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									Building a home gym on a tight budget

Most people are not made of money. You realize this when you’re at the store, and
everything seems a little above your price range. Hey, in today’s scary economy,
purchasing thousands of dollars worth of gym equipment might just not be feasible.
Luckily, there are tons of ways to build a home gym without making a huge hole in your

Tip #1: Getting things second hand

The first thing you’ll discover is that there’s a lot of really great second hand equipment
out there. A lot of times, people spend a lot of money on stuff they just don’t use. Garage
sales, used sports goods stores and craiglist are just a few places that have great second
hand goods. Of course, not every type of equipment should be bought used. Gym mats,
for instance, are best purchased new, since old equipment can be extremely hazardous to
your health. In general, free weights, medicine balls, kettle bells or anything metallic is a
good call.

Tip #2: Keep it simple

A lot of people building their home gyms make the rookie mistake of trying to get all the
best, and most expensive equipment right away; treadmills, weight machines, the works.
But usually, these types of machines have very specific functions, and can’t give you the
full body workout you need. They are also bulky, and any free room you had would be
gone. Remember that working out doesn’t always need to involve thousands of dollars of
equipment. Free weights are durable, storable, and with them, you can perform a huge
variety of exercises.

Tip #3: Chose multifunctional equipment

If you buy a workout bench, it might not look like much, but you can perform dozens of
different exercises with it. Dips, bench press, tricep extensions; all of these require a
functional, comfortable bench. When you pick equipment, make sure that they don’t only
do one thing: it’s all about efficiency here, both with your time, money, and space.

Tip #4: Avoid gimmicks, and stick to the basics

You see ads all the time for ab machines, or fancy weight machines. All they do is burn a
hole in your wallet. The same results, and often better ones, can be achieved without the
need to spend hundreds of dollars. Regular crunches work just fine, and there isn’t a
machine out there that is a good substitute for proper form and a great routine.

Tip #5: Make a plan first

Before you go out and by equipment, make sure you’ve taken the time to look at the
space available to you, and designed a floor plan on how you are going to lay everything
out. Otherwise, you might find that you bough to much and have no space to train. Try
just using a regular sheet of paper and jotting it down to get a good idea if things don’t
immediately click in your mind.

Tip #6: Stick to your budget

There is so much great stuff out there, it can be pretty hard to resist the temptation to buy
gym equipment. Just remember to stick to your budget. Most of the exercises you can do
don’t require tons of money. Rather, it means you’ll have to do research on your own to
find alternatives that work, and don’t make you bankrupt.

Remember that setting up your home gym doesn’t have to be expensive. As long as
you’re willing to do the research, and be reasonable about what you buy, you can have an
excellent gym for a very decent price. The key is to remember not to fall for all the hype
out there. You don’t need a million dollar gym to have a great body: you just need a lot of

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