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Form 2RDM - United Overseas Bank


									                                                                 FORM 2RDM
                                                           NOTICE OF REDEMPTION


    Our Ref:

    Your Ref:
                              United Overseas Bank Limited* / Far Eastern Bank
    To:                       Limited*
                              Retail Loan Operations Centre Singapore* /
                              Wholesale Loan Operations Centre Singapore*
                              (*select where applicable)
    Dear Sirs,

    Redemption of Mortgaged
    Property / Charged Property                                                                       Postal Code:
                                                                                                NRIC No.*/ PP No.*/
    Mortgagor(s) / Chargor(s):                                                                       Co Regn No*:
                                                                                                NRIC No.*/ PP No.*/
    Borrower(s):                                                                                     Co Regn No*:

    We act for the abovementioned Borrower(s) in the redemption of the above property.
    We have been instructed by our client(s) to hereby give notice of redemption in respect of the above property. (Please tick against
    the appropriate box)

    (i) Reason for Redemption:

            Loan Fully Repaid        Refinancing           Sale of Property   Others

    (ii) Completion Date:

    (iii) Remarks (if any):

    Please let us have the title deeds of the above property to enable us to prepare the discharge document(s). We undertake to
    complete the proposed redemption satisfactorily in your Bank's favour and to return you the original title deeds and all original
    documents released to us together with all copies of the discharge documents in the event that the proposed redemption is

    We further confirm that we have read and accepted and that we have strictly adhered to and shall at all times adhere to your
    Bank's Annex B - Standard Mortgage Policies and/or, where applicable, Annex A - Standard Mortgage Policies for HDB Flat
    Loans and Annex C - Instructions on Legal Requisitions and Searches have strictly complied with and shall at all times adhere to
    all the requirements and the terms stated therein. Such annexes are available for our information on the Bank's extranet

    Yours faithfully

    Solicitor in charge:
    Name of Law Firm:

    c.c. Client

UOB Form 2RDM-Notice of Redemption (v.180121)                                                                                             Pg 1 / 1

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