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									    Pay Off Your Mortgage or Any Loan in Just Months!                                                              Frequently Asked Questions
Imagine if you never had to make a mortgage            existing debt in a bi-weekly mode, or simply have us        Q: Do you take over my mortgage or other loan
or loan payment again. Imagine if you were able        add an additional bi-weekly payment to your existing        payments?
to eliminate the single biggest expense in your life   debt.                                                       A: You have the option of us paying your existing
and own your home free and clear, or get rid of                                                                    loan on a bi-weekly basis, or simply having us add
your credit card debt or other loans. Would you        You can choose to have your mortgage paid off               an extra bi-weekly payment to your existing loan.
retire? Vacation more often? Invest? Would you or      early, or you can choose to pay off any other loan,
your spouse be able to stay at home to raise your      including credit card debt, car loan, student loan or       Q: How are the payments processed?
children?                                              even a home equity line of credit. Whatever debt you        A: We print up a check drawn on your bank
                                                       enter into the program can be paid off in a matter of       account made payable to your creditor. The first
It's possible. Using the Payment Eliminator            months.                                                     check is printed and mailed out on the day you
program, you can eliminate an entire 30 year                                                                       specify when you sign up, and then every two
mortgage or other debt in a matter of months.          The second step will require you to spend some              weeks there after.
                                                       time referring this program to others. You will
The Payment Eliminator program is not just for         introduce this program to others. Your goal is to           Q: Can I change the amount of the payment or
eliminating your loan payments. It can also be         bring at least 3 or 4 people into the system. We will       suspend a payment?
used to create a substantial referral-based            provide you with a 23-step marketing program that           A: Yes, you can change how much you want to
monthly income, simply by referring others to the      includes many free and low-cost methods to                  pay or even suspend any future payments.
program.                                               generate referrals. You also get a lot of other
                                                       benefits that you can find at our website.                  Q: When do I get paid for my referrals?
The Payment Eliminator pays off your loan and                                                                      A: You get paid at the end of the month following
creates a referral cash stream through the power       How soon you get started referring this program             when your referral’s membership payments are
of our referral compensation program. After you        determines how fast your mortgage or other loan             received. We receive the membership payments
introduce this program to two people, you start to     gets paid off. Each person you bring in has the             every two weeks (6 payments total). You get half
generate referral fees of $245 on each new             potential to create a $62,700 profit for you in as little   of these payments sent to you the following
member you introduce to the program. You can           as 9 months, based on the 2-up compensation                 month.
either have these referral fees be paid directly to    program down to only 9 levels. As long as each
you or to your creditor.                               referral brings in just 2 new referrals, your downline      Q: How do I generate referrals?
                                                       keeps doubling in size without end. It is called an         A: We provide you with a series of marketing tools
                                                       infinite downline.                                          and services, all of which are explained on our
You can also join this program as a reseller,
                                                                                                                   website. You will be taught how to market this
meaning you don’t put any debt into the program.       The referral fees you generate can be paid directly         program both online and offline, using free
As a reseller, all referral fees you generate come     to your creditor, further reducing your loan balance,       classified ads and over 20 other methods.
directly to you.                                       or to you as a monthly income. You get the referral
                                                       fees as they are received by the member you                 Q: How does the bi-weekly program save me
The referral fees don’t end with those you bring       referred. You can be making money from this                 money?
in. Once you have at least 3 referrals, you start to   program as soon as next month.                              A: There are 26 bi-weekly periods in a year, which
build your downline. You get the first two referrals                                                               works out to 13 monthly payments. Over the
that each person in your downline brings in. Plus,     The membership fee is just $495, and it is payable          course of a year, that extra payment is used to
you get their first two rerferrals and so on. The      over 6 bi-weekly periods, which is about 3 months.          reduce your loan balance, thereby reducing the
process never ends. It is an infinite downline. If     Your referral fee is half of the membership fee. If you     amount of interest you owe on future payments.
you bring in just 5 new members per month and          bring in your third and fourth referral during your first   On a 30 year mortgage, a bi-weekly payment can
they each bring in two referrals, and they each        month of the program, your referral fee that we pay         knock almost 7 years off the term and save you
bring in two referrals, you are on your way to an      you will equal your membership fee that you pay us,         tens of thousands of dollars in interest.
annual income of over $100,000!                        you are in effect, not paying anything after your first
                                                       month!                                                      Q: How do I get started?
There are two steps that make the Payment                                                                          A: Go to and enter
Eliminator work. The first step is to determine what   Please visit our website and watch the video to             your sponsor’s ID from this brochure. Simply sign
debt you want to be paid off. You can choose to        learn more about Payment Eliminator.                        up and get started referring this to others.
have the company either take over paying your
    Free Marketing Tools                                   For More Information                                Pay Off Your Debt
To make it easy for you to start generating
referrals, we have put together a collection of 18
                                                       For more information, or to sign up for the
                                                       Payment Eliminator program, visit our
                                                                                                              In Less Than a Year
marketing tools you can use. Here is a partial list:   website at You
                                                       will need to enter the following referral code:
                                                                                                                   With the
Business Cards. Create your own marketing card
using the template that is included. You will learn    PE1000
where to place these cards for maximum
exposure.                                              If you still have specific questions, you may
                                                       contact the following:
Newspaper Ads. You will learn how to use
inexpensive classified ads and a simple voicemail      Home Investors LLC.
script to pre-screen callers. You can get voicemail    1233 Byberry Rd.
for $8.95/mo.                                          Bensalem, PA 19020
T-Shirts. Turn plain T-shirts into a walking           PH: 215-253-4084
billboard using iron-on transfers you can get at       FX: 215-525-1309
Staples.                                               EMAIL:
Car Magnets. Place inexpensive magnetic signs          Joseph Kamenar (Direct Sponsor)
on your car or van to generate prospects.              1233 Byberry Rd.
Your Own Web Domain. You will learn how to get         Bensalem, PA 19020
your own domain name to create your own                PH: 215-480-2737
branded marketing program.                             EMAIL:
Internet Marketing. You will learn how to post
messages on free classified ad websites, plus          The Payment Eliminator program is a service offered
network marketing forums and other free websites.
                                                       by Home Investors LLC. Home Investors LLC is
I even give you the messages to post.
                                                       applying for membership to the Better Business
Flyers. Take our promotional flyers, insert your       Bureau. Our normal business hours are from 9:00
information, print them up and place them in           AM till 6:00 PM M-F. We try to have all calls and
stores, on cars and other places.                      emails returned within 24 hours.
Networking. You will learn how to network with
investor groups and other organizations to let         Your membership fee includes a copy of our 154
them all know what you do.                             page book and forms package titled “Boss
                                                       Eliminator – 24 Ways to Eliminate Your Boss and
Signature Files. Do you send out emails to
friends? You will learn how to attach a simple         Work for Yourself”. You can read more about this        Bi-Weekly Payment and
marketing message at the bottom of each email          financially rewarding book at:                        Referral Marketing Program
you send out.
Google Adwords. If you have your own website,                        Pay   off your:
you will learn how to promote it using the Google                                                                  Mortgage
Adwords program to bring you a lot of internet
traffic.                                                                                                           Credit Card Debt
Email Blaster. You can send your message to 2.5
                                                                                                                   Car Loan
million opt-in email addresses for a one-time fee of                                                               Student Loan
$26.                                                                                                               Home Equity Loan
Stickers. You will learn how to print out stickers                                                                 Business Loan
that you can place on pay phones, newspaper
holders, bus shelters and other places.
                                                                                                                    In Less Than a Year!

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