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									               Central School Assessment of Telecommunication Services and Hardware Summary

                                            Summary of Existing Technology Infrastructure

              Central School has an existing technology infrastructure consisting of an Ethernet network.

The Ethernet portion is a 10/100 combination of switches and hubs. There are multiple Dell servers located in the server room, which runs the M3
software for the library, contains file shares, printer shares, and a CDROM tower share, all for use on the Ethernet network. There are three
existing labs consisting of an Elementary lab, a Middle School lab, and a High School lab, all of which have Dell workstations and a central printer
for each lab. There is currently a mixture of PCs in the classrooms and new Dell computers in the Middle School wing and business offices.

              Central School has moved to a 100% PC based system. This decision is based on student needs and the PC Market at large.

Following the new building project,       Central School expanded the existing computer network infrastructure to accommodate the new areas
which included new wiring and additional workstations and servers.

                                            Categorization of Existing Computer Hardware
 Category                                                   Description                                                                Quantity
     1          3Ghz and above Computers                                                                                                 45
     2          2Ghz and above Computers                                                                                                 70
     3          1Ghz and above but less than 2Ghz Computers                                                                               3
     4          500Mhz and above but less than 1Ghz Computers                                                                            39
     5          300Mhz and above but less than 500Mhz computers                                                                          14
     6          Below 300Mhz Computers                                                                                                   30
                                                                                                                           Total         186
 Printers       Network Laser Printers (HP 4000 series)                                                                                  13
 Printers       Inkjet Printers (HP Desk Jet, Epson Stylus)                                                                              24
 Cameras        Digital Cameras                                                                                                           5
Projectors      LCD/Video/Data projectors                                                                                                 5
 Laptops        Fujitsu and Dell Laptop Computers                                                                                         3
 AV Carts       AV Carts with Laptop Computers and LCD Projectors                                                                         5
Peripherals     Flash Drives                                                                                                             20
Whiteboard      SmartBoard/Windows 98                                                                                                     1
  Scanner     Flatbed Scanners                                                                                           4
                                                Central School Development of Budget
                                                           Year 1

Description of Need                                                   Quantity          Price               Total

Laptop Cart (Holds up to 24 Laptops)                                  1                 $1,436.00           $1,436.00
Laptop Computers with 4 yr Warranty                                   20                $817.00             $16,340.00
Wireless Access Point for Top of Laptop Cart                          1                 $82.00              $82.00
Desktops for Staff                                                    2                 $705.00             $1,410.00
Server for Moodle Blackboard Software                                 1                 $1,009.00           $1,009.00
Backup NAS 1 TeraByte                                                 1                 $492.00             $492.00
KVM Switch for Hooking Up New Server                                  1                 $408.00             $408.00
Wireless Access Points for Ease of Access to Laptop Cart              5                 $81.80              $409.00
Replace Desktop Computer for Elementary Lab                           24                $829.00             $19896.00

                                                                                                    Total   $43172.00
                                           Desired Services and Technologies – Year 1
                                                           Voice over IP
                                                        Moodle Blackboard
                                                          T1 Connection
                                             Desired Services Technologies – Year 2
                                                     Video Streaming Services
                                         Increase Wireless Access (throughout the building)
                                                Gigabit Connection through BOCES
                                             Desired Services Technologies – Year 3
                                                Gigabit Connection through BOCES

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