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					                                                         Environmental Sciences (0768)
項次 勾選 論文號碼 論文名稱                                                                                       論文作者                    畢業學校            學位 年代 頁數
 1   AAC1411682 A direct gradient analysis of montane vegetation in the Toiyabe Range            Richling, Jason     CALIFORNIA STATE         MA 2003 120
                Nevada                                                                           Michael             UNIVERSITY, FULLERTON
 2   AAC1411684 Preliminary investigation of uranium isotopic evidence for groundwater           Fisher, Susan       CALIFORNIA STATE         MS   2003 51
                flow at Mountain Pass California                                                 Arlene              UNIVERSITY, FULLERTON
 3   AAC1412876 Intra-year class cannibalism in early juvenile blue crabs ( Callinectes          Kilbane, Deborah    UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH      MS   2003 56
                sapidus)                                                                         Ann                 ALABAMA
 4   AAC1412913 RSVP-ing Lawrence Halprin: Experiential equivalency at the Jones                 Toby, Louise        MORGAN STATE             MLA 2003 82
                Falls (Maryland)                                                                                     UNIVERSITY
 5   AAC1412978 Evaluation of biological monitoring to determine condition of low-order          Clouse, Corey       MISSISSIPPI STATE        MS   2003 91
                streams in north central Mississippi                                             Dewayne             UNIVERSITY
 6   AAC1413050 An evaluation of photovoltaic generation potential and load demand               Ransom, Kenneth     BAYLOR UNIVERSITY        MES 2003 68
                usage at Baylor University (Texas)                                               Glenn
 7   AAC1413168 Biorremediacion de suelos contaminados con pentaclorofenol (Spanish              Muniz Burgos,       UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO     MS   2003 76
                text)                                                                            Rubin               RICO, MAYAGUEZ (PUERTO
 8        AAC1413209 Taxonomic analysis of environment health and safety computer-based          Gillespie, Jeri     UNIVERSITY OF            MS   2003 111
                     training courses by cognitive domain                                                            CINCINNATI
 9        AAC1413223 Avian use of desert tamarisk communities along the Mojave River             Allen, Lisa Dawn    CALIFORNIA STATE         MS   2003 93
                     (Tamarix ramosissima California)                                                                UNIVERSITY, FULLERTON
 10       AAC1413323 Population response of an endangered plant (Thelypodium stenopetalum        Henderson, Amy      CALIFORNIA STATE         MS   2003 78
                     Brassicaceae) to precipitation                                              Lynne               UNIVERSITY, FULLERTON
 11       AAC1413346 Nutrients and fecal coliform removal efficiency via free water surface      Shaqadan, Ashraf    UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY    MS   2003 292
                     constructed wetland for lagoon wastewater treatment effluent                Adel
 12       AAC1413367 Organics separation and composting in the Commonwealth of                   Villareal, Julie    UNIVERSITY OF        MA       2003 188
                     Massachusetts: Confronting challenges in policy formation and program                           MASSACHUSETTS LOWELL
 13       AAC1413386 Civic environmentalism: A model for Everglades restoration and a            Jabour, Teresa U.   FLORIDA ATLANTIC         MA   2003 177
                     sustainable South Florida                                                                       UNIVERSITY
 14       AAC1413428 Fire soil native species and control of Phalaris arundinacea in a wetland   Foster, Richard     EAST TENNESSEE STATE     MS   2003 143
                     recovery project                                                            Douglas             UNIVERSITY

                                                                                  P.1                                                漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
15   AAC1413672 Central New York Resource Conservation and Development Project Inc. Edick, Stacie Porr      STATE UNIVERSITY OF    MAL 2003 56
                                                                                                            NEW YORK EMPIRE STATE S
16   AAC1413700 Influence of selected environmental stimuli and storage methods on the   Argo, Regina Marie UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON- MS 2003 79
                germination of wigeongrass (Ruppia maritima L.) seeds from Cedar                            CLEAR LAKE
                Bayou Galveston Bay area Texas (Texas)
17   AAC1413833 Degradation and intermediates of pyrene by Mycobacterium sp. JLS         Liang, Yanna       UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY        MS   2003 152
                KMS and MCS isolated from soil at a former wood-preserving facility
18   AAC1413890 Revegetation of a remediated brine-contaminated soil                     Osborne, Heather      STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE   MSF 2003 52
                                                                                         Dawn                  UNIVERSITY
19   AAC1413891     Past and present land use in western Washington County Arkansas and  Rogers, Judy Ann      STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE   MSF 2003 145
                    the effect on area water quality (Washington County Arkansas)                              UNIVERSITY
20   AAC1413909     Public participation in Mexican biosphere reserves: A comparative case Gutierrez-Mariscal, STATE UNIVERSITY OF       MS   2003 N/A
                    study (Mexico)                                                           Liliana           NEW YORK COL. OF
21   AAC1413914     Hardwood crown loss and subsequent rebuilding in northern New York Kraemer, Martin         STATE UNIVERSITY OF       MS   2003 N/A
                    following the January 1998 ice storm (New York)                          Joel              NEW YORK COL. OF
22   AAC1413916     Synthesis and properties of activated carbon from lignin                 Li, Suoding       STATE UNIVERSITY OF       MS   2003 N/A
                                                                                                               NEW YORK COL. OF
23   AAC1413917     Desperately seeking services: An analysis of characteristics experiences Ma, Ana M.        STATE UNIVERSITY OF       MS   2003 N/A
                    and factors influencing sense of political efficacy and awareness of                       NEW YORK COL. OF
                    advocacy channels of New York City residents who call local                                ENVIRONMENTAL
                    environmental government agencies (New York)
24   AAC1413918     The Federal Energy Regulation Commission: A case study in                Mayer, Nancy      STATE UNIVERSITY OF       MS   2003 N/A
                    constrained decision making                                              Allyn             NEW YORK COL. OF
25   AAC1413920     Spatial variability of streamwater chemistry in a forested watershed in Ogawa, Akiko       STATE UNIVERSITY OF       MS   2003 N/A
                    Hokkaido Japan (Japan)                                                                     NEW YORK COL. OF

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26   AAC1413942 Critical ecorhetoric: Theoretical explorations of critical rhetoric and   Wolfe, Dylan P.     STATE UNIVERSITY OF       MS   2003 N/A
                ecocentric thought                                                                            NEW YORK COL. OF
27   AAC1413961 Timber rattlesnakes and changing land use: A management plan for the      Perri, Paul Francis BARD COLLEGE,             MSE 2003 77
                Catskill Park New York                                                                        GRADUATE SCHOOL OF        S
                                                                                                              ENVIRONMENTAL STU
28   AAC1414225 Assessing ecological design principles as they relate to sustainability inBass, Beverly Juan THE UNIVERSITY OF          MLA 2003 103
                neighborhoods of Tucson Arizona                                                               ARIZONA
29   AAC1414249 A rapid simple method to measure the desorption-resistant fraction of     Cong, LiLi          RICE UNIVERSITY           MS   2003 120
                sediment sorbed contaminants
30   AAC1414251 Environmental impact of carbonaceous nanomaterials: Adsorption and Cheng, Xuekun                RICE UNIVERSITY         MS   2003 115
                desorption of naphthalene from aqueous buckminsterfullerene fullerene
31   AAC1414348 Measurements of atomospheric deposition of polycyclic aromatic             Kostrova, Olga       UNIVERSITY OF           MS   2003 61
                hydrocarbons on the Stony Brook Watershed in Westford Massachusetts                             MASSACHUSETTS LOWELL
32   AAC1414350 The effect of Title V on air pollution abatement                           O'Rourke, Thomas     UNIVERSITY OF           MS   2003 103
                                                                                           John                 MASSACHUSETTS LOWELL
33   AAC1414376 A historical perspective on shifting dominance of a coral reef community Wapnick, Cheryl        UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH     MS   2003 84
                in Jamaica (Acropora cervicornis)                                          Meredith             ALABAMA
34   AAC1414448 Effects of uncertainty in physical properties on environmental risk        Rodriguez-           UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,   MS   2003 144
                assessment of chemical process designs                                     Barahona, Lucrecia   RENO
35   AAC1414458 Mercury methylation in constructed wetlands and distribution in            Stamenkovic,         UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,   MS   2003 95
                sediments Steamboat Creek (Nevada)                                         Jelena               RENO
36   AAC1414462 Random particle motion and fractional-order dispersion in highly           Grabasnjak, Marija   UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,   MS   2003 244
                heterogeneous aquifers                                                                          RENO
37   AAC1414463 Passivation studies of weathered and fresh sulfidic rock                   Beck, Stefan W.      UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,   MS   2003 56
38   AAC1414471 Capture zone analysis using standard EPA methods and Bayesian             Kropf, Christian      UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,   MS   2003 107
                uncertainty analysis in Spanish Springs Valley Nevada                     Andreas               RENO
39   AAC1414472 Modeling agriculturally driven groundwater nutrients in the Truckee       Peterson, Sarah E.    UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,   MS   2003 152
                River Nevada                                                                                    RENO
40   AAC1414477 Irrigated pastures and postponed cattle grazing: Strategies for           Hartman,              UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,   MS   2003 79
                augmenting wetland avian production                                       Christopher           RENO

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41   AAC1414485 Arsenic in Churchill County Nevada: Risk factors associated with           Benson, Marnee    UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,        MS   2003 98
                consumption of tap water                                                                     RENO
42   AAC1414489 Brownfields: Shades of brown. A redevelopment vision from                  Eskew-Herrmann,   UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,        MS   2003 110
                contamination to cleanup: A summary and analysis of Brownfields            Heidi Marie       RENO
                legislation and implementation at the federal level and in the states of
                Nevada California and Arizona
43   AAC1414524 Biological treatment of waste solutions generated from the remediation       Gingras, Tina Mary UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,     MSE 2003 107
                of perchlorate-contaminated waters                                                                LAS VEGAS
44   AAC1414541 Effects of elevated carbon dioxide on Bromus rubens and nutritional          Murphy, Kristen      UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,   MS   2003 52
                consequences for the desert tortoise                                         Marie                LAS VEGAS
45   AAC1414546 Factors associated with the bioaccumulation of mercury in human hair         Rothweiler, Anne UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,       MS   2003 191
                following consumption of fish from the Great Lakes region                    M.                   LAS VEGAS
46   AAC1414600 Ability of oxygenases in Rhodococcus rhodochrous to degrade methyl           Sorrell, John Kaiser MISSISSIPPI STATE       MS   2003 55
                tert-butyl ether                                                                                  UNIVERSITY
47   AAC1414647 The effects of wetting and drying on chromium and other metal mobility       Harold, Matthew      MICHIGAN STATE          MS   2003 175
                                                                                             Robert               UNIVERSITY
48   AAC1414649     African fish eagles (Haliaeetus vocifer) and marabou storks (Leptoptilos Hollamby, Simon MICHIGAN STATE               MS   2003 174
                    crumeniferus) in Uganda: Use as biomonitors of environmental             Ralph                UNIVERSITY
49   AAC1414657     2378-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin equivalents in tissue samples from      Kemler, Katherine MICHIGAN STATE             MS   2003 100
                    three species in the Denver metropolitan area                            K.                   UNIVERSITY
50   AAC1414667     Effect of land cover change on red-headed woodpecker populations at      Lukomski, Laura A. MICHIGAN STATE            MS   2003 100
                    high- vs. low-abundance range locations (Melanerpes erythrocephalus)                          UNIVERSITY
51   AAC1414671     Multi-temporal assessment of selective logging using remotely sensed     Matricardi, Eraldo MICHIGAN STATE            MA   2003 151
                    data in the Brazilian Amazon                                             A. T.                UNIVERSITY
52   AAC1414674     Species selection and stormwater runoff analysis from greenroof systems Monterusso,           MICHIGAN STATE          MS   2003 94
                                                                                             Michael Anthony UNIVERSITY
53   AAC1415038     Characterization of wetland soils in the Beaver Creek watershed (West Stephens, Kyle          WEST VIRGINIA           MS   2003 131
                    Virginia)                                                                Michael              UNIVERSITY
54   AAC1415048     Soil compaction caused by timber harvesting in central Appalachian       Jones, Mark W.       WEST VIRGINIA           MSF 2003 52
                    hardwood forests                                                                              UNIVERSITY
55   AAC1415105     Pigment-based chemotaxonomy of phytoplankton in Lake Okeechobee Skoog, Kathryn                FLORIDA ATLANTIC        MS   2003 112
                    Florida and effects of irradiance on cyanobacteria                       Owen                 UNIVERSITY

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56   AAC1415122 Impact of parameter uncertainty on pesticide runoff and economic cost     Abraham, Soomodh UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY         MS   2003 117
                in small watersheds
57   AAC1415125 Design and test of a bench scale drinking water treatment plant for the   Bundy, Michael M. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY        MS   2003 116
                evaluation of pharmaceutical fate
58   AAC1415137 Trace element biogeochemistry of a wetland system receiving mine          Ludlow, Amanda    UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY        MS   2003 204
                drainage                                                                  Beth
59   AAC1415160 Development of a model for determining suspended solids loads on the      Cook, Mary Beth        THE UNIVERSITY OF       MSE 2003 65
                Flint River from turbidity readings (Alabama)                                                    ALABAMA IN HUNTSVILLE
60   AAC1415227 The Czech Republics transition: The environment and human rights             Buck, Ryan          UNIVERSITY OF NORTH     MA   2003 58
                                                                                             Davidson            TEXAS
61   AAC1415229     Process environmental philosophy                                         Corbeil, Marc J. V. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH     MA   2003 89
62   AAC1415260     Effects of herbicides and fertilizers on northern bobwhite chick growth Broussard, Jessica STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE   MSF 2003 76
                    rates and food supplies                                                  Marie               UNIVERSITY
63   AAC1415266     Water quality analysis of springs wells and surface water at Gus         Saulsbury, Julie    TARLETON STATE          MS   2003 59
                    Engeling Wildlife Management Area Anderson County Texas                  Christine           UNIVERSITY
64   AAC1415328     Monitoring of selected bacteriological parameters associated with the    Dulaney, Douglas EAST TENNESSEE STATE       MSE 2003 129
                    Sinking Creek total maximum daily load (TMDL) (Tennessee)                Ron                 UNIVERSITY              H
65   AAC1415338     A re-evaluation of the United States EPA radon risk categorization for Parsons, William EAST TENNESSEE STATE         MSE 2003 82
                    Unicoi County Tennessee                                                  Grant               UNIVERSITY              H
66   AAC1415388     Macroinvertebrate biomonitoring criteria and community composition in Haugerud, Neil         SOUTH DAKOTA STATE      MS 2003 90
                    seasonal floodplain wetlands of the Upper Missouri River (North          John                UNIVERSITY
67   AAC1415414     Historical and contemporary rural land uses and land covers potentially Young, Heather C. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE         MS   2003 126
                    associated with elevated nitrate levels in the Volga South Dakota                            UNIVERSITY
                    Wellhead Protection Area
68   AAC3051427     Biogeochemical response of a geologically young salt marsh ecosystem Moore, Gregg            BOSTON UNIVERSITY       PhD 2003 167
                    to tidal restoration: Implications and applications for enhancing        Emery
                    restoration management success
69   AAC3061895     Multiple stressors and amphibian population declines                     Hatch, Audrey       OREGON STATE            PhD 2003 139
                                                                                             Claire              UNIVERSITY
70   AAC3061896     Accumulation and effects of 4-nonylphenol in chinook salmon fry and Hecht, Scott Alan OREGON STATE                   PhD 2003 134
                    their estuarine amphipod prey                                                                UNIVERSITY
71   AAC3061916     Interactions between microbial dynamics and transport processes in soils Rockhold, Mark L. OREGON STATE              PhD 2003 234

                                                                            P.5                                                漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
72   AAC3065134 The structure and function of Kalahari Transect vegetation                 Caylor, Kelly       UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA   PhD 2003 167
73   AAC3066914 Variability in coastal upwelling environments along the western            Takesue, Renee      COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY      PhD 2003 148
                Americas from nearshore geochemical and paleo-tracers                      Kimiyo
74   AAC3067191 The development and application of marine sedimentary chemical             Kryc, Kelly A.      BOSTON UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 134
                proxies of climate change in the southern and equatorial Pacific Oceans
75   AAC3067192 Delineation of groundwater recharge discharge and midline zones         Levine, John Brown     BOSTON UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 131
                through numerical modeling and satellite radiometry
76   AAC3067490 Northern hemisphere circulation variability and the Pacific Ocean       Frauenfeld, Oliver     UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA   PhD 2003 195
77   AAC3068135 Breath biomarkers of exposure and disease                               Cope, Keary Arthur   THE JOHNS HOPKINS          PhD 2003 191
78   AAC3068178 Urinary 1-hydroxypyrene-glucuronide as a biomarker of exposure to          Lai, Ching-Huang THE JOHNS HOPKINS           PhD 2003 122
                traffic exhausts                                                                             UNIVERSITY
79   AAC3068631 Methodologies for evaluating performance and assessing uncertainty of      Chang, Joseph C. GEORGE MASON                PhD 2003 278
                atmospheric dispersion models                                                                UNIVERSITY
80   AAC3068645 Microbially-mediated iron cycling in the rhizosphere of wetland plants     Weiss, Johanna    GEORGE MASON               PhD 2003 166
                                                                                           Valiant           UNIVERSITY
81   AAC3069273 Essays on regulation in developing countries                               Yoshida, Nobuo    BOSTON UNIVERSITY          PhD 2003 136
82   AAC3069425 Toward an understanding of the indirect climatic effect of aerosols        Nenes, Athanasios CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF    PhD 2003 244
83   AAC3069428 Instrument development and characterization of atmospheric aerosol         Wang, Jian        CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF    PhD 2003 146
                physical properties through airborne measurement                                             TECHNOLOGY
84   AAC3070144 Changes in the concentration and composition of anthropogenic and          Yli-Tuomi, Tarja  CLARKSON UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 118
                biogenic aerosols in the Finnish Arctic
85   AAC3071001 Long-range atmospheric predictability                                      Reichler, Thomas    UNIVERSITY OF            PhD 2003 261
                                                                                           Josef               CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO
86   AAC3072271 Metal ion binding to parvalbumin and fulvic acids                          Elkins, Kelly       CLARK UNIVERSITY         PhD 2003 303
87   AAC3073309 Incorporating uncertainties in emission inventories into air quality       Abdel-Aziz, Amr     NORTH CAROLINA STATE     PhD 2003 194
                modeling                                                                   Mohamed Osama       UNIVERSITY
88   AAC3073607 Nitrogen cycling in southern African soils and plants along rainfall and   Aranibar, Julieta   UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA   PhD 2003 272
                land- use gradients: A stable isotope study                                Nelida

                                                                             P.6                                                漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
89    AAC3075175 Supplemental funding for national land stewardship                          Alkire, Carolyn     THE GEORGE WASHINGTON     PhD 2003 139
90    AAC3075211 How clean is clean? A comparative analysis of EPAs reliance on risk         Wagner, Travis P.   THE GEORGE WASHINGTON     PhD 2003 285
                 assessment in its contaminated site remediation programs                                        UNIVERSITY
91    AAC3075236 Prehistoric northern Haiti: Settlement in diachronic ecological context     Koski-Karell,       THE CATHOLIC              PhD 2003 331
                                                                                             Daniel Arthur       UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA
92    AAC3075799 Effect of microbial activity on trace element release from                  Qureshi, Shabnam    CORNELL UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 115
                 digested/dewatered sewage sludge and metalliferous peat
93    AAC3075801 Growth and yield of beach plum (Prunus maritima Marshall) in                Uva, Richard Hart   CORNELL UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 129
                 horticultural land restoration and ecological systems
94    AAC3075829 Biophysical characterization of cloud forest vegetation in the Venezuelan   Schwarzkopf,        CORNELL UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 186
                 Andes                                                                       Teresa
95    AAC3075850 Efficacy and mechanisms of phosphorus removal by four constructed           Hill, Cynthia       CORNELL UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 118
                 wetland substrates: Influence of season load and substrate                  Maressa
96    AAC3075864 Stakeholder collaboration and discourse: Delphi-generated global and        Zanetell, Brooke    CORNELL UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 297
                 local visions for water resources management                                Ann
97    AAC3075877 When frames conflict: Potential and pitfalls of consensus-building in       Saarikoski, Heli    CORNELL UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 186
                 waste policy                                                                Virpi
98    AAC3075907 Nature conservation in an agricultural landscape: Forest ecology            Lapin, Marc F.      CORNELL UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 237
                 fragmentation analysis and systematic site prioritization southern
                 Champlain Valley Vermont United States
99    AAC3076346 Advanced tracking algorithms for the study of fine scale fish behavior      Schell, Chad Eric   UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 175
                                                                                                                 CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO
100   AAC3076609 Cultivating change: An ethnographic case study of community-based           Hunter, Monica      UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 219
                 environmental stewardship in a coastal California watershed                 Samaniego           CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES
101   AAC3076629 Power conservation and indigenous livelihood: Guarani strategies for        Beneria-Surkin,     UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 370
                 conquering political space in decentralization in Izozog Bolivia            Jordi               CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES
102   AAC3076896 Defenses of solitude: Justice Douglas the right to privacy and the          Hyman, Diana        HARVARD UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 225
                 preservation of the American wilderness (William O. Douglas)                Rachel
103   AAC3076920 Socio-hydrologic approaches for managing groundwater contamination          Yu, Winston H.      HARVARD UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 305
                 problems: Strategies for the arsenic problem in Bangladesh
104   AAC3077107 Modeling source area diffusivity of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) in       Lefkowitz, Daniel   RUTGERS THE STATE         PhD 2003 210
                 groundwater systems                                                         Keith               UNIVERSITY OF NEW
                                                                                                                 JERSEY - NEW B

                                                                              P.7                                                 漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
105   AAC3077115 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in indoor and outdoor urban                  Naumova, Yelena        RUTGERS THE STATE      PhD 2003 290
                 atmospheres                                                                   Yurievna               UNIVERSITY OF NEW
                                                                                                                      JERSEY - NEW B
106   AAC3077121 Selenite reduction by selected aerobic wastewater treatment microbial         Sudame, Archana        RUTGERS THE STATE      PhD 2003 196
                 communities and response of isolates to selenite                              Pradeep                UNIVERSITY OF NEW
                                                                                                                      JERSEY - NEW B
107   AAC3077656 Precipitation features according to the Tropical Rainfall Measuring           Nesbitt, Stephen       THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH PhD 2003 182
                 Mission                                                                       William
108   AAC3077875 Advanced approaches for modeling trace metal sorption in aqueous              Dyer, James Arthur UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE PhD 2003 371
109   AAC3078192 Characterizing motor vehicle fleet emissions by open-path spectroscopy           Branan, Daniel      UNIVERSITY OF DENVER    PhD 2003 328
110   AAC3078467     An examination of environmental disclosures in 10K reports and GAAP Leary, Carol Ann             VIRGINIA                PhD 2003 135
                     compliance                                                                                       COMMONWEALTH
111   AAC3078478     XAFS studies of metal-ligand interactions at organic surfaces and in         Boyanov, Maxim I.   UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE     PhD 2003 239
                     solution                                                                                         DAME
112   AAC3078743     Ecological grace wisdom and parish ministry                                  Hartman, Samuel     LANCASTER THEOLOGICAL   DMin 2003 288
                                                                                                  H.                  SEMINARY
113   AAC3078787     Recreational health risks and public perception of beach water quality: A Turbow, David          UNIVERSITY OF           PhD 2003 174
                     combined simulation and survey-based approach                                Joseph              CALIFORNIA, IRVINE
114   AAC3079202     Estimation of critical forest structure metrics through the spatial analysis Andersen, Hans-     UNIVERSITY OF           PhD 2003 176
                     of airborne laser scanner data                                               Erik                WASHINGTON
115   AAC3079324     Environment values and policy-making: A cross-cultural study                 Pfeifer Hanada,     GEORGE MASON            PhD 2003 156
                                                                                                  Annette             UNIVERSITY
116   AAC3079343     Benthic macroinvertebrate response to post-development stream                Kirby, Charles      GEORGE MASON            PhD 2003 192
                     hydrology and hydraulics                                                     William             UNIVERSITY
117   AAC3079345     Hyperspectral remote sensing: A new approach for oil spill detection         Salem, Foudan       GEORGE MASON            PhD 2003 154
                     and analysis                                                                 Mohamed Fathy       UNIVERSITY
118   AAC3079351     Public participation and Chesapeake Bay watershed restoration policies: Bullinger, Henrietta     GEORGE MASON            PhD 2003 217
                     Mechanisms and development of e-participation (Virginia Maryland)                                UNIVERSITY
119   AAC3079353     The ecology and status of the North American river otter (Lontra             Cogliano, Mary      GEORGE MASON            PhD 2003 117
                     canadensis) on the Marine Corps Base Quantico Virginia                       Martin              UNIVERSITY
120   AAC3079380     Tropical tropospheric ozone: New methods comparisons and model               Sun, Da             THE UNIVERSITY OF       PhD 2003 178
                     evaluation of controlling processes                                                              ALABAMA IN HUNTSVILLE

                                                                                P.8                                                   漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
121   AAC3079397 Reproductive ecology of the eastern box turtle Terrapene carolina          Wilson, Gordon   GEORGE MASON                    PhD 2003 121
                 carolina (Linnaeus 1758) in an oak-pine woodland of the central Virginia   Leonard          UNIVERSITY
122   AAC3079407 Quantitative evaluation of dechlorination signatures in contaminated       Barabas, Noemi   UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PhD 2003 201
                 sediments using modified polytopic vector analysis with uncertainty
123   AAC3079472 Intermittently mixed batch reactor systems for treatment of contaminated   Kim, Han Seung   UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PhD 2003 191
                 soils and sediments: Enhancement of mass transfer and bioavailability
                 of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
124   AAC3079506 An investigation of the source-receptor pathway for anthropogenic fine     Morishita, Masako UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PhD 2003 213
                 particulate matter in Detroit Michigan
125   AAC3079965 Strategic environmental assessment of community air toxics exposure        Willis, Melvin          UNIVERSITY OF            PhD 2003 246
                 resulting from land use policy                                             Robert                  CALIFORNIA, SANTA
126   AAC3080003     Assessment of current and new methods for investigating the occurrence Quintero-               UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH      PhD 2003 166
                     of enteric pathogens in ambient waters and water sources for rehydration Betancourt, Walter FLORIDA
                     of a Floridan wetland
127   AAC3080128     Management impacts and remote sensing applications for water quality Thoma, David              UNIVERSITY OF            PhD 2003 135
                     assessment                                                                Patrick              MINNESOTA
128   AAC3080143     Culturing uncultured environmental microorganisms                         Connon, Stephanie OREGON STATE                PhD 2003 149
                                                                                               Ann                  UNIVERSITY
129   AAC3080161     Soil-site productivity relationships of central Oregon ponderosa pine     Wilson, Duncan       OREGON STATE             PhD 2003 103
                                                                                               Steil                UNIVERSITY
130   AAC3080251     A comparison of the effect of unit of analysis on the conservation status Crist, Patrick James UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO      PhD 2003 171
                     of terrestrial vertebrates in the western United States
131   AAC3080369     Teaching and learning without walls: A strategy for ecological religious Van Meter,            EMORY UNIVERSITY         PhD 2003 210
                     education                                                                 Timothy Lee
132   AAC3080502     An examination of California salmon management: Klamath River             Mullan, Anne         UNIVERSITY OF            PhD 2003 163
                     populations ocean fleet dynamics and advocacy coalitions                  Teresa               CALIFORNIA, SANTA CRUZ
133   AAC3080567     The potential of prospect theory in public administration: Can it help    Majumdar,            RUTGERS THE STATE        PhD 2003 351
                     explain Californias mandate on zero-emission vehicles?                    Sarmistha Rina       UNIVERSITY OF NEW
                                                                                                                    JERSEY - NEWAR
134   AAC3080584     Current and historic stream channel response to changes in cattle and elk Fouty, Suzanne       UNIVERSITY OF OREGON     PhD 2003 646
                     grazing pressure and beaver activity                                      Catherine

                                                                            P.9                                                    漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
135   AAC3080647 Factors influencing the biodegradation of benzene toluene ethylbenzene      D'Adamo, Peter       THE JOHNS HOPKINS       PhD 2003 258
                 m- xylene (BTEX) naphthalene and phenanthrene in subsurface                 Charles              UNIVERSITY
136   AAC3080655 Organic nitrogen isotope stratigraphy palynology and sediment history       Elliott, Emily       THE JOHNS HOPKINS       PhD 2003 143
                 of freshwater wetlands in the Chesapeake Bay Basin: Comparison with         Maureen              UNIVERSITY
                 land use history
137   AAC3080786 Deforestation and malaria: Associations between vegetation vector           Vittor, Amy          THE JOHNS HOPKINS       PhD 2003 480
                 ecology and malaria epidemiology in the Peruvian Amazon                     Yomiko               UNIVERSITY
138   AAC3080826 The influence of energetic properties on plant success: Comparative         Nagel, Jennifer      COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY     PhD 2003 163
                 studies of species from various ecosystem types                             Marie
139   AAC3080878 A green peace? Connections between environmental policy and military        Jacques, Peter Jon   NORTHERN ARIZONA        PhD 2003 212
                 foreign policy                                                                                   UNIVERSITY
140   AAC3080905 Stabilizing electronic components to ensure passage of the toxicity         Rogers, Bendell      TENNESSEE               PhD 2003 156
                 characteristic leaching procedure                                           Curtis               TECHNOLOGICAL
141   AAC3081168 Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons bioavailability and their                 Liban, Emmanuel      UNIVERSITY OF           DEnv 2003 141
                 measurement from manufactured gas plant lampblack: An environmental         Crisanto Batta       CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES
                 perspective (California)
142   AAC3081195 Exposure assessment and disinfection management implications of             Patel-Coleman,       UNIVERSITY OF           DEnv 2003 156
                 trihalomethane and coliform levels in a Mexico City drinking water          Kanan                CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES
143   AAC3081346 Measuring local environmental attitudes perceptions and concern: A          Clark, Heather       CORNELL UNIVERSITY      PhD 2003 189
                 survey of residents of the Owasco Lake Watershed New York                   Anne
144   AAC3081377 Economic integration environment and development: Assessing the             Gallagher, Kevin     TUFTS UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 205
                 Mexican experience                                                          Paul
145   AAC3081477 Lessons from the great egret: Cosmopolitan species as environmental         Lewis, Celia         ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY/NEW PhD 2003 232
                 guides (Egretta alba)                                                                            ENGLAND GRADUATE
146   AAC3081547 Effect of biotic degradation of halogenated aliphatic compounds on zero-    Sfeir, Hala A.       UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL PhD 2003 185
                 valent iron                                                                                      FLORIDA
147   AAC3081576 The roles of aquatic and riparian vegetation at the aquatic-terrestrial     Fritz, Ken Milan     AUBURN UNIVERSITY      PhD 2003 260
                 interface of southeastern streams
148   AAC3081646 The role of aluminum in regulating the retention of cations and dissolved   Geary, Robert        SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY     PhD 2003 458
                 organic carbon in organic forest soil horizons                              Joseph

                                                                            P.10                                                     漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
149   AAC3081655 The role of transnational non-governmental organizations in the          Schaefer, Agnes   SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY              PhD 2003 196
                 disposition of chemical and nuclear weapons in the United States: A      Gereben
                 comparative analysis
150   AAC3082018 The Clinton presidency and African Americans: Case studies on policies   Welch, Ba-Shen      VIRGINIA                       PhD 2003 249
                 impacting African American farmers historically Black colleges and       Bacon               COMMONWEALTH
                 universities and environmental justice                                                       UNIVERSITY
151   AAC3082061 New method for the concentration and detection of Cyclospora             Shields, Joan Marie UNIVERSITY OF                  PhD 2003 135
                 cayetanensis in environmental waters                                                         CALIFORNIA, IRVINE
152   AAC3082575 Proximate and long-term effects of agricultural pesticide runoff on      Whitehead, J.       UNIVERSITY OF                  PhD 2003 102
                 native fish (California)                                                 Andrew              CALIFORNIA, DAVIS
153   AAC3082865 United States copper smelting technology responses to clean air          Lyman, Shari Lee THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH            PhD 2003 279
                 regulation                                                               Wright
154   AAC3082943 The anaerobic biodegradation of ethylcyclopentane and intermediates of   Rios-Hernandez,     THE UNIVERSITY OF              PhD 2003 98
                 benzoate metabolism by microorganisms from a hydrocarbon-                Luis A.             OKLAHOMA
                 contaminated aquifer
155   AAC3082982 Dwellness: A radical notion of wilderness                                     Wortman, Martin UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH           PhD 2003 180
                                                                                               Joseph             FLORIDA
156   AAC3083045    Sediment retention within coastal plain bottomland forested wetlands: A Ross, Katharina M. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA        PhD 2003 291
                    study along three tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay
157   AAC3083056    Satellite-based identification of tropopause folding signatures along air Wimmers, Anthony UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA        PhD 2003 237
                    mass boundaries                                                            James
158   AAC3083324    Promoting cleaner production worldwide: The role of national cleaner       Haiama-Neurohr, UNIVERSITY OF                 ScD 2003 158
                    production centers                                                         Nadia              MASSACHUSETTS LOWELL
159   AAC3083354    Nitrogen and phosphorus utilization by beef cattle fed three dietary crude McBride, Kevin     TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY      PhD 2003 115
                    protein levels with three supplemental urea levels                         Wayne
160   AAC3083725    Evaluation of bacteriophage and viral persistence during alkaline          Brabants,          UNIVERSITY OF NEW          PhD 2003 186
                    stabilization in sludge and biosolids intended for land application        Jacqueline Joy     HAMPSHIRE
161   AAC3083749    The prevalence of blight and brownfield redevelopment in St. Louis         Walker, Susan      UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI -   PhD 2003 417
                    (Missouri)                                                                 Kristine           SAINT LOUIS
162   AAC3084131    Fuzzy MBRs modeling for reasoning about vague regions                      Somodevilla        TULANE UNIVERSITY          PhD 2003 80
                                                                                               Garcia, Maria Jose
163   AAC3084168    Application of receptor modeling to atmospheric constituents at Potsdam Liu, Wei              CLARKSON UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 145
                    and Stockton New York

                                                                          P.11                                                    漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
164   AAC3084281 Essays on contingent valuation and air quality improvement in Poland        Dziegielewska,      YALE UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 83
                                                                                             Dominika Anna
165   AAC3084353 Institutional capacity to assess and manage risk-tradeoffs: The             Pongsiri, Montira   YALE UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 332
                 DDT/malaria dilemma                                                         Judy
166   AAC3084557 Sustainable diplomacy: Ecological realism and Muslim-Christian              Wellman, David      UNION THEOLOGICAL      PhD 2003 326
                 dialogue in the context of Moroccan-Spanish relations                       Joseph              SEMINARY
167   AAC3084575 Statistical analysis of lead zinc copper and cadmium concentrations in      Konya, Gabor        THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH PhD 2003 141
                 the sediment of the Jordan River Utah
168   AAC3084625 Application of surface plasmon resonance fibre optic dip probes to          Gentleman, Darcy ARIZONA STATE             PhD 2003 278
                 determine salinity                                                          James            UNIVERSITY
169   AAC3084665 Analysis of atmospheric particles on filters and mesquite leaves in El      Perry, Dana Lyn  ARIZONA STATE             PhD 2003 146
                 Paso and Phoenix (Texas Arizonia)                                                            UNIVERSITY
170   AAC3084674 Microbial quality and risk assessment in various water cycles in the      Ryu, Hodon         ARIZONA STATE             PhD 2003 137
                 southwestern United States                                                                   UNIVERSITY
171   AAC3084678 Race class and chemicals: The political ecology of environmental          Sicotte, Diane     ARIZONA STATE             PhD 2003 443
                 injustice in Arizona                                                      Marie              UNIVERSITY
172   AAC3084689 Occurrence of sulfur-driven autotrophic denitrification in demonstration- Wass, Roland Dana ARIZONA STATE              PhD 2003 167
                 scale treatment wetlands                                                                     UNIVERSITY
173   AAC3084740 PCB volatilization from sediments (South Carolina Georgia)                Qi, Shuang         UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 138
174   AAC3084752 Environmental justice implications of a cost-benefit analysis mandate in  Hansen, Beverly A. STATE UNIVERSITY OF       PhD 2003 N/A
                 the federal environmental regulatory approval process                                        NEW YORK COL. OF
175   AAC3084753     Atmospheric nitrogen deposition and the biogeochemistry of nitrogen   Ito, Mari          STATE UNIVERSITY OF       PhD 2003 N/A
                     solutes and DOC in lake-watersheds in the Adirondack region of New                       NEW YORK COL. OF
                     York                                                                                     ENVIRONMENTAL
176   AAC3084755     Mirex in Lake Ontario: Photolysis rate constant and assessment of     Lowe, Kelly A.     STATE UNIVERSITY OF       PhD 2003 N/A
                     residence time in the water                                                              NEW YORK COL. OF
177   AAC3084761     Fundamental study on the development of fuzzy grain and its           Vazquez-Cooz, Iris STATE UNIVERSITY OF       PhD 2003 N/A
                     relationship to tension wood                                          Alicia             NEW YORK COL. OF
178   AAC3084784     The application of moment analysis to the dynamic adsorption of radon Gaul, Wayne C.     UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH       PhD 2003 140
                     by activated carbon                                                                      CAROLINA

                                                                             P.12                                                  漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
179   AAC3084789 Soil amendments and potential risk of mercury methylation in a           Harmon, Sarah     UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH             PhD 2003 241
                 constructed wetland designed for metals treatment                        Michele           CAROLINA
180   AAC3084820 Fate of agrochemicals endosulfan and fipronil in model estuarine         Walse, Spencer    UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH             PhD 2003 186
                 environments                                                             Steven            CAROLINA
181   AAC3084965 Development and application of an adaptive grid air quality model        Khan, Maudood     GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF            PhD 2003 133
                                                                                          Naeem             TECHNOLOGY
182   AAC3085187 Nitrogen dynamics and greenhouse gas production in Yaqui Valley          Harrison, John    STANFORD UNIVERSITY             PhD 2003 103
                 surface drainage waters                                                  Arthur
183   AAC3085245 Design and implementation of a new geostatistical library and software   Ying, Zhanjun     STANFORD UNIVERSITY             PhD 2003 257
184   AAC3085312 Mercury speciation and sorption processes in mining environments         Kim, Christopher STANFORD UNIVERSITY      PhD 2003 214
185   AAC3085454 The composition of microbial communities in polycyclic aromatic          Castle, Dawn Marie UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE PhD 2003 116
                 hydrocarbon contaminated bottom waters of the Delaware Estuary
186   AAC3085475 Degradation of energetic compounds using an integrated elemental iron:   Oh, Seok-Young    UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE PhD 2003 154
                 Fenton process
187   AAC3085476 History of air pollution control policy in Korea: Regulation of point    Park, Kwang-Suk   UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE PhD 2003 381
                 sources in industrial complexes
188   AAC3085491 A rules-based approach for estimating high-resolution population            Zimmermann, Petra UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE       PhD 2003 121
                 distributions for climate studies (California)                              A.
189   AAC3085532 Developing and grounding a conceptual framework for learning in             Torell, Elin        ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY/NEW     PhD 2003 311
                 coastal management                                                          Charlotta           ENGLAND GRADUATE
190   AAC3085533     Perceptions on the park periphery: Resident staff and natural resource  Ormsby, Alison      ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY/NEW     PhD 2003 236
                     relations at Masoala National Park Madagascar                           Allene              ENGLAND GRADUATE
191   AAC3085537     Asymmetric countries global environmental problems and endogenous Chou, Porchiung           THE GEORGE WASHINGTON      PhD 2003 253
                     coalition formation                                                     Benjamin            UNIVERSITY
192   AAC3085568     An integrated environmental model to characterize quantify and evaluate Franchetti, Matthew THE UNIVERSITY OF          PhD 2003 174
                     solid waste generation                                                  John                TOLEDO
193   AAC3085590     Influence of soils plants and microorganisms in bioremediation of       Ghosh, Suman        UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI -   PhD 2003 167
                     petroleum- contaminated soils: An experimental approach                                     KANSAS CITY

                                                                           P.13                                                 漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
194   AAC3085668 Black willow (Salix nigra) use in phytoremediation techniques to remove Conger, Robert         LOUISIANA STATE            PhD 2003 117
                 the herbicide bentazon from shallow groundwater                         Mark                   UNIVERSITY AND
                                                                                                                AGRICULTURAL & MECH
195   AAC3085823 Development of a mathematical and computer model to assess water           Suthanaruk, Pornsri FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL      PhD 2003 169
                 quality impacts of hazardous compounds from minor gasoline spills in                           UNIVERSITY
                 the inter-tidal zone of the Miami River Florida
196   AAC3085913 Studies of solute transport through fractured till in Iowa                   Helmke, Martin       IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY   PhD 2003 222
197   AAC3085914    The fate of phosphorus and molybdenum after biosolids swine manure Hernandez, Jorge            IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY   PhD 2003 89
                    and triple superphosphate were applied to a soil                          David
198   AAC3085965    The development of portable instrumentation for laser ionization time-of- Appel, Matthew     UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 166
                    flight mass spectrometry                                                  Fairhurst          CALIFORNIA, IRVINE
199   AAC3085993    The impact of lead (Pb) exposure on the burden of disease in Nigerian Smith, Timothy         UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 216
                    children                                                                  Richard            CALIFORNIA, IRVINE
200   AAC3086002    Intraspecific interspecific and seasonal variation in acclimation of      Ainsworth,         UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS    PhD 2003 134
                    photosynthesis to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration         Elizabeth Anna     AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN
201   AAC3086034    Analysis of pore-scale nonaqueous phase liquid dissolution in etched      Chomsurin,         UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS    PhD 2003 106
                    silicon pore network                                                      Cheema             AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN
202   AAC3086053    Selenium and chromium stable isotopes and the fate of redox-active        Ellis, Andre Savio UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS    PhD 2003 61
                    contaminants in the environment                                                              AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN
203   AAC3086075    Ethnicity and natural resource use in the western Tarai region of Nepal Hechler, William     UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS    PhD 2003 94
                                                                                              D.                 AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN
204   AAC3086152    Environmental applications of ultrasound                                  Oxley, James Dean  UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS    PhD 2003 208
                                                                                                                 AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN
205   AAC3086198    A summer simulation of source contributions to ground level ozone over Tao, Zhining          UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS    PhD 2003 164
                    the continental United States                                                                AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN
206   AAC3086201    Assessing the impact of competitive behaviors on the adoption of         Toledo, Jose Ulises UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS    PhD 2003 202
                    genetically modified seeds by Illinois vegetable growers                                     AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN
207   AAC3086225    Modeling production externalities in the maquila industry (United States Zerlentes, Becky    UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS    PhD 2003 121
                    Mexico)                                                                                      AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN
208   AAC3086368    Analysis of air and ground temperatures for detecting climate change     Putnam, Scott       THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH    PhD 2003 108
209   AAC3086405    The study of landfill microbial communities using landfill gas and       Kim, Mijin          DREXEL UNIVERSITY         PhD 2003 115
                    landfill gas condensate

                                                                              P.14                                                 漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
210   AAC3086483 Detection and occurrence of antimicrobially resistant enteric bacteria in   Anderson, Maren    THE UNIVERSITY OF     PhD 2003 206
                 groundwater on or near swine farms in eastern North Carolina                Elise              NORTH CAROLINA AT
211   AAC3086532 The hydrodynamics of the upper Neuse River Estuary North Carolina           Reynolds-Fleming,  THE UNIVERSITY OF     PhD 2003 144
                 and their influence on dissolved oxygen distribution                        Janelle Vivi       NORTH CAROLINA AT
212   AAC3086595 The development of a guide to evaluate the usefulness of data sources       Niskar, Amanda     THE UNIVERSITY OF     DrPH 2003 136
                 for environmental public health surveillance                                Sue                NORTH CAROLINA AT
213   AAC3086596 Use of pore-scale modeling to understand flow and transport in porous       Pan, Chongxun      THE UNIVERSITY OF     PhD 2003 182
                 media                                                                                          NORTH CAROLINA AT
214   AAC3086621 Urinary biomarkers of exposure to jet fuel and polycyclic aromatic          Serdar, Berrin     THE UNIVERSITY OF     PhD 2003 101
                 hydrocarbons                                                                                   NORTH CAROLINA AT
215   AAC3086628 Microbial source tracking using F(+)RNA coliphage typing and                Stewart, Jill Rene THE UNIVERSITY OF     PhD 2003 210
                 Escherichia coli antibiotic resistance assays                                                  NORTH CAROLINA AT
216   AAC3086878 Assessment of coho salmon habitat in an urban stream using species-         McConnaha, Willis PORTLAND STATE         PhD 2003 303
                 habitat analysis                                                            Earl, III          UNIVERSITY
217   AAC3086951 Rock magnetism applied to tectonic and environmental problems               Kim, Bangyeon      LEHIGH UNIVERSITY     PhD 2003 188
218   AAC3086989 Factors affecting the viability of large scale and urban dry sanitation     Cordova, Ana       CORNELL UNIVERSITY    PhD 2003 314
                 programs: An assessment based on Mexican experiences
219   AAC3087019 The effects of organic amendment on tree growth in compacted soil           Rivenshield, Angela CORNELL UNIVERSITY   PhD 2003 164
220   AAC3087056 Neurologic development of the song control circuit in zebra finches         Hoogesteyn, Almira CORNELL UNIVERSITY    PhD 2003 151
                 (Taeniopygia guttata): A new model for the evaluation of endocrine          Lydia
                 disruption by polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
221   AAC3087156 Geotextiles as biofilm attachment baffles for wastewater treatment          Korkut, Eyup Nafiz DREXEL UNIVERSITY     PhD 2003 195
222   AAC3087160 Geotextiles as biofilm filters in wastewater treatment                      Yaman, Cevat       DREXEL UNIVERSITY     PhD 2003 236
223   AAC3087253 Great Basin vegetation response to groundwater fluctuation climate          Elmore, Andrew     BROWN UNIVERSITY      PhD 2003 216
                 variability and previous land cultivation: The application of               James
                 multitemporal measurements from remote sensing data to regional
                 vegetation dynamics
224   AAC3087559 Natural wild and free: A discourse on environmental value (Aldo             Kramer, Jon Steven UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO PhD 2003 238
                 Leopold)                                                                                       AT BOULDER
225   AAC3087566 Senses of the land: Depictions of Alaska in recent non-fiction              McGill, Frank      UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO PhD 2003 204
                                                                                             Joseph             AT BOULDER
226   AAC3087675 Resonance lidar development and mesospheric observations at the             Collins, Stephen   CORNELL UNIVERSITY     PhD 2003 216
                 Arecibo Observatory (Puerto Rico)                                           Craig

                                                                              P.15                                              漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
227   AAC3087755 Inga oerstediana in organic coffee agroecosystems: Nitrogen fixation          Grossman, Julie     UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 127
                 nodulation and farmer knowledge of soil processes in Chiapas Mexico           Marie               MINNESOTA
228   AAC3087785 Modeling forested ecosystem dynamics in the Upper Great Lakes                 Schwalm,            UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 156
                                                                                               Christopher R.      MINNESOTA
229   AAC3087798 Measurement of atmospheric aerosols: Size distributions of                    Woo, Keung Shan     UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 166
                 nanoparticles estimation of size distribution moments and control of                              MINNESOTA
                 relative humidity
230   AAC3088132 Hot water extraction with in situ wet oxidation: Polycyclic aromatic          Dadkhah, Ali Akbar TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY       PhD 2003 137
                 hydrocarbons removal from soil
231   AAC3088419 Modeling and forecasting land surface wetness conditions mosquito             Shaman, Jeffrey     COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY       PhD 2003 214
                 abundance and mosquito-borne disease transmission                             Louis
232   AAC3088538 Modeling of the effect of distributive generation on voltage stability on a   Santos, Juan        UNION INSTITUTE AND       PhD 2003 190
                 large metropolitan district                                                   Santiago            UNIVERSITY
233   AAC3088832 The mechanisms of uranium removal from water by iron oxyhydroxides            Wazne, Mahmoud      STEVENS INSTITUTE OF      PhD 2003 87
                 nanocrystalline titanium dioxide and elemental iron                                               TECHNOLOGY
234   AAC3088854 Chromate reduction and immobilization under high pH and high ionic            He, Yongtian        THE OHIO STATE            PhD 2003 219
                 strength conditions                                                                               UNIVERSITY
235   AAC3088882 Nonpoint source water pollution control: Incentives theory approach           Pushkarskaya,       THE OHIO STATE            PhD 2003 132
                                                                                               Helen N.            UNIVERSITY
236   AAC3088989 A political ecology of land-use and land-cover change in the central          Jepson, Wendy       UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 412
                 Brazilian savanna since 1970                                                  Elizabeth           CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES
237   AAC3088998 Feasibility study for combined in situ thermal desorption and                 Carvalho, Moises    UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 118
                 biodegradation of PAH-contaminated soils                                      Naves               CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES
238   AAC3089067 The effects of fluvially-deposited heavy metals on hyporheic zone             Feris, Kevin Paul   UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA     PhD 2003 232
                 microbial community structure
239   AAC3089165 Mechanics of bedload transport in the saltation and sheetflow regimes         Gao, Peng           STATE UNIVERSITY OF       PhD 2003 124
                                                                                                                   NEW YORK AT BUFFALO
240   AAC3089166 Amplitude and phase variation with offset (APVO) analysis of ground           Jordan, Thomas      STATE UNIVERSITY OF       PhD 2003 341
                 penetrating radar data                                                        Edward              NEW YORK AT BUFFALO
241   AAC3089428 Transport kinetics of Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia in           Dai, Xin            UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO       PhD 2003 89
                 overland flow
242   AAC3089430 The shear flow environment of juvenile salmonids                              Smith, David        UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO       PhD 2003 144

                                                                              P.16                                                  漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
243   AAC3089433 Biodegradation of energetic and other recalcitrant compounds               Newcombe, David     UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO     PhD 2003 320
244   AAC3089434 Arsenic removal from drinking water                                        Newcombe,           UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO     PhD 2003 244
245   AAC3089532 Faith-based stewardship and resolution of environmental conflict: An       Emmerich, Susan     THE UNIVERSITY OF       PhD 2003 249
                 ethnography of an action research case of Tangier Island watermen in       Drake               WISCONSIN - MADISON
                 the Chesapeake Bay (Virginia)
246   AAC3089572 Treating the future fairly: Complications of uncertainty for               Scott, Antony       THE UNIVERSITY OF       PhD 2003 254
                 sustainability                                                             Gordon              WISCONSIN - MADISON
247   AAC3089893 Life history influences the genetic structure of populations of Fundulus   Roark, Shaun        MIAMI UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 153
                 heteroclitus Menidia menidia and Geukensia demissa in a PCB-               Aaron
                 contaminated estuary New Bedford Harbor Massachusetts United States
248   AAC3089911 Ceramic deposition and midden formation in Kalinga Philippines             Beck, Margaret      THE UNIVERSITY OF       PhD 2003 302
                                                                                            Elizabeth           ARIZONA
249   AAC3089914 Evaluation of the feasibility for in situ bioremediation of mineral oil-   Chech, Andrea       THE UNIVERSITY OF       PhD 2003 123
                 contaminated soil                                                          Marie               ARIZONA
250   AAC3089966 A multi-criteria evaluation of land-surface models and application to      Hogue, Terri Sue    THE UNIVERSITY OF       PhD 2003 247
                 semi- arid regions                                                                             ARIZONA
251   AAC3090014 Detection of non-CPE producing entericviruses via ICC-PCR at               Seidel, Georgetta   THE UNIVERSITY OF       PhD 2003 201
                 wastewater land application sites in Arizona and California; endocrine                         ARIZONA
                 disruption activity after wetland pond and soil aquifer treatment of
252   AAC3090029 Computer simulation of simple fluid properties in a mica slit pore         Su, Zhen            THE UNIVERSITY OF        PhD 2003 132
253   AAC3090106 Part 1. A comparison of enantioselective uptake and degradation of         Maples, Michael     UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - PhD 2003 108
                 chiral pesticides through biotic and abiotic processes in the aquatic      Fred                ROLLA
                 environment and Part 2. Development of a soybean oil based epoxy resin
                 system and its application in composite materia
254   AAC3090149 Groundwater modeling using NEXRAD-generated data and                       Glenn, Stephanie    RICE UNIVERSITY         PhD 2003 234
                 MODFLOW: Evaluating the parameters of rainfall and recharge in a           Michelle
                 GIS framework (Florida)
255   AAC3090312 De invloed van een industrieel effluent op het aquatisch ecosysteem; een   Smolders, Roel      UNIVERSITAIRE           PhD 2003 240
                 ecologische fysisch-chemische en ecotoxicologische analyse                                     INSTELLING ANTWERPEN

                                                                              P.17                                                  漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
256   AAC3090335 Risk factors and mortality in relation to heat illness severity              Wallace, Robert       UNIVERSITY OF         ScD 2003 147
                                                                                              Francis               MASSACHUSETTS LOWELL
257   AAC3090382     Characterization and modeling of concentrations and emissions of         Predicala, Bernardo   KANSAS STATE          PhD 2003 191
                     particulate matter in swine buildings                                    Zabala                UNIVERSITY
258   AAC3090515     An economic analysis of acid rain and emissions reduction in Northeast Malla, Sunil            UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI'I PhD 2003 169
259   AAC3090585     Estimating percutaneous absorption using microlevel-activity time series Ferguson, Alesia      STANFORD UNIVERSITY       PhD 2003 413
                     (MLATS)                                                                  Coralie
260   AAC3090695     Impacts of geology and topography on plant species distributions in the Van de Ven,            STANFORD UNIVERSITY       PhD 2003 233
                     White Mountains eastern California                                       Christopher Myron
261   AAC3090755     The contribution of mangrove outwelling to coastal food webs as a        Mancera Pineda,       UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA   PhD 2003 178
                     function of environmental settings                                       Jose Ernesto          AT LAFAYETTE
262   AAC3090885     Biomarkers for tobacco exposure in utero and adverse birth outcomes      Todd, Sher-Janel      UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,     PhD 2003 229
                                                                                              Theresa               RENO
263   AAC3091088     Prediction of the residual strength of liquefied soils                   Wang, Chwen-          UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 457
                                                                                              Huan                  WASHINGTON
264   AAC3091290     Is there evidence of amphibian decline and malformations in two species Scaglione, Esther      COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY       EdD 2003 289
                     of urban toads Bufo americanus and Bufo woodhousei during a two year Ann                       TEACHERS COLLEGE
265   AAC3091363     In search of an optimal environmental tax: Controlling externalities in Kohls, Heather         THE UNIVERSITY OF         PhD 2003 54
                     the monopolist/monopsonist                                               Hipke                 WISCONSIN - MILWAUKEE
266   AAC3091371     Development of novel analytical techniques and methods for the           Pressman, Melissa     THE UNIVERSITY OF         PhD 2003 174
                     determination of trace chromium in the environment                       Anne Singer           WISCONSIN - MILWAUKEE
267   AAC3091510     A multi-scale view of plant diversity and hydrogeomorphology in          Augustine, Lauren     HARVARD UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 283
                     Chesapeake Bay forested wetlands                                         Alexander
268   AAC3091553     Linking regional air pollution with global chemistry and climate: The    Fiore, Arlene Marie   HARVARD UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 155
                     role of background ozone
269   AAC3091618     Intercontinental transport of anthropogenic and biomass burning          Li, Qinbin            HARVARD UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 196
270   AAC3091621     Constraining sources and sinks of carbon at the regional scale with      Lin, John Chun-       HARVARD UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 249
                     aircraft observations                                                    Han
271   AAC3091623     Asian outflow of ozone and carbon monoxide to the Pacific: Origins       Liu, Hongyu           HARVARD UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 211
                     and pathways

                                                                               P.18                                                  漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
272   AAC3091785 Epidemiologic analysis of the association of pesticide use and              Carithers, Teresa   THE UNIVERSITY OF          PhD 2003 125
                 occurrence of pediatric cancers (all sites) using 1996--1998 Cancer         Carr                MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL
                 Registry data                                                                                   CENTER
273   AAC3091853 Analysis of the impact of climate change on U.S. crop production: A         Richardson, Alec    MISSISSIPPI STATE          PhD 2003 337
                 simulation study                                                            George              UNIVERSITY
274   AAC3091927 The role of science in the creation of endangered species law and policy:   Goedeke, Theresa    UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI -   PhD 2003 557
                 The case of the West Indian manatee (Trichechus manatus)                    L.                  COLUMBIA
275   AAC3092031 A systems approach to the assessment of global population carrying          Susiarjo, Gundo     CASE WESTERN RESERVE       PhD 2003 352
                 capacity: A perspective from food and water                                                     UNIVERSITY
276   AAC3092051 The effect of gender and ecology club or environmental camp                 Brademan, Lou       GEORGE MASON               PhD 2003 145
                 participation on ecological orientation beliefs attitudes and behavior: A   Ellen Parker        UNIVERSITY
                 study of middle and high school students
277   AAC3092052 Source chemical composition and bacterial utilization of dissolved labile   Hamdan, Leila       GEORGE MASON               PhD 2003 339
                 organic carbon in the Potomac River estuary                                 Janelle             UNIVERSITY
278   AAC3092059 Three essays on the political economy of green taxation (European           Ruble, Isabella     GEORGE MASON               PhD 2003 113
                 Union)                                                                      Elisabeth           UNIVERSITY
279   AAC3092060 Personal values beliefs and ecological risk perception                      Slimak, Michael     GEORGE MASON               PhD 2003 356
                                                                                             Wayne               UNIVERSITY
280   AAC3092093 Metal pollution and the common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale;             Collier, Matthew    UNIVERSITY OF              PhD 2003 369
                 Asteraceae)                                                                 Hanby               CINCINNATI
281   AAC3092125 Ozonation ultrafiltration and biofiltration for the control of NOM and      Chen, Kuan-chung    MICHIGAN STATE             PhD 2003 200
                 DBP in drinking water                                                                           UNIVERSITY
282   AAC3092135 Experimental and theoretical studies of the adsorption and                  Dorko, Michael      MICHIGAN STATE             PhD 2003 132
                 photochemistry of dibromodifluoromethane (halon-1202) on a model            John                UNIVERSITY
                 carbonaceous aerosol surface
283   AAC3092155 Response of tundra vegetation to temperature: Implications for              Hollister, Robert   MICHIGAN STATE             PhD 2003 385
                 forecasting vegetation change (Alaska)                                      David               UNIVERSITY
284   AAC3092158 Epidemiology of Sclerotinia homoeocarpa in Michigan: Geostatistical         Horvath, Brandon    MICHIGAN STATE             PhD 2003 58
                 and population biological approaches                                        Joseph              UNIVERSITY
285   AAC3092185 Role of cyclooxygenase-2 in deoxynivalenol-induced immunotoxicity           Moon, Yuseok        MICHIGAN STATE             PhD 2003 161
286   AAC3092190 Exposure and risk of polychlorinated biphenyls to mink (Mustela vison) Pastva, Stephanie        MICHIGAN STATE             PhD 2003 77
                 at the Kalamazoo River Superfund site Michigan                         D.                       UNIVERSITY

                                                                             P.19                                                 漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
287   AAC3092212 Identification and mapping of agricultural tillage methods utilizing      South, Stephen R.   MICHIGAN STATE            PhD 2003 146
                 remotely sensed data                                                                          UNIVERSITY
288   AAC3092293 Intrinsic markers in avian populations: Explorations in stable isotopes   Rocque, Deborah     UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA      PhD 2003 108
                 contaminants and genetics                                                 Anne                FAIRBANKS
289   AAC3092463 When the forest became the enemy and the legacy of American               Bui, Lan Thi        HARVARD UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 296
                 herbicidal warfare in Vietnam                                             Phuong
290   AAC3092525 The effect of fertility management on soil surface fluxes of greenhouse   Amos, Brigid        THE UNIVERSITY OF         PhD 2003 137
                 gases in an irrigated maize-based agroecosystem                                               NEBRASKA - LINCOLN
291   AAC3092610 Environmental occurrence and fate of ethanol and MTBE gasoline            Zhang, Yi           THE UNIVERSITY OF         PhD 2003 133
                 oxygenates in surface water and shallow groundwater in Nebraska                               NEBRASKA - LINCOLN
292   AAC3092656 Ecological literacy in a context of first-year college students           Bruyere, Brett L.   COLORADO STATE            PhD 2003 77
293   AAC3092783 Considering reality and perception in the assessment process:            Quinn, Robert        UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 127
                 Implications for watershed management (Thailand)                         Michael              MINNESOTA
294   AAC3092875 Occurrence and effects of organochlorine contaminants in sea turtles     Keller, Jennifer     DUKE UNIVERSITY           PhD 2003 344
295   AAC3092939 Environmental origin chemical transport and fate of hazardous pollutants Gigliotti, Cari      RUTGERS THE STATE         PhD 2003 357
                 in atmospheric and aquatic systems in the Mid-Atlantic region            Lavorgna             UNIVERSITY OF NEW
                                                                                                               JERSEY - NEW B
296   AAC3092963 Evaluation of land surface models using ground-based point-scale          Luo, Lifeng         RUTGERS THE STATE         PhD 2003 143
                 measurements                                                                                  UNIVERSITY OF NEW
                                                                                                               JERSEY - NEW B
297   AAC3093016 Pesticide accumulation patterns for child-accessible surfaces and objects Hore, Paromita      RUTGERS THE STATE U. OF   PhD 2003 498
                 and urinary metabolite excretion by children for two weeks after a                            N.J. - NEW BRUNSWICK
                 professional crack and crevice application                                                    AND U
298   AAC3093091 Practical developments in analytical spectroscopy                         Rabbe, Dennis       BAYLOR UNIVERSITY         PhD 2003 211
299   AAC3093206 Experimental and theoretical study of subsurface flow and transport in a Elci, Alper          CLEMSON UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 167
                 riparian wetland
300   AAC3093214 Antibody levels against select marine bacteria and biomarkers of          Karsten, Amanda     CLEMSON UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 115
                 inflammation in the Atlantic sharpnose shark (Rhizoprionodon              Holly
                 terraenovae) from three southeastern United States estuaries
301   AAC3093223 The effects of Mycobacteria and xenobiotics on the expression of pro- Regala, Roderick        CLEMSON UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 137
                 inflammatory proteins in fish phagocytes                                  Paul

                                                                             P.20                                               漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
302   AAC3093306 Radiative forcing of climate in the western Antarctic Peninsula: Effects   Payton, Allison        UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 206
                 of cloud surface and aerosol properties                                    McComiskey             CALIFORNIA, SANTA
303   AAC3093322     Modeling spatial and temporal patterns in flow and sediment transport Singer, Michael         UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 225
                     and storage in large lowland rivers                                        David              CALIFORNIA, SANTA
304   AAC3093361     Synthesis and characterization of mixed matrix systems for the removal Cooper, Charles        UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 243
                     and recovery of divalent metals from waste streams                         Austin             CINCINNATI
305   AAC3093376     Biodegradation and bioavailability studies on aged PAH-contaminated Lei, Li                   UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 171
                     sediment                                                                                      CINCINNATI
306   AAC3093492     Elucidation of the origins of stratospheric sulfate aerosols by isotopic   Leung, Fok-Yan     CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF   PhD 2003 130
                     methods                                                                    Thomas             TECHNOLOGY
307   AAC3093526     Global vegetation modeling: Plant community structure and interactions Bergengren, Jon        UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 140
                     with climate change                                                        Charles            CALIFORNIA, SANTA
308   AAC3093543     Understanding the three phases of water with imaging spectroscopy in Green, Robert Otis UNIVERSITY OF                   PhD 2003 219
                     the solar reflected energy spectrum                                                           CALIFORNIA, SANTA
309   AAC3093548     Vegetation alliances: Composition and function                             Jennings, Michael UNIVERSITY OF              PhD 2003 162
                                                                                                Dunn               CALIFORNIA, SANTA
310   AAC3093632     Low temperature impacts on intermittent sand bioreactors                   Chen, Chien-Lin    THE OHIO STATE            PhD 2003 113
311   AAC3093662     Multiresolution statistical modeling in space and time with application to Johannesson,       THE OHIO STATE            PhD 2003 238
                     remote sensing of the environment                                          Gardar             UNIVERSITY
312   AAC3093829     Can agency-led initiatives conform to collaborative principles?            Van Riper, Laura UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA       PhD 2003 321
                     Evaluating and reshaping an interagency program through participatory
313   AAC3093841     Evaluating the mechanisms for phytoremediation of MTBE                     Rubin, Ellen Gayle UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO    PhD 2003 249
                                                                                                                   AT DENVER
314   AAC3093842     Cancer incidence patterns and environmental contamination in North         Tajik, Mansoureh UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO      PhD 2003 196
                     Casper Wyoming: Integrating qualitative and quantitative methods and                          AT DENVER
                     geographic information systems (GIS)

                                                                             P.21                                                 漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
315   AAC3093889 An exploration of ecological identity: Education to restore the                 Vickers, Valerie   THE UNIVERSITY OF        PhD 2003 268
                 human/Earth relationship (Jane Goodall Thomas Berry David Sobel                 Grider             NORTH CAROLINA AT
                 Robin Moore)                                                                                       GREENSBORO
316   AAC3094025 Extractability and bioavailability of arsenic in soils and the effect of iron   Armstrong, Felicia OKLAHOMA STATE           PhD 2003 216
                 remediation efforts                                                             Pappas             UNIVERSITY
317   AAC3094028 The effects of environmental regulation on plant productivity: A                Burnett, Royce     OKLAHOMA STATE           PhD 2003 108
                 temporal investigation of phase one of the Federal 1990 Clean Air Act           DeAngelo           UNIVERSITY
318   AAC3094044 Comparative analysis of wind energy production in Oklahoma                    Ermilova, Ekaterina OKLAHOMA STATE            PhD 2003 85
                                                                                               Alexeevna           UNIVERSITY
319   AAC3094060      Experimental study of heavy metals distribution attenuation and mobility Kejela, Kefeni      OKLAHOMA STATE            PhD 2003 132
                      in two Oklahoma soils amended with sewage sludge                                             UNIVERSITY
320   AAC3094077      Bioavailability and toxicity of heavy metals in contaminated soils to    Schroder, Jackie    OKLAHOMA STATE            PhD 2003 166
                      human and ecological receptors                                           Lee                 UNIVERSITY
321   AAC3094221      Ultrafine particles and freeways                                         Zhu, Yifang         UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 118
                                                                                                                   CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES
322   AAC3094241      Characterizing black carbon inside vehicles: Implications for refined    Fruin, Scott        UNIVERSITY OF             DEnv 2003 164
                      exposure assessments for diesel exhaust particulate matter               Anthony             CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES
323   AAC3094299      An analysis of wetland patterns and functions at the watershed and sub- Bissonnette,         THE COLLEGE OF WILLIAM    PhD 2003 213
                      watershed scales with policy applications                                Jennifer Newton     AND MARY
324   AAC3094454      Study of N-chloramine reactivity in chlorine-disinfected wastewater:     Bedner, Mary        UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 217
                      Toward reduction of toxic residuals by more effective dechlorination                         MARYLAND COLLEGE
325   AAC3094468      Photovoltaics as a renewable energy technology in Bangladesh and its     Chowdhury, Sarwat UNIVERSITY OF               PhD 2003 296
                      potential for increasing welfare gender equity and environmental                             MARYLAND COLLEGE
                      sustainability                                                                               PARK
326   AAC3094488      Monitoring of organic and heavy metal contaminants in wildlife:          Golden, Nancy       UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 214
                      Nonlethal methods and species selection                                  Heather             MARYLAND COLLEGE
327   AAC3094541      Derivation of surface temperature from current and future satellite:     Sun, Donglian       UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 181
                      Focus on land                                                                                MARYLAND COLLEGE
328   AAC3094575      The craft and concepts of interpretation: A look at how National Park Chen, Wei-Li           WEST VIRGINIA             PhD 2003 142
                      Service interpreters reveal and facilitate opportunities for connections Jasmine             UNIVERSITY
329   AAC3094773      Co-removal of chromium(VI) during precipitation of copper nickel and Sun, Jingmei            HONG KONG UNIV. OF SCI.   PhD 2003 226
                      zinc                                                                                         AND TECH. (PEOPLE'S

                                                                                P.22                                               漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
330   AAC3094875 Landscape features and attractants that predispose grizzly bears to risk of Wilson, Seth Mark   UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA PhD 2003 219
                 conflicts with humans: A spatial and temporal analysis on privately
                 owned agricultural land
331   AAC3094878 Successful implementation strategies for environmental management           Lee, Soonsil        UNIVERSITY OF           ScD 2003 276
                 systems in public organizations                                                                 MASSACHUSETTS LOWELL
332   AAC3094879 An integration of environmental product policy                              Li, Lin             UNIVERSITY OF           ScD 2003 176
                                                                                                                 MASSACHUSETTS LOWELL
333   AAC3094990 Dynamics of thermal circulation in complex terrain                        Princevac, Marko      ARIZONA STATE           PhD 2003 174
                                                                                           S.                    UNIVERSITY
334   AAC3095006 Surviving utopia: Energy social capital and international migration in    Taylor, Matthew       ARIZONA STATE           PhD 2003 271
                 Ixcan Guatemala                                                           John                  UNIVERSITY
335   AAC3095065 Ultrafine particles in the atmosphere: Formation emissions and growth     Stanier, Charles      CARNEGIE MELLON         PhD 2003 314
                                                                                           Oliver                UNIVERSITY
336   AAC3095095 Regional landscape analysis and reserve design to conserve Floridas       Hoctor, Thomas        UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA   PhD 2003 376
                 biodiversity                                                              Scott
337   AAC3095221 Brownfields revitalization projects: Displacement of the dispossessed     Essoka, Jonathan      DREXEL UNIVERSITY       PhD 2003 200
338   AAC3095224 Ambient concentrations and measurement precision of molecular             Li, Min               DREXEL UNIVERSITY       PhD 2003 155
                 markers in fine particles from Philadelphia Pennsylvania
339   AAC3095260 Holocene fire and vegetation history of the Oregon Coast Range United     Long, Colin James UNIVERSITY OF OREGON        PhD 2003 270
340   AAC3095266 Community place and privilege: Double realities denial and climate        Norgaard, Kari        UNIVERSITY OF OREGON    PhD 2003 318
                 change in Norway                                                          Marie
341   AAC3095270 Evergreen struggle: Federal wilderness preservation populism and          Pebworth, Michael     UNIVERSITY OF OREGON    PhD 2003 468
                 liberalism in Washington State 1935--1984                                 Jonathan
342   AAC3095300 Short-term water use dynamics in drainage lysimeters                      Dlamini, Musa         UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY   PhD 2003 156
343   AAC3095351 On-road remote sensing of motor vehicle emissions: Associations           Dohanich, Francis     UNIVERSITY OF NORTH     PhD 2003 360
                 between exhaust pollutant levels and vehicle parameters for Arizona       Albert                TEXAS
                 California Colorado Illinois Texas and Utah
344   AAC3095801 The effect of management on competing vegetation and the impact of        Lauer, Dwight         AUBURN UNIVERSITY       PhD 2003 129
                 competing vegetation on stand growth and structure in coastal loblolly    Keith
                 and slash pine stands

                                                                             P.23                                                漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
345   AAC3095826 Ion equatorial pitch angle distributions from energetic neutral atom        Zhang, Xiaoxin         AUBURN UNIVERSITY       PhD 2003 137
                 images obtained by IMAGE during geomagnetic storms
346   AAC3095872 An analysis of trading ratio for water pollution control trading systems       Curley, Donald      UNIVERSITY OF           PhD 2003 219
                 using a geographic information system and the finite segment method            Edward              PENNSYLVANIA
347   AAC3096021 Ecotoxicology of Morelets crocodile in Belize                                  Rainwater, Thomas   TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY   PhD 2003 156
348   AAC3096144     Public perceptions and attitudes toward water use in Israel: A multi-level Lipchin, Clive      UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PhD 2003 158
                     analysis                                                                   David
349   AAC3096148     The influence of gaseous species in the accurate determination of          Lynam, Mary         UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PhD 2003 146
                     particulate phase mercury in the atmosphere                                Monica
350   AAC3096244     Bio-photosensors based on monolithic integration of light sensitive        Xu, Jian            UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PhD 2003 145
                     proteins with semiconductor devices and integrated circuits
351   AAC3096247     Prediction of modal shifts in export shipments from the Great Lakes due Yang, Zhiyong          UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN PhD 2003 160
                     to mandatory ballast water treatment using game theory
352   AAC3096289     Values and attitudes of the public toward beaver conservation in           Jonker, Sandra      UNIVERSITY OF           PhD 2003 259
                     Massachusetts                                                              Andrea              MASSACHUSETTS
353   AAC3096315     Priorities in conflict: Livelihood practices environmental threats and the Simsik, Michael     UNIVERSITY OF           EdD 2003 363
                     conservation of biodiversity in Madagascar                                 Joseph              MASSACHUSETTS
354   AAC3096397     Late Holocene hydrologic and climatic variability in the Walker Lake       Yuan, Fasong        STATE UNIVERSITY OF     PhD 2003 167
                     basin Nevada and California                                                                    NEW YORK AT ALBANY
355   AAC3096597     Linking sustainability food security and improved worker livelihoods in Breuer, Norman E.      UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA   PhD 2003 351
                     an Ecuadorian agrosocioecosystem
356   AAC3096646     Peasants under siege: Political economy of conservation and state          McPherson,          UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA   PhD 2003 319
                     control in the Cordillera Central Dominican Republic                       Matthew M.
357   AAC3096660     Advances in spatial information systems for sustainable natural resource Ramachandran,         UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA   PhD 2003 158
                     management: A conceptual model                                             Balaji
358   AAC3096796     The influence of globalization on ecological literacy in Japan             Esposito, John UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO PhD 2003 428
                                                                                                               AT BOULDER
359   AAC3096898 Environment: International trade and growth. 1. Optimal pollution tax       Sampaolesi,       WASHINGTON STATE       PhD 2003 80
                 under imperfect competition and international trade: The small country      Alejandro Gustavo UNIVERSITY
                 case. 2. Growth trade and environmental quality in a small open
360   AAC3096901 Valuation of conservation and preservation properties                       Winfree, Jason         WASHINGTON STATE        PhD 2003 109
                                                                                             Allen                  UNIVERSITY

                                                                               P.24                                                  漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
361   AAC3096906 Contaminated brownfield sites: Impact on asset value and strategies for Koroma, Daniel Bai   WASHINGTON STATE       PhD 2003 173
                 redevelopment                                                           Feth                 UNIVERSITY
362   AAC3096954 Two benefits transfer applications (Pennsylvania Georgia Maine)         Delavan, Willard     THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE PhD 2003 198
                                                                                         Alexander            UNIVERSITY
363   AAC3096991 Investigations of site factors affecting regeneration on a forested     Kelso, Lisa Marie    THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE PhD 2003 123
                 community irrigated with treated municipal wastewater in central                             UNIVERSITY
364   AAC3097051 Determination of binding interactions between xenobiotic chemicals and Strynar, Mark         THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE PhD 2003 183
                 soil humic material                                                     Jonathan             UNIVERSITY
365   AAC3097056 Flow-through potentiometric measurements in hydrothermal solutions      Ulyanov, Sergey      THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE PhD 2003 130
                                                                                         Mikhaylovich         UNIVERSITY
366   AAC3097058 Cultural representations of environmental activism: A comparative press Uppal, Charu         THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE PhD 2003 332
                 analysis of Indian and American newspaper coverage of hydropower                             UNIVERSITY
367   AAC3097256 Forest dynamics in the Virginia Piedmont                                Druckenbrod,         UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA   PhD 2003 209
                                                                                         Daniel Lee
368   AAC3097418 Polychlorinated biphenyls in anuran frogs: Occurrence in native Sierra Angermann, Jeffrey    UNIVERSITY OF          PhD 2003 189
                 Nevada hylids and biochemical markers of exposure in ranids             Erik                 CALIFORNIA, DAVIS
369   AAC3097441 Characterization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in           Keshtkar, Haleh      UNIVERSITY OF          PhD 2003 140
                 particulate and gaseous emissions from agricultural burning                                  CALIFORNIA, DAVIS
370   AAC3097569 Investigations into the heterogeneous atmospheric interactions of       Preszler Prince,     THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA PhD 2003 218
                 isolated metal oxide carbonate and soot aerosols                        Amy Marie
371   AAC3097628 Geographic information systems and environmental exposure modeling Robinson, Allison         UNIVERSITY OF            PhD 2003 118
                                                                                         Lee                  PITTSBURGH
372   AAC3097693 The social construction of environmental policy: From oppositional      Feeney, Brian        TEMPLE UNIVERSITY        PhD 2003 185
                 ideology to social learning through conflict using a case study at      Bruce
                 Aberdeen Proving Ground (Maryland)
373   AAC3097822 The politics of cross-boundary conservation: Meaning property and       Yung, Laurie Ann     UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA PhD 2003 443
                 livelihood on the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana
374   AAC3097900 Physiological and genetic responses of sugar maple (Acer saccharum)     Sharma, Pooja        MICHIGAN                 PhD 2003 124
                 and aspen (Populus tremuloides) to long-term interacting exposures of                        TECHNOLOGICAL
                 elevated carbon dioxide and ozone                                                            UNIVERSITY
375   AAC3097904 Recovery and chemotaxonomic characterization of solvent-degrading       Vishwanathan,        MICHIGAN                 PhD 2003 211
                 thermophiles                                                            Sundaram Ajay        TECHNOLOGICAL

                                                                           P.25                                                漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
376   AAC3097968 Understanding the distribution of native versus exotic plant diversity in    Gelbard, Jonathan     UNIVERSITY OF           PhD 2003 177
                 Californias grassland landscapes                                             Lloyd                 CALIFORNIA, DAVIS
377   AAC3097977 Refining particulate matter emission inventories in California: New          Morey, Jennifer       UNIVERSITY OF           PhD 2003 184
                 methods for estimating vehicle activity on unpaved roads                     Eileen                CALIFORNIA, DAVIS
378   AAC3097998 The high salt marsh ecotone: A study of its structure and function and       Traut, Bibit          UNIVERSITY OF           PhD 2003 137
                 the influence of grazing and nitrogen addition on its community              Halliday              CALIFORNIA, DAVIS
379   AAC3097999 Remote methodologies of watershed assessment: Applications toward            Viers, Joshua         UNIVERSITY OF           PhD 2003 214
                 conservation and restoration in the Navarro River watershed                  Hunter                CALIFORNIA, DAVIS
380   AAC3098157 A study of the reported long-term attitudinal and behavioral effects of an   Lomino, Jean A.       ANDREWS UNIVERSITY      PhD 2003 169
                 eighth-grade environmental education project and the development of an
                 innovation configuration to promote environmental education
381   AAC3098169 Stream-aquifer interactions under pumping conditions in an unconfined        Kollet, Stefan        THE UNIVERSITY OF       PhD 2003 315
                 aquifer considering three-dimensional flow aquifer heterogeneity and         Johannes              NEBRASKA - LINCOLN
382   AAC3098191 Effects of 2378-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin on zebrafish caudal fin          Zodrow, Jeanmarie  UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO     PhD 2003 128
                 regeneration                                                                 Michele            HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER
383   AAC3098200 Effect of polychlorinated biphenyl microbial transformation processes on     Smithwick, Laura   MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF      PhD 2003 207
                 immunological responses in murine splenocytes                                Ashley             SOUTH CAROLINA
384   AAC3098424 Measuring in situ reductive dechlorination rates in trichloroethene-         Hageman, Kimberly  OREGON STATE               PhD 2003 77
                 contaminated groundwater                                                     Jill               UNIVERSITY
385   AAC3098430 A proteomic approach to 12-dichloroethane bioactivation and reaction         Kaetzel, Rhonda    OREGON STATE               PhD 2003 156
                 with redox-active protein disulfide isomerase                                Sue                UNIVERSITY
386   AAC3098442 Effect of iron redistribution in soils on cesium magnetometer surveys at     Rogers, Michael    OREGON STATE               PhD 2003 65
                 the Oregon State University Research Dairy                                   Bruce              UNIVERSITY
387   AAC3098446 Model assessment of the effects of land use change on hydrologic             Vache, Kellie BrionOREGON STATE               PhD 2003 216
                 response                                                                                        UNIVERSITY
388   AAC3098481 Impact of disturbance and white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus)         Didier, Karl       STATE UNIVERSITY OF        PhD 2003 N/A
                 herbivory on plant community and nutrient dynamics in northern               Andrew             NEW YORK COL. OF
                 hardwood forests of northern New York State                                                     ENVIRONMENTAL
389   AAC3098492 Evaluation of contamination grade in marine sediment affect by               Rodriguez Barroso, UNIVERSIDAD DE CADIZ       Dr   2003 320
                 anthropogenic discharges: Application of thermogravimetric studies           Maria del R        (SPAIN)
390   AAC3098577 Characteristics of Minnesotas nonindustrial private forest landowners        Cervantes, Juan    UNIVERSITY OF              PhD 2003 128
                                                                                              Carlos             MINNESOTA

                                                                             P.26                                                       漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
391   AAC3098644 Uncertainty and relative importance of hydraulic properties: A stochastic Avanidou,               UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH     PhD 2003 213
                 framework to prioritize site characterization and modeling needs           Theodora               CAROLINA
392   AAC3098666 Bioelectrochemical methods for treatment and remediation                   Goel, Ramesh           UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH     PhD 2003 142
                                                                                            Kumar                  CAROLINA
393   AAC3098679 The surface-mediated photochemical oxidation of chrysene in estuarine Kong, Li                    UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH     PhD 2003 86
                 environments and the fate of fipronil in model estuarine environments                             CAROLINA
394   AAC3098684 Mathematical modeling of encapsulated buffer performance in                Liu, Lubo              UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH     PhD 2003 211
                 controllingpH during remediation of groundwater                                                   CAROLINA
395   AAC3098701 Stochastic analysis of flow in three-dimensional heterogeneous             Sarris, Theofilos S.   UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH     PhD 2003 173
                 anisotropic aquifers: Synthetic simulations and case study                                        CAROLINA
396   AAC3098814 Consensus and conflict: Interest group strategy in the policy process      Robbins, Suzanne       STATE UNIVERSITY OF     PhD 2003 210
                                                                                            Michelle               NEW YORK AT STONY
397   AAC3098837 Polychlorinated biphenyls polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and furans Chaky, Damon               RENSSELAER              PhD 2003 431
                 in the New York Metropolitan Area: Interpreting atmospheric deposition Alexander                  POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE
                 and sediment chronologies
398   AAC3098856 Shared futures of city and country: A total flows analysis of urban-rural Kane, Melinda           RENSSELAER              PhD 2003 196
                 ecological economic dependence in New York Citys Catskill-Delaware Kristine                       POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE
399   AAC3098936 The role of terrain and convection on microfront formation leading to      Cetola, Jeffrey        NORTH CAROLINA STATE    PhD 2003 340
                 severe low-level turbulence                                                David                  UNIVERSITY
400   AAC3098937 Effect of aging on the bioavailability of toluene sorbed to municipal      Chen, Ye               NORTH CAROLINA STATE    PhD 2003 151
                 solid waste components                                                                            UNIVERSITY
401   AAC3098953 Using remote sensing data to estimate leaf area index and foliar nitrogen Flores, Francisco       NORTH CAROLINA STATE    PhD 2003 115
                 of loblolly pine plantations                                               Jose                   UNIVERSITY
402   AAC3099001 Environmental toxicant effects on sexual reproduction in Daphnia magna Olmstead, Allen            NORTH CAROLINA STATE    PhD 2003 159
                                                                                            Worth                  UNIVERSITY
403   AAC3099008 Measurements modeling and analysis of fluxes of nitrogen compounds Phillips, Sharon               NORTH CAROLINA STATE    PhD 2003 187
                                                                                            Baker                  UNIVERSITY
404   AAC3099026 Bioavailability of particulate-sorbed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons Thorsen, Waverly           NORTH CAROLINA STATE    PhD 2003 184
                                                                                            Anne                   UNIVERSITY
405   AAC3099029 Measurement modeling and analysis of ozone and its key precursors in Tong, Quansong               NORTH CAROLINA STATE    PhD 2003 199
                 the southeast United States national parks                                                        UNIVERSITY
406   AAC3099058 The role of alien tree plantations and avian seed-dispersers in native dry Garrison, Jennifer     UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI'I   PhD 2003 257
                 forest restoration in Hawaii                                               S. E.

                                                                               P.27                                                漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
407   AAC3099284 Modeling forest cover in Central America from 1880--2000 A.D. using     Cornell, Joseph       STATE UNIVERSITY OF     PhD 2003 N/A
                 GIS                                                                     Dean                  NEW YORK COL. OF
408   AAC3099286 Estimation of urban tree carbon storage using multispectral and         Myeong, Soojeong      STATE UNIVERSITY OF     PhD 2003 N/A
                 multitemporal imagery                                                                         NEW YORK COL. OF
409   AAC3099287 An analysis of an expert system used to predict human thermal comfort Wang, Yingjie           STATE UNIVERSITY OF     PhD 2003 N/A
                 in outdoor urban settings                                                                     NEW YORK COL. OF
410   AAC3099388 Exploring the comparative cost-effectiveness of economic incentive and Kroeger, Timm          STATE UNIVERSITY OF     PhD 2003 N/A
                 command-and-control instruments and of renewable energy technologies                          NEW YORK COL. OF
                 in PM10 emission control: A case study of Lima-Callao Peru                                    ENVIRONMENTAL
411   AAC3099390 Interactions between metals and the siderophore desferriferricrocin    Zou, Guozhang          STATE UNIVERSITY OF     PhD 2003 N/A
                 produced by the mycorrhizal fungus Wilcoxina mikolae                                          NEW YORK COL. OF
412   AAC3099601 A study of toxics use reductions by manufacturers from two sectors in   Palmer, Scott Ralph   THE GEORGE WASHINGTON   PhD 2003 255
                 Massachusetts (between 1991 and 1998)                                                         UNIVERSITY
413   AAC3099682 Applications of air quality monitoring network design strategies        DuBois, David W.      UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,   PhD 2003 333
414   AAC3099691 Degradation and failure susceptibility of carbon steels in simulated    Yilmaz, Ahmet         UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,   PhD 2003 150
                 Yucca Mountain nuclear repository environments                                                RENO
415   AAC3099693 Transport of methyl bromide in Salinas Valley California and its        Honaganahalli,        UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,   PhD 2003 255
                 implications to human health risk assessment                            Puttanna S.           RENO
416   AAC3099698 On-road particulate emission measurement                                Mazzoleni, Claudio    UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,   PhD 2003 212
417   AAC3099700 Towards an ideal integrating nephelometer: Design and applications    Varma, Ravi             UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA,   PhD 2003 92
                                                                                       Mundakkara              RENO
418   AAC3099875 A comprehensive study of the Hong Kong puffer fishes and their toxins Yu, Chun Fai            HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC   PhD 2003 248
                                                                                                               UNIVERSITY (PEOPLE'S
419   AAC3099883 Contractors environmental performance assessment system (C-EPAS)        Wu, De Hua            HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC   PhD 2003 396
                                                                                                               UNIVERSITY (PEOPLE'S

                                                                             P.28                                             漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
420   AAC3100102 Real-time analysis of individual aerosol particles by laser ablation         Lake, Derek        UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE PhD 2003 186
                 (Maryland)                                                                   Anthony
421   AAC3100110 An environmental policy failure: Nuclear energys threat to marine            Oh, Kwangsuk       UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE PhD 2003 314
                 ecology. Evaluation of United States thermal pollution policy and its
                 application to Korean coastal governance
422   AAC3100122 Multicriteria integrated resource assessment (MIRA): A new decision          Stahl, Cynthia     UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE PhD 2003 537
                 analytic approach to inform environmental policy analysis                    Hung
423   AAC3100214 Stewardship environmental change and identity in the Judith Basin of         Antle, James Jay   UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS      PhD 2003 357
                 Montana 1805--1970
424   AAC3100215 The story of Silent Spring and the ecological turn (Rachel Carson)      Hazlett, Maril          UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS      PhD 2003 474
                                                                                         Pearce Trigg
425   AAC3100319 Including health feedback in assessing costs and benefits of greenhouse Li, Jennifer Chung-     THE UNIVERSITY OF         PhD 2003 212
                 gas mitigating policies (Thailand)                                      I                       NORTH CAROLINA AT
426   AAC3100335 Multilevel spatial and statistical analyses to examine the relationship Pan, William            THE UNIVERSITY OF         DrPH 2003 169
                 between population and environment: A case study of the Ecuadorian      Kuang-Yao               NORTH CAROLINA AT
                 Amazon                                                                                          CHAPEL HILL
427   AAC3100377 Mass-independent sulfur isotopic compositions in atmospheric sulfates Romero, Alvaro B.         UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 199
                                                                                                                 CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO
428   AAC3100406 An investigation into the mechanism of action of atrazine and its effects Coady, Katherine      MICHIGAN STATE            PhD 2003 88
                 on developing Rana clamitans and Xenopus laevis                           Kemler                UNIVERSITY
429   AAC3100524 Assessing wetlands and their restoration using algae                      Zheng, Lei            MICHIGAN STATE            PhD 2003 165
430                                                                                   Dark, Shawna
      AAC3100670 The spatial distribution and biogeography of invasive plants at a regional                      UNIVERSITY OF             PhD 2003 188
                 and local scale in California                                        Jeanette                   CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES
431   AAC3101230 Factors that influence dominance by reed canary grass (Phalaris      Kercher, Suzanne           THE UNIVERSITY OF         PhD 2003 124
                 arundinacea L.) in wet meadows                                       Marie                      WISCONSIN - MADISON
432                                                                                   Makholm, Martha
      AAC3101297 Assessing air pollution impacts: Biomonitoring with lichens and mosses                          THE UNIVERSITY OF         PhD 2003 105
                                                                                      Marie                      WISCONSIN - MADISON
433   AAC3101322 The development and validation of an environmental performance model Hussey, Dennis             THE UNIVERSITY OF         PhD 2003 266
                                                                                      Michael                    WISCONSIN - MADISON
434   AAC3101342 Contributing to a process of sustainable rural development: An       Mog, Justin                THE UNIVERSITY OF         PhD 2003 450
                 evaluation of the SANREM CRSP research and development program in Matthew                       WISCONSIN - MADISON
                 the southern Philippines

                                                                             P.29                                                 漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
435   AAC3101377 Impact of wetland drainage on floods: Investigating the storage capacity     Simoes, Ana Paula THE UNIVERSITY OF           PhD 2003 219
                 of prairie potholes                                                                             WISCONSIN - MADISON
436   AAC3101605 High regional atmospheric concentrations of the light alkanes within the     Katzenstein, Aaron UNIVERSITY OF              PhD 2003 112
                 southwestern United States                                                   Scott              CALIFORNIA, IRVINE
437   AAC3101606 Fecal pollution in coastal waters: Sources transport and public              Kim, Joon Ha       UNIVERSITY OF              PhD 2003 153
                 notification                                                                                    CALIFORNIA, IRVINE
438   AAC3101685 Fauna in an abandoned landscape: Animal responses to tropical forest         Dunn, Robert       THE UNIVERSITY OF          PhD 2003 195
                 regeneration at multiple scales                                              Roberdeau          CONNECTICUT
439   AAC3101785 Phytate utilization by Tetrahymena                                           Ziemkiewicz, Hope THE UNIVERSITY OF           PhD 2003 74
                                                                                              Therese            ALABAMA
440   AAC3101832 A self-adaptive hybrid genetic algorithm for optimal groundwater             Espinoza, Felipe   UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS     PhD 2003 152
                 remediation design                                                           Patricio           AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN
441   AAC3101857 Physiological characterization of acetotrophic anaerobic respiration using   He, Qiang          UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS     PhD 2003 242
                 Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans as a model organism                                               AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN
442   AAC3101896 Bromamine decomposition and cyanogen bromide formation in drinking           Lei, Hongxia       UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS     PhD 2003 329
                 water from monobromamine and formaldehyde                                                       AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN
443   AAC3101973 The toxicity of pesticides to mammalian cells as altered by redox-           Sorensen, Kara     UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS     PhD 2003 257
                 modified smectites                                                           Colleen            AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN
444   AAC3102024 Constructing Yellowstone: Nature and environmental politics in the           Lavigne, Jean      UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY     PhD 2003 325
                 Rocky Mountain West (Wyoming Montana Idaho)                                  Elizabeth
445   AAC3102109 Evaluating the potential for adaptation to climate change in Lupinus         Halpern, Stacey    UNIVERSITY OF              PhD 2003 152
                 perennis                                                                     Lynn               MINNESOTA
446   AAC3102200 Puesta en marcha y optimizacion de la degradacion anaerobia termofilica      De La Rubia        UNIVERSIDAD DE CADIZ       Dr   2003 292
                 de lodos de edar (Spanish text)                                              Romero, Maria De (SPAIN)
447   AAC3102242 Exploring latent structure in spatial temporal processes using process       Calder, Catherine DUKE UNIVERSITY             PhD 2003 98
                 convolutions                                                                 Agnes
448   AAC3102256 Mathematical modeling of landscape erosion: Convergence singularities        Welsh, Edward      DUKE UNIVERSITY            PhD 2003 102
                 and shocks in a continuous transport-limited model                           Wilder
449   AAC3102333 Global and regional controls on Holocene environments                        Diffenbaugh, Noah UNIVERSITY OF               PhD 2003 105
                                                                                              Suresh             CALIFORNIA, SANTA CRUZ
450   AAC3102445 Modeling and operation of single and multiple tube membrane                  England, Ellen     UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI -   PhD 2003 273
                 bioreactors                                                                  Claire             ROLLA

                                                                             P.30                                                 漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
451   AAC3102454 Part 1. Application of supercritical fluid extraction for enantiospecific   Seemamahannop,      UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - PhD 2003 213
                 determination of chlordane residues in fish tissue. Part 2. Prediction of   Rachadaporn         ROLLA
                 retention time of long chain alcohol phenyl ethers in density
                 programmed supercritical fluid chromatography
452   AAC3102461 Perceptions of chemicals in society: Three perspectives                     Kovacs, Daniel C.    CARNEGIE MELLON          PhD 2003 120
453   AAC3102652     Spatial organization position and source characteristics of large woody Fox, Martin James UNIVERSITY OF               PhD 2003 120
                     debris in natural systems                                                                    WASHINGTON
454   AAC3102730     Development and modification of the adrenocortical stress response in Walker, Brian          UNIVERSITY OF            PhD 2003 100
                     adult and chick Magellanic penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus)             George             WASHINGTON
455   AAC3102758     Conservation practices adoption by agricultural landowners                Long, Lela         NORTHERN ILLINOIS        PhD 2003 197
                                                                                               Michelle           UNIVERSITY
456   AAC3102785     Chronology and analysis of environmental impacts within the               Lopez, John        UNIVERSITY OF NEW        PhD 2003 237
                     Pontchartrain Basin of the Mississippi Delta plain: 1718--2002            Anthony            ORLEANS
457   AAC3102823     Impacts of sediment resuspension on water quality in the Pamlico and      Giffin, Daniel A., EAST CAROLINA            PhD 2003 195
                     Neuse River estuaries                                                     Jr.                UNIVERSITY
458   AAC3102855     Facility participation in voluntary pollution prevention programs and the Vidovic, Martina   STATE UNIVERSITY OF      PhD 2003 166
                     role of community characteristics: Evidence from the 33/50 program                           NEW YORK AT
459   AAC3103090     Delineation of the coastal aquifer of Israel based on the analysis of     Bruce, Deborah     CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW   PhD 2003 156
                     carbon- 14 and tritium isotopes                                           Lynn               YORK
460   AAC3103324     Ozone air pollution and stage-of-change status for alternative            Ott, Lynn M.       TEXAS WOMAN'S            PhD 2003 120
                     transportation usage among college students                                                  UNIVERSITY
461   AAC3103392     For a piece of bread? Interpreting sustainable development through        Sonnino, Roberta UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS       PhD 2003 320
                     agritourism in southern Tuscany Italy
462   AACMQ75136     Applying the reference condition approach to monitor invertebrates in     Davidson, Jennifer LAURENTIAN UNIVERSITY    MSc 2003 115
                     streams of the Sudbury mining area (Ontario)                                                 OF SUDBURY (CANADA)
463   AACMQ75139     Mobility and deposition of nickel copper and phosphates in Kelly Lake Lock, Alan S.          LAURENTIAN UNIVERSITY    MSc 2003 168
                     Sudbury Ontario                                                                              OF SUDBURY (CANADA)
464   AACMQ76096     Endocrine and immune function in songbirds exposed to pp-DDE and          Mayne, Gregory     UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH     MSc 2003 103
                     current-use pesticides in apple orchards                                  John Patrick       (CANADA)
465   AACMQ76098     Field evaluation of management systems for reduction of nitrous oxide McLaughlin, Nicole UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH         MSc 2003 101
                     emissions from a corn-soybean-wheat rotation                              Lucille            (CANADA)
466   AACMQ76111     An analysis of Shaw model water budget estimations for municipal solid Preston, Gregory      UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH     MSc 2003 344
                     waste landfill covers planted with poplar tree systems in southern        Matthew            (CANADA)

                                                                               P.31                                               漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
467   AACMQ76122 Influence of socio-cultural norms and community perceptions on the         Sportel, Terah      UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH     MSc 2003 121
                 sustainability of rural water supply and sanitation: A case study in       Sunshine            (CANADA)
                 Tamil Nadu India
468   AACMQ76127 Analysis of national and international legislation for development of       Vasarhelyi,        UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH     MSc 2003 81
                 protected areas networks                                                    Charlotte          (CANADA)
469   AACMQ77070 Sustainable development learning as enticement to environmental action      Johnston, Julie    ST. FRANCIS XAVIER       MAd 2003 126
                                                                                             Diane              UNIVERSITY (CANADA)      Ed
470   AACMQ77805    An inquiry into the effectiveness of the Regional District of Comox-     Milne, Robert      ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY   MA 2003 199
                    Strathcona development permitting process for the protection of aquatic Douglas             (CANADA)
471   AACMQ77838    An exploratory characterization of first- and second-order streams on    Archibald, Ross    ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY MSc 2003 65
                    southeast Vancouver Island relative to the development of a benthic      Yorston            (CANADA)
                    invertebrate-based rapid bioassessment protocol specific to the coastal
                    Douglas-fir biogeoclimatic zone (British Colu
472   AACMQ77839    Achieving ecological sustainability in the environmental assessment      Claus, Bernhard    ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY   MSc 2003 72
                    review of run-of-river hydropower projects in British Columbia           Ralph              (CANADA)
473   AACMQ77840    Strategic environmental assessment and sustainable development           Follen, Jonathan   ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY   MA   2003 77
                                                                                             Guy                (CANADA)
474   AACMQ77841    Application of scientific criteria for site assessment: Towards a site   Kirkby, Jan        ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY   MSc 2003 137
                    conservation evaluation methodology                                                         (CANADA)
475   AACMQ77842    Selection of technologies for remediation of the Sydney Tar Ponds        Landry, Paul       ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY   MSc 2003 133
                    (Nova Scotia)                                                            Gregory            (CANADA)
476   AACMQ77843    An exploration of the connections between spirituality and sustainable Mucha, Jodi          ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY   MA   2003 56
                    development and the ways to mobilize them for the benefit of both                           (CANADA)
477   AACMQ77850    Improving the sustainability of domestic wastewater disposal at a small Tingley, Joan       ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY   MSc 2003 55
                    industrial site                                                          Phyllis            (CANADA)
478   AACMQ77851    Regionalizing watersheds based on turbidity                              Webber-Atkins,     ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY   MSc 2003 99
                                                                                             Garth              (CANADA)
479   AACMQ77934    Associations between daily asthma hospital admissions and ambient air Deschamps, Kim        CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY     MA   2003 96
                    pollutants in Montreal 1992 to 1999 (Quebec)                             Marie              (CANADA)
480   AACMQ77962    Anaerobic bio-treatability of wash wastewater from returned beer bottles Li, Peng Jie       CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY     MAS 2003 150
                                                                                                                (CANADA)                 c

                                                                             P.32                                               漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
481   AACMQ78113 Development of coupled mercury fate-TRANsport SPECiation and               Gandhi, Nilima      UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO    MAS 2003 172
                 BIOaccumulation (BIOTRANSPEC) model: Application to Lahontan                                   (CANADA)                 c
                 Reservoir Nevada
482   AACMQ78115 Enhanced dissolution of a tetrachloroethylene DNAPL in a two               Seepersad, David    UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO    MAS 2003 146
                 dimensional model aquifer                                                  John                (CANADA)                 c
483   AACMQ78123 Formation of low molecular weight organic compounds from UV                Latorre, Sandra     UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO    MAS 2003 176
                 disinfection of chlorinated water containing humic substances              Stefanie            (CANADA)                 c
484   AACMQ78182 The multimedia urban model: Development and application of a               Archbold,           UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO    MSc 2003 136
                 screening-level ecological risk assessment model                           Josephine Anne      (CANADA)
485   AACMQ79166 Sustainable soil management practices for clean surplus and hydrocarbon    Martens, Robert     ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY   MSc 2003 67
                 contaminated soils in British Columbia                                     Lucien Petrus       (CANADA)
486   AACMQ79171 Fragmentation of forested ecosystems: A case study of North Pender         Neudorf, Ardice     ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY   MSc 2003 119
                 Island (British Columbia)                                                                      (CANADA)
487   AACMQ79188 Application of by-product synergy in the West Kootenays (British           Bailey, Scott Allen ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY   MA   2003 113
                 Columbia)                                                                                      (CANADA)
488   AACMQ79192 The Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act and the development           Davy, John Mark ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY       MA   2003 67
                 of environmental assessment in Canada                                                          (CANADA)
489   AACMQ79356 La protection des especes en peril au Canada: Un retard explique           Maisonneuve,        UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA     MA   2003 123
                 (French text)                                                              Melanie             (CANADA)
490   AACMQ79492 Exploring solid-waste as an indicator of sustainability in small island    Georges, Noni M. DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY        MES 2003 165
                 developing states (SIDS): Case study of Tortola British Virgin Islands                         (CANADA)
491   AACMQ79497 Role of training in environmental management in the electricity industry   Perron, Genevieve   DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY     MES 2003 145
                 of Canada                                                                  Mireille            (CANADA)
492   AACMQ79500 A retrospective analysis of the economic impacts on the pulp and paper     Reade, Todd         DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY     MDE 2003 74
                 industry in Atlantic Canada stemming from the 1992 pulp and paper          Gregory             (CANADA)
                 effluent regulations
493   AACMQ79505 Integrated modelling for exposure assessment: A methodology applied to     Berry, Jody Aaron DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY       MES 2003 123
                 assessing the impact of produced water on Sable Bank (Scotian Shelf                          (CANADA)
494   AACMQ79533 Microbial resistance to oxytetracycline in sediments from salmon           Friars, Faron Scott DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY     MSc 2003 105
                 aquaculture sites in the Western Isles Region of the Bay of Fundy                              (CANADA)
495   AACMQ79564 Factors which affect adoption of the Nova Scotia Environmental Farm        Atari, Dominic      DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY     MES 2003 123
                 Plan Program                                                               Odwa Andrea         (CANADA)

                                                                            P.33                                                漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
496   AACMQ79594 Persistent industrial marine debris: The relationship between marine        Smith, Christine       DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY     MES 2003 133
                 debris and coastal industrial activities in Charlotte County New            Anne                   (CANADA)
497   AACMQ79599 Losses of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from creosote-treated wood       Fortune-Phillips,      DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY     MSc 2003 134
                 products during storage                                                     Marguerite M           (CANADA)
498   AACMQ79602 Studies of organohalogens in cod brain tissues by neutron activation        Gonzalez Labrada,      DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY     MSc 2003 115
                 analysis (Gadus morhua)                                                     Erick                  (CANADA)
499   AACMQ79674 The environment through childrens eyes                                      Jones, Karen           CARLETON UNIVERSITY      MA   2003 144
500   AACMQ79812 Soil microcosms as environmental research tools for the study of            Hynes, Samielle        CARLETON UNIVERSITY      MSc 2003 135
                 microorganism gene transfer in soil environments                                                   (CANADA)
501   AACMQ79963 Assessing the relative contributions transmission line rights-of-way have   Hill, Leane            THE UNIVERSITY OF        MSc 2003 107
                 on habitat utilization by moose. Case study: Riding Mountain National                              MANITOBA (CANADA)
                 Park (Manitoba)
502   AACMQ79964 Sublethal effects of selenium on rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)        Holm, Jodi Lee         THE UNIVERSITY OF        MSc 2003 174
                 and brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis)                                     Ann                    MANITOBA (CANADA)
503   AACMQ79975 Governance in a small-scale fishery: Local responses and external           Lobe, Kenton           THE UNIVERSITY OF        MNR 2003 108
                 pressures in Kerala India                                                   Albert                 MANITOBA (CANADA)        M
504   AACMQ80010 Exploring urban ecosystems in the Ruhrgebiet Germany: Application of        Robinson, Kirsten      THE UNIVERSITY OF        MCP 2003 190
                 lessons learned to southeast False Creek Vancouver (British Columbia)                              MANITOBA (CANADA)
505   AACMQ80021 A sustainable development indicator design process for Manitoba Hydro         Searcy, Cory Lloyd   THE UNIVERSITY OF        MSc 2003 164
                                                                                               Patrick              MANITOBA (CANADA)
506   AACMQ80153     Toxicity of perfluorinated organic acids to selected freshwater organisms Boudreau, Timothy    UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH     MSc 2003 134
                     under laboratory and field conditions                                     Michael              (CANADA)
507   AACMQ80183     Fluxes of nitrogen oxides and the biophysical controls for their          Nayyar, Vandna       UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH     MSc 2003 98
                     deposition in soybean (Glycine max Merr.) leaves                                               (CANADA)
508   AACMQ80190     Ecotoxicological and chemical evaluation of motor gasoline and BTEX Princz, Juliska Ilona      UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH     MSc 2003 194
                     compounds in soil                                                                              (CANADA)
509   AACMQ80202     Cadmium accumulation in durum wheat: Roles of transpiration dynamic Van der Vliet,             UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH     MSc 2003 183
                     steady state lifestage and apoplastic bypass                              Leana A.             (CANADA)
510   AACMQ80658     Quantification of carbon pools and fluxes in relation to land-use in sub- Waughtal, Jennifer   UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN   MSc 2003 103
                     boreal British Columbia                                                   Dawn                 BRITISH COLUMBIA

                                                                              P.34                                                  漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
511   AACMQ80665 Reclamation of forest landings in the sub-boreal spruce biogeoclimactic Keller, Linette       UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN   MSc 2003 198
                 zone using biosolids and fallow legumes and grasses                     Charlene              BRITISH COLUMBIA
512   AACMQ80673     The effects of habitat disturbance on the reproductive behaviour of the Fort, Kevin T.    UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN   MSc 2003 112
                     black- capped chickadee (Poecile atricapilla)                                             BRITISH COLUMBIA
513   AACMQ80679     Application of high-resolution mesoscale model fields with the          McEwen, Bryan     UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN   MSc 2003 151
                     CALPUFF dispersion modelling system in Prince George British            Andrew            BRITISH COLUMBIA
                     Columbia                                                                                  (CANADA)
514   AACMQ80836     Quantification of landscape structure and assessment of ecosystem       Brodribb, Kara    TRENT UNIVERSITY         MSc 2003 135
                     integrity of sugar maple forests along an urban-rural land-use gradient Elizabeth         (CANADA)
515   AACMQ80842     A review and mass balance model of the sources and fate of polycyclic Ethier, Adrienne    TRENT UNIVERSITY         MSc 2003 170
                     aromatic hydrocarbons in Sydney Harbour Nova Scotia                     Lynn McKay        (CANADA)
516   AACMQ80843     Long-range transport of organic contaminants: The role of air-surface   Gouin, Todd       TRENT UNIVERSITY         MSc 2003 173
                     exchange                                                                William           (CANADA)
517   AACMQ80846     Endocrine disruption and altered gonadal development in wild white      Kavanagh, Richard TRENT UNIVERSITY         MSc 2003 110
                     perch (Morone americana) from the lower Great Lakes region              James             (CANADA)
518   AACMQ80859     Response of Dominican vegetation to geothermal emissions                Osler, Nancy      TRENT UNIVERSITY         MSc 2003 132
                                                                                             Gwynneth Law      (CANADA)
519   AACMQ80869     The role of mass balance models in water quality assessment             Warren,           TRENT UNIVERSITY         MSc 2003 131
                                                                                             Christopher       (CANADA)
520   AACMQ80879     Developing a conceptual system model for ecological integrity planning Parker, Brent      WILFRID LAURIER          MES 2003 397
                     in the Greater Kluane Region Yukon                                      Heyward           UNIVERSITY (CANADA)
521   AACMQ80880     Variability of metals in soils in the Sudbury area (Ontario)            Spektor, Vera     WILFRID LAURIER          MES 2003 179
                                                                                                               UNIVERSITY (CANADA)
522   AACMQ81072     An assessment of floristic changes in diatom assemblages from alkaline Havelock, Jennifer QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY AT    MSc 2003 262
                     Precambrian Shield lakes (Muskoka-Haliburton region Ontario Canada) Margaret              KINGSTON (CANADA)
                     prone to anthropogenic disturbances
523   AACMQ81086     The Tay River watershed is our responsibility: The Ardoch Algonquins Koschade, Bettina QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY AT       MA   2003 148
                     and the 2000--2002 Environmental Review Tribunal hearings (Ontario) Tania                 KINGSTON (CANADA)
524   AACMQ81135     Methods for assessing the ecological risks of polycyclic aromatic       Winchester, Alice QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY AT    MSc 2003 120
                     hydrocarbon- contaminated sediments to fish                             Evangeline        KINGSTON (CANADA)
525   AACNQ75974     Soil quality in key pedogenic regimes of interandean Ecuador            Barfoot Kinsie,   UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH     PhD 2003 218
                                                                                             Krista Lynn       (CANADA)

                                                                            P.35                                             漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
526   AACNQ75982 Investigation of rainfall-runoff mechanism on field scale              Gupta, Neelam               UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH    PhD 2003 273
527   AACNQ75999     Local and indigenous knowledge as an emergent property of complexity: Woodley, Ellen           UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH    PhD 2003 480
                     A case study in the Solomon Islands                                         Joanne             (CANADA)
528   AACNQ77591     Modeling of national and regional residential energy consumption and Fung, Alan Shek- DALTECH - DALHOUSIE              PhD 2003 265
                     associated greenhouse gas emissions (Canada)                                Lun                UNIVERSITY (CANADA)
529   AACNQ78025     The role of cyanobacteria in pulp and paper waste-treatment systems         Kirkwood, Andrea UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO     PhD 2003 120
                                                                                                 Elizabeth          (CANADA)
530   AACNQ78316     Mathematical model of anaerobic processes applied to the anaerobic          Zheng, Yale        UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO   PhD 2003 243
                     sequencing batch reactor                                                    Yunsheng           (CANADA)
531   AACNQ78363     Does pattern matter? Spatio-temporal modelling strategies to predict        Mitchell, Scott    UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO   PhD 2003 158
                     grassland productivity dynamics Grasslands National Park Saskatchewan William                  (CANADA)
532   AACNQ78465     Municipal planning land development and environmental intervention: Turner, Susan              UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO   PhD 2003 300
                     An institutional ethnography                                                Marie              (CANADA)
533   AACNQ79219     Migration of strontium-90 in surface water groundwater and sediments Freed, Rina               THE UNIVERSITY OF       PhD 2003 174
                     of the Borschi watershed Chernobyl (Ukraine)                                                   BRITISH COLUMBIA
534   AACNQ80129     Myriophyllum spp. in ecological risk assessment: A case study with          Hanson, Mark       UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH    PhD 2003 599
                     haloacetic acids                                                            Laurier Malloy     (CANADA)
535   AACNQ80130     Bioaccumulation and biotransformation of persistent organochlorine          Hoekstra, Paul     UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH    PhD 2003 289
                     contaminants in the arctic marine ecosystem                                 Friedrich          (CANADA)
536   AACNQ80139     Terrestrial test methods for plants and soil invertebrates                  Stephenson, Gladys UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH    PhD 2003 230
                                                                                                 Lorraine           (CANADA)
537   AACNQ80276     Activite humaine et developpement durable dans la region montagneuse Soumahoro,                UNIVERSITE LAVAL        PhD 2003 506
                     de louest de la Cote dIvoire: Le cas du pays Toura (French text)            Moustapha          (CANADA)
538   AACNQ80531     Application de la teledetection a lanalyse de la variabilite climatique des Fillol, Erwann     UNIVERSITE DE           PhD 2003 193
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                     to the western Canadian climate                                             Bizecki            SASKATCHEWAN

                                                                             P.36                                                 漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
542   AACNQ81004 Constructs of nature in the Mattawa landscape: Its who we are and how     Landman, Karen        QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY AT    PhD 2003 278
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                 America Little Ice Age to present                                         Donald                KINGSTON (CANADA)
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                 jack pine (Pinus banksiana Lamb.) seedlings                               Gazal                 (CANADA)
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                 exploration in the Lower Mekong Basin Laos (Cirrhinus microlepis)                          (CANADA)

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