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									Hot techniques in email marketing
 Time Sensitive Offers, Incentives &
 Viral Marketing
 Rich Media
 Integrated or Multi-Channel Marketing
 Email appending
Time Sensitive
 •Great Offer – 15% off
 •Used a Qualifier –
 purchases of $100 or
 •Gave Plenty of time
    •Pleasing design
    •800 number included
    •Multiple ways to enter
Time Sensitive Offers: Customers
Prefer Discounted Shipping Offers

                                               motivate you
                                               to purchase?

                       Source: Jupiter Consumer Survey, n=2444 , 10/01
Time Sensitive Offers
   •Free shipping is perceived as more valuable
   than $$$ off a purchase … but customers
   can get addicted to free shipping
   •Threshold seems to be about $75 at which
   you should consider offering free shipping
   although threshold is moving up
                         Source: AdRelevance with Jupiter analysis

   Also consider other incentives: buy 1 get 1
   free, 50% off first 100 orders, spend $100
   and get a $10 gift certificate…
Reminders   •First reminder on
            5/1 - 25% CTR
            •Second reminder on
            5/2 - 15% CTR

             •Third reminder
             sale held over 5/4 -
             15% CTR
   & Time
 Message sent 1/15
 Offer expires 1/16

Dell always has a
viral marketing
Viral Marketing
 Include in subject line
Viral Marketing
  Include prominently in the body
Viral Marketing
  Include prominently in the footer
Viral Marketing
  Nearly 70% of people pass on information
   about a Web site they like to 2-6 more people
   (Jupiter/NFO 12/1999)
  Inexpensive new customer acquisition tool
  Avg email forwarding rates range from 4% -
    – Each time someone has a positive experience
      with you, you have the potential of growing your
    – Encourage your customers to pass the word
      about your site
         • directly by giving them the capability through forward-
           enabled messages
         • indirectly by providing them with satisfaction every
           time they visit your site.
Rich Media
                 Marketers (both B2C & B2B) are
                 moving to HTML and beginning
                 to test rich media

Source: Forrester: Effective Email Marketing 8/01
 Rich Media Do’s & Don’ts
 Challenge – can your customer receive and
   easily view rich media?
    – In B2B speed is usually not the problem…but
      corporate firewalls, restrictions on plug-in
      installations and file size restrictions may be a
    – In B2C problems delivering to hotmail, yahoo, etc.
 Solution – Sniffing capabilities available to
   optimize media to all audiences
    – E.g. - 28.8 Kbps customer may get a .gif while a
      cable modem customer gets streaming video
Rich Media Do’s & Don’ts
 Don’t auto load rich media campaigns
 Use rich media efficiently. Long download
   times are totally unacceptable
   – Keep message size below 60K and under 30
     seconds (15 seconds ideal) plus target by bandwidth
   – You may want to host content with a 3rd party
 Best when used for special events, new product
Rich Media Do’s & Don’ts
 Don’t forget to analyze results
  – Look at open rates and “play” rates
  – Watch your unsubscribe rates…not everyone
    enjoys rich media
  – Consider offering an opt-out option for rich
    media – some customers care only about
    information…not presentation
Old Channel         New Channel
 Mentality           Mentality
There’s channel
cannibalization    complementary
…so let’s pick a        synergy
best channel and
put most of our
resources there
MultiChannel Marketing:
The Holy Grail
 Most marketers are using email today…BUT they are
  treating email as a discrete channel
 They are missing out on a great opportunity
 The big payoff will come for those who apply a multi-
  channel approach to marketing

  It’s not just email

  It’s not just direct mail

  Multiple touchpoints are powerful!
 MultiChannel Marketing –
 Why Should You Care?
 Store shoppers who also bought online from a retailer
    spend $600 more annually in-store than typical shoppers

  Shoppers who buy in all 3 channels (retail,
 catalog & web) represent 34% of online

   MultiChannel shoppers more likely to buy
in all 3 channels and buy 4 times more
frequently online than average online shopper

      October 2001
JCPenney: Multi-channel Buyers
Prove Best Customers

  Internet only shoppers: $121 /yr.
  Catalog only shoppers: $242 /yr.
  Retail only shoppers: $194 /yr.
  Tri-channel shoppers: $1,000+/yr.
  Result: Aggressively introduce to other
   channel’s customers.
  Empower sales associates to collect emails
Dated coupon good:
   At Retail
   Via Catalog
 Direct mail & Email in tandem
 Sticker on front of mailings offering discounts for
  ordering online
 Postcards promoting web sites
 URL prominently featured on every page or
  component of the mailing
 DM piece aggressively promoting an online offer
   – a coupon or special offer for online purchase
   – Some marketers have seen up to 27% of dm
     respondents going online
 For accurate measurement you may want to set up
  separate SKUs for online & offline
Direct mail & Email in tandem
 Send email to pre-announce mailing to customers
  (or prospects)
   – HTML offer that includes the front cover of the mailing
 Email delivered right after mailing received
   – TIP: send when your seeds/decoys arrive
 Another email one week later
  – Did you receive our mailing?
 Email with additional special offer
   – We have a special on item on page 25
Direct mail & Email in tandem
Channel Integration as Strategy to Increase
Size of House Lists
  Barnes & Noble aggressively attempts to convert store
     buyers into house file email names
    Created in-store promotion that encourage customers
     to complete a reply card and give their email address
    In exchange, B&N will send consumers a 10% off
     coupon via email…thus beginning the email dialog
    They also drive store traffic by sending out messages
     about author signings and special offers based on zip
     code and distance logic
    If you don’t have a retail presence have you phone
     reps ask for email address
 Email Personalization

zation – in
this case
based on zip
code of each
individual on
the list
800 number in all emails
 A major cataloger included a unique toll
  free number and a fax number in their
 They found that 20% of their orders
  resulting from email came in through
  alternate means.
 Proper tracking can make the difference
  between breakeven and profitability

•Premium featured

•Appealing graphics

•Signed by a person

•Offline contact info

•Explain contact strategy
   Email appending
 Major databases include postal address and email address
 Only to be used for existing customer relationships!
 Match rates start at 7% and as high as 30%
 First email effort controlled and allows customer opt-out
 You get deliverable email addresses who did not opt-out
 You only pay for names you receive (between $ .50 and
  $1.00 per appended name
 Also ask for opt-outs and flag in your database
  Email appending
 Start with your newest names first. Someone who last did
  business with you two years ago may not recognize you
  and may brand you as a spammer.
 An opt-out message is fine…but keep it short and sweet
 Consider using multiple vendors
 Remember, reverse appends are also available if you have
  an email and want other info about the individual
  Using email to improve ROI
 What’s not working with retention email:
   – Not enough segmentation - same message to all
   – Must analyze activity patterns and create list
     sub-segments based on clicks, transactions,
     evangelists, external data

 The email glut is here!
   – sophisticated marketers are now
   beginning to do modeling, scoring and
   – file segmentation is becoming more
Using email to improve ROI
Click Throughs are eroding:
What can you do?
 Take a multi-channel marketing approach
 Include an 800 number in all emails
 Analyze, segment and create conversations
  – The rule of 5
  – Look at the top 20% of your customers
  – Look at the bottom 20% of your customers
 Integrate online & offline data
  Analyze and segment
 ROI means knowing which customers are key
   – which ones click on a regular basis
   – which ones don’t click
   – which ones buy on a regular basis
   – which ones pass along your offers to others
 “Enthusiasts” Pass Along your message
   – Treat these people special
   – Give them better offers because they generate more
      customers and promote your company
Case Study: Profiling, Newsletters, Viral
Marketing to sell $8000+ seminars
Case Study: Profiling, Newsletters, Viral
Marketing to sell $8000+ seminars
 Microsoft had FC put on training class for 90 in sales staff
MS wanted to be sure training “stuck” and asked FC to develop
follow up emails customized to each individual’s particular needs
By end of 3 months - 90 swelled to 250 through pass alongs
FC saw they had a hit! Rolled out on site.
    Include up to 3 minute audio clip
    Brief, good subject line “Helping Clients to Succeed Tip of the Week”
    Forward to a colleague button in each
    Over 70 qualified leads for hi ticket seminars
    80 – 85% open rate (avg good B2B newsletter gets 60%)
    Over 2,000 current subscribers
 Analyze and segment
 If you’re overwhelmed…start with “The
  rule of 5”
  – Analyze your customers and develop five
    segments based on behavior
  – Then change your messaging to each of these
 It may be as simple as varying the first
  paragraph to tailor specific content to their
  previously indicated interests
  Analyze and segment
Look at the top 20% of your customers.
  They are golden!
 Do you treat them special?
 Do they get valued customer rewards or special
  offers from time to time
Analyze and segment
 Look at the bottom 20% of your
 Examine email recipients who have not clicked
  over the past two to three months
 Modify your contact strategy for them
   – Are you mailing too frequently
   – Look at domains (e.g. – hotmail or yahoo accounts
     may be a supplemental mailbox)
   – Experiment with text vs. HTML
 Analyze and segment
 Integration of online & offline data
 Export key offline variables onto your email
  database (type of purchase, RFM data, etc.)
 Export key online behavior variables onto your
  master file (sale junkie, new product hound,
  evangelists, recent purchasers, etc.)
 Use that information to customize and
 Modeling Online Customers
 YesMail wanted to improve overall response rates to their
  files to combat list “burnout”
 Scored 14 million names and created 30 category specific
 480% lift in first decile; over 70% of responders captured
  in first third of model
A closing tip that can more than
pay for your attendance today!
 Make it very easy for people to sign up to receive email
  from you
 The BEST position is the upper right hand corner of your
  home page…plus including the sign up option on other
 Companies who have experimented with this have found
  their sign up rates DOUBLED!!!

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