.

Please read the balance of this report that provides a brief glimpse of the successful initiatives we were engaged in
                                         at provides                                                        ngage
                                                                                                         e engaged
this past year. I encourage you to get involved,, join a committee, attend a new event or tweet about your industry..
                                          olved                                                               ndustry.
                                                                                                                                               CHBA - Calgary Region
Thank you for your continued guidance and support in making your association a stronger force.
                                           d su

Respectfully submitted,

Chief Executive Officer

                           Formal Representation
                                 Canadian Home Builders’ Association
                                 Board of Directors

                                 Urban Council
                                 Executive Officers Council Management Committee
                                 Renovation Council
                                 Technical Research Committee
                                 Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Alberta
                                 Board of Directors
                                 Safety Advisors Committee
                                 Alberta Housing Industry Technical Committee
                                 Building Technical Council
                                 Government Relations Committee
                                 Executive Officers’ Council
                                 Financial Statement Comparison
                                        2011 Budget with 2008 - 2010 Actuals
                               Budget 2011                 2010                       2009                                2008

Membership Fees                     750,000      898,191           30%      952,427             31%             782,900           23%
Non-Dues                          1,038,150    1,240,315           41%    1,215,388             39%           1,765,241           51%
Homexpo                             885,000      899,711           30%      934,219             30%             916,497           26%
Total Revenue                     2,673,150    3,038,217          100%    3,102,034            100%           3,464,638          100%
Direct Expense
Membership Fees                     437,500      568,432           27%      534,036             26%             320,468           13%
Non-Dues                            833,100    1,014,901           47%      956,883             46%           1,515,732           63%
Homexpo                             567,600      557,303           26%      570,496             28%             552,403           23%
Total Direct Expense              1,838,200    2,140,636          100%    2,061,417            100%           2,388,603          100%
Adm inistrative Expenses
Salary & Benefits                    447,450      552,702           69%      623,446             67%             567,511           71%
Other Admin                         387,500      253,829           31%      308,097             33%             230,465           29%
Total Admin Expense                 834,950      806,531          100%      931,563            100%             797,976          100%
Total Expense                     2,673,150    2,947,167           97%    2,992,980             96%           3,186,579           92%
ExcessRev/Exp                              0      91,050            3%      109,054              4%             278,059            8%

                                         Revenue Comparison

     $2,500,000                                                                                                            2008
     $2,000,000                                                                                                            2009
     $1,500,000                                                                                                            2010

                           Membership          Non-Dues             Homexpo            Total Revenue

                                                  100, 7326 10th Street NE
                                                  Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 8W1                                  Calgary Region
                                                  403-235-1911 info@chbacalgary.com
                                                  www.chbacalgary.com                             Canadian
                                                                                             Home Builders’

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