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					                                              Budgeting Worksheet
This worksheet will help you start thinking about your budget. If you fill in your resources, it will also help you to figure out how
much you need to borrow from unsubsidized loan funds. If you have any questions, please contact your counselor.

Non-Monthly Expenses                                            Annual Resources
Tuition & fees                                                  Personal savings
Books/supplies/instruments                                      Student/spouse income
Health Insurance                                                Parent/family help
Board fees                                                      Investment income
Car taxes/maintenance                                           Gifts
Gifts                                                           Government checks
Other:                                                          School scholarship(s)
                                                                Other scholarship(s)
Monthly Expenses                                                School loan
Rent/mortgage                                                   Other:
Home/renter's insurance
Electricity                                                                   Total Resources                 $0.00
Gas (heat)
Water/Sewer                                                                  Remaining Need*                  $0.00
Telephone                                                                                         *This need may be met with
Cell phone                                                                                        unsubsidized loans, up to the
Other utilities:                                                                                  maximum listed on your award
Car payment                                                                                       letter. If you find that your
Gas (for auto)                                                                                    remaining need is greater than
Car insurance                                                                                     your maximum eligibility for
Other insurance:                                                                                  unsubsidized loans, please
Other debt payment:                                                                               contact your financial aid
Child care                                                                                        counselor. You may need to
Groceries                                                                                         reduce your expenses, or
Meals/snacks away from home                                                                       discuss other funding options.
Household supplies                                                                                **You may view your
Clothing                                                                                          unsubsidized loan eligibility as a
Laundry/dry cleaning                                                                              line of credit: if at any time you
Parking & tolls                                                                                   wish to decrease your
Medical/dental/prescriptions                                                                      unsubsidized loan amount or
Hobbies/recreation                                                                                request additional unsubsidized
Travel                                                                                            loans, just contact your
Pet supplies                                                                                      counselor.
Health & Beauty, Haircuts
Cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol
Music and movies
                        # of months                    12 (Enrollment period: Med 1 = 10 months, Med 2 & 3 = 12 months, Med 4 = 9

                    Total Expenses                $0.00
 lp you to figure out how
ur counselor.

ed may be met with
 ized loans, up to the
m listed on your award
 you find that your
g need is greater than
 imum eligibility for
 ized loans, please
 our financial aid
 r. You may need to
our expenses, or
other funding options.
ay view your
 ized loan eligibility as a
edit: if at any time you
 ecrease your
 ized loan amount or
additional unsubsidized
st contact your

 & 3 = 12 months, Med 4 = 9 months)

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