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  There are several Canon Laser printers in Open Access computing areas. All
  Open Access workstations are connected to Standard-Colour printers which
  can print in black & white or colour.

  In the Media Workshop (Library Level 0) and Levinsky Building (Level 2)
  high quality colour printing is available from the printer called High-Quality

  We use a ‘follow me’ print system which means when you send your work to
  print, it automatically becomes available from any of the associated printers
  – no need to queue!

  Black & White
  This is the default option available simply by selecting print and OK in
  whichever application you are working in. Having sent your work to print just
  walk to the nearest available Standard-Colour printer:

  Pages print out double-sided by default and cost 9p for A4 and 19p for A3.

  All student submissions are accepted in double-sided (duplex) printing.

  If you wish to make single-sided prints, simply change the option on your
  computer, by selecting Print - Properties - then the Finishing tab. From
  here change the Print Style to 1-Sided printing. Costs 5p for A4 and 10p
  for A3 when printing on a single side.

  There are two options: business or high quality.

  Business colour printing on the Standard-Colour printers also has a
  default setting on double-sided. However, the High quality colour printing
  retains a default setting of 1-Sided printing.

1. Business quality colour printing is available from the Standard-Colour
   printers by selecting Print then Properties and the Quality tab. From here
   change the colour mode from Black and White to Auto Detect.
   Costs for colour printing on a Standard-Colour printer are 45p for A4 and
   65p for A3.

2. High quality colour printing is available from the HighQuality-Colour printers
   located in the Media Workshop (Plymouth Library Level 0) and the Levinsky
   Building (Level 2).

   Costs for colour printing on a HighQuality-Colour printer are 45p for A4 and
   85p for A3.

   To print out your work
         Swipe your University Card at the swipe terminal attached to
          the printer.
         The display screen shows your account balance - press OK.
         Print jobs you have sent will be displayed.
         From the bottom of the display screen press Print.
         When you have finished printing press LogOff.

   *Printing instructions above are also displayed at the printers.

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