ENTServiceSpecialists by fanzhongqing


									ENT Service Specialists

Mr Porter – Head and Neck Surgery, Thyroid and Salivary Gland surgery
Mr Baldwin – Head and Neck Surgery, Skull base surgery
Mr Tierney – Head and Neck Surgery, Sino-nasal surgery, Paediatric ENT
Mr Nunez – Ear Surgery, Dizziness, hearing implants, Sinus Surgery
Mr Hajioff – Ear Surgery, Cochlear implants, Paediatric ENT Surgery
Mr Robinson - Ear Surgery, Cochlear implants, Sino-nasal Surgery, Paediatric ENT
Mr Shaaban – Sino-nasal Surgery, Facial plastic surgery, General ENT

Mrs Claire Langton-Hewer – Rhinology and General Adult and Paediatric ENT
Mr Graham Porter – Head and Neck Surgery and General Adult ENT including thyroid
and salivary gland surgery
Mr Michael Saunders – Paediatric Otolaryngology, rhinology and rhinoplasty
Mrs Susan Douglas – Otology and General Adult ENT

Mr Paul Tierney – Head and Neck Surgery, Thyroid, nasal and sinus disorders,
rhinoplasty and paediatric ENT
Mr Desmond Nunez – Otology and paediatric otolaryngology
Mr David Baldwin – Head and Neck Surgery, Salivary Gland and Thyroid

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