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					BNZ_Metadata Submission Template
Version 2008.01

Documentation and Instructions:

♦Please fill in all blank cells as completely as possible unless directed otherwise by notes in
the field. Each field is identified as REQUIRED or OPTIONAL. Required items are
necessary to meet metadata standards set forth by the LTER network. However, there will be
instances where a required field will not be applicable to specific dataset and can not be
entered. Use the code N/A for instances where the specified item is not applicable.
♦Please do not insert or delete rows or columns within the template; information is extracted
programmatically and will not function if altered. If you have multiple entries please use the
next empty column or row. You may choose to copy the entry column and paste it over the
next empty column if some information and fields will be identical.

♦Fields highlighted in green are the header rows or field information of the given table.
C_DataFileVariables is the only table in this form to have entries in the row format (adding
new data to the bottom). All other tables have each entry as a column (adding new data as a

♦Fields highlighted in light yellow are a provided example. This one case will not
demonstrate how the information should be input for every data file or situation but should
serve as a general example that should show basic operation in a generic case.

Please contact the BNZ-LTER Data Manager if you have any questions or suggestions

Personnel Metadata
FIELD                 Description                                    Necessity   Example                                                    Entry1
Name (First)          Individuals formal first name.                  REQUIRED   A.
Name (Middle)         Individuals middle name.                        OPTIONAL   David
Name (Last)           Individuals formal last name                    REQUIRED   McGuire
Suffix                Persons' preferred suffix.                      OPTIONAL   Dr.
Nickname              Preferred nickname.                             OPTIONAL   Dave
Initials              Full initials                                   OPTIONAL   A.D.M.
Address               Put complete address information into           REQUIRED   Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
                      one line; separated by semi-colons.                        University of Alaska Fairbanks Irving I Building
City                  City, town of village                           REQUIRED   Fairbanks
State                 State or Provence                               REQUIRED   Alaska
Postal (ZIP) Code     Postal Zip Code                                 REQUIRED   99775
Country               Country                                         REQUIRED   United States
Active Status         0=Inactive; 1=Active; 2=Publication             REQUIRED   1
Primary Email         Primary contact e-mail.                         REQUIRED
Secondary Email       Secondary contact e-mail.                       OPTIONAL   (null)
Primary Telephone     Primary contact phone number.                   REQUIRED   907-474-6242
Secondary telephone   Secondary contact phone number.                 OPTIONAL   (null)
Cell Phone            Cell phone number                               OPTIONAL   (null)
Fax Number            Fax machine number                              OPTIONAL   907-474-7872
Personal URL          Link to individuals relevant web page.          OPTIONAL
Title                 Title and affiliation.                          OPTIONAL   Assistant Professor of Landscape Ecology
Position              Position Name                                   OPTIONAL   (null)
Degree1               Degree listing #1                               OPTIONAL   Ph.D., 1989, Biology, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Degree2               Degree listing #2                               OPTIONAL   M.S., 1983, Biology, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Degree3               Degree listing #3                               OPTIONAL   B.S., 1976, Electrical Engineering, Cornell University,
                                                                                 Ithaca, New York
Current Research      Description of current research activities.     OPTIONAL   (null)

Specialty             Special areas of interest or research.          OPTIONAL   temporal & spatial scaling in development, testing &
                                                                                 application of process-based models of biogeochemical
Primary Affiliation   Organizations or departments this               REQUIRED   Alaska Co-operative Fish and Wildlife Unit, Institute of
                      person is affiliated with. List in hierarchy               Arctic Biology
                      , with primary organization first.

Affiliation URL       Primary organization or department web          OPTIONAL
                      URL address.
Core Area (s)         1) Primary Production, 2) Populations, 3)       OPTIONAL   7
                      Organic Matter/Decomposition, 4)
                      Inorganic Fluxes, 5) Disturbance, 6) Data
                      Management, 7) Modeling/Synthesis

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Classification   Please select the primary title that              REQUIRED   11
                 applies to this person. This is the
                 general title of this individual in relation to
                 BNZ_LTER. Choose one of the
                 following numbers. 1) Senior
                 Investigator, 2) Staff, 3) Technician, 4)
                 M.S. Student, 5) Undergraduate Student,
                 6) Affiliated Scientist, 7) Principal
                 Investigator, 8) Post-doctoral Research
                 Associate, 9) Former LTER Personnel,
                 10) Former Graduate Student, 11) Co-
                 Principal Investigator. 12)Ph.D Student,
                 13) Principal Investigator (retired), 14)
                 Site Manager, 15) Data Manager

Role (s)         Please select the primary role that this          REQUIRED   2
                 person served in relation to this dataset.
                 This information is critical in tracking data
                 file in relation to personnel and research
                 Task. Choose one of the following
                 numbers. 1) Principal Investigator, 2)
                 Co-Principal Investigator, 3) Core
                 Responsibility, 4) Senior Investigator, 5)
                 Graduate Student Advisor, 6) Affiliated
                 Scientist, 7) Technician, 8) Post-doctoral
                 Research Associate, 9)Ph.D Student,
                 10) M.S. Student, 11) Undergraduate
                 Student, 12) High School Student

Keyword (s)      Please list all key words to be associated        REQUIRED   carbon | fire | modeling
                 with this person. Separate multiple
                 entries with the ' |' symbol. A text list of
                 existing keywords is located on BNZ
                 data submission web page. In the
                 future, keywords will be submitted
                 through an interactive web page.

Images           List the title of any images already in the       OPTIONAL   A. Dave McGuire (124_admcguire.jpg)
                 BNZ-LTER Image Database that should
                 be associated with this individual. If
                 personnel photo is not in database, use
                 E_Images tab to submit additional

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Study Level Data file Metadata

FIELD                            Description                                                   Necessity    Example                                                             Data file Name
Study Title:                     A descriptive title for the study should describe the data      REQUIRED   Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest: Hourly Temperature
                                 collected, geographic context or research site, and time                   (mean, min, max) at 50 cm and 150 cm from 1988 to Present
Abstract:                        A rich and descriptive summary of the study for full-text       REQUIRED   This dataset contains the hourly output from Temperature
                                 searching purposes. Describe the “what”, “when”, and                       sensors for the Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest (BCEF).
                                 “where” aspects of the study. Also include a list of                       Any temperature data collected in this area is reported here.
                                 measured parameters.                                                       This includes Level 3 weather stations as well as smaller scale
                                                                                                            and temporal studies. This data can be sorted and viewed by
                                                                                                            site, year, hour, height of measurement, mean, min, and max
                                                                                                            value. Updates of each site are different since some are still on
                                                                                                            going while other had only a 2 – 3 year life cycle. This
                                                                                                            information can be found in the site descriptions and in the

Field Methods                    Detailed description of the field methods.                      REQUIRED   Data were recorded with Omnidata EL-824 Easyloggers (1988-
                                                                                                            1994), Campbell 21X (LTER1 and LTER2), and Campbell
                                                                                                            CR10 (Upland and Floodplain sites, 1995). Air Temperature
                                                                                                            and relative humidities were recorded using the following
                                                                                                            sensors: Omnidata ES-110 (1988-1994), ES-110 were replaced
                                                                                                            with HMP Vaisala sensors (aka ES-120, 1991 - 1995), HMP-C
                                                                                                            Vaisala sensors were installed in all sites with the exception of
                                                                                                            UP3A and FP5C. These sites had the ES-120 sensor. UP3A
                                                                                                            and FP5C had HMP-35C Vaisala sensors installed in 1998.

Lab Methods                      Detailed description of the lab methods.                        REQUIRED   (null)

Experimental Design              Detailed description of the experimental design.                REQUIRED   This site is to provide core meteorological data for the upland
                                                                                                            black spruce replications.
Data Begin Date                  First date that data was collected for the data set in          REQUIRED   1988-06-01
                                 question. Must include Year, Month and Day in the
                                 following format YYYY-MM-DD
Data End Date                    Last date that data was collected for the data set in           REQUIRED   2007-08-03
                                 question. Must include Year, Month and Day in the
                                 following format YYYY-MM-DD
Measurement Frequency            Measurement frequency; periodicity of data collection;          REQUIRED   Scanned every 5 minutes and reported hourly.
                                 information necessary to understand temporal sampling
                                 regime.(1:Continually, 2:Daily, 3:Weekly, 4:Monthly,
                                 5:Annually, 6:Unknown, 7:As needed, 8:Irregular,)

Processing Corrections           Any notes about data processing procedures,                     OPTIONAL   (null)
                                 techniques, or corrections.
Supplemental Information:        Other descriptive information about the study.                  OPTIONAL   (null)
                                 References and locations of maps, photographs, videos,
                                 GIS layers, physical specimens or collections
                                 (taxonomic collections will require more descriptive
                                 information), field notebooks, associated web pages.
                                 Provide titles, descriptions and URLs

QA/QC                            Person(s) involved with quality assurances and                  OPTIONAL   Brian Charlton
Data Submitter                   Individual responsible for submitting this data to the data     REQUIRED   Brian Charlton
Date Submitted for Release       Date the submitter has provided data files and metadata         REQUIRED   2007-12-01
                                 to the data manager.

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Access Constraints           Access will either be public or restricted. Choose one of      REQUIRED   1
                             the following (1: Online, 2: Restricted due to proprietary
                             and/or publication issues, 3: Restricted due to legal (i.e.,
                             location of sensitive resources) or copyright issues, 4:
                             Restricted due to QA/QC issues.

Use Constraints for Public   Restrictions and legal prerequisites for using the data        OPTIONAL
                             after access is granted. These include any access
                             constraints applied to assure the protection of privacy or
                             intellectual property, and any special restrictions or
                             limitations on using the database.
Status                       What is the status and condition of the study and data.        REQUIRED   Ongoing
                             Ongoing or Complete ( or Hosted for non-original data
                             that we provide from other research entities).

Geographic Extent            A short description of the geographic area of the study.       REQUIRED   This data file has air temperature data from several sites within
                                                                                                       and adjacent to the Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest;
                                                                                                       Southwest of Fairbanks; Interior Alaska; North America

West bounding (lon-dd)       Most westerly longitude of study area; given in decimal        REQUIRED   -148.3537
East bounding (lon-dd)       Most easterly longitude of study area; given in decimal        REQUIRED   -148.1426
North bounding (lat-dd)      Most northerly latitude of study area; given in decimal        REQUIRED   64.7666
South bounding (lat-dd)      Most southerly latitude of study area; given in decimal        REQUIRED   64.6783
Coordinates Datum            Geospatial datum used for coordinates; NAD83 is                REQUIRED   NAD27
                             preferred for BNZ but others are allowed.
Elevation Minimum (m)        Minimum elevation of site(s); given in meters (m).             OPTIONAL   105
Elevation Maximum (m)        Maximum elevation of site(s); given in meters (m).             OPTIONAL   125
Future Update Frequency      The frequency with which changes and additions are             REQUIRED   1
                             made to the study after the initial establishment. Choose
                             one of the following (1:Continually, 2:Daily, 3:Weekly,
                             4:Monthly, 5:Annually, 6:Unknown, 7:As needed,
                             8:Irregular, 9:None planned
Data Credits                 Persons contributing work to data used in the                  OPTIONAL   (null)
                             acknowledgment to be added to general study citation.
                             Agency grants can be listed here.
Instrumentation Used         List and describe all instruments used to produce data.        OPTIONAL   (null)

Statistics/Algorithms        List and describe statistical analysis and algorithms          OPTIONAL   (null)
                             used to produce or evaluate data.
Categories                   1) Succession, 2) Vegetation, 3) Stand Structure, 4)           REQUIRED   11
                             Hydrology, 5) Water Quality, 6)Tropic Interactions, 7)
                             Stream Ecology, 8) Primary Production, 9) Disturbance,
                             10) Decomposition, 11) Climate, 12) Biogeochemistry,
                             13) Soils, 14) GIS, 15) Biological Diversity, 16) Human
                             Dimensions. (All can be listed in a single cell but please
                             choose a primary category and list it first.)

Sites                        List all research sites used or referenced in this data.       REQUIRED   FP1A, FP2A, FP3A, FP4A, FP5A, FP5C, UP1A, UP2A, UP3A,
                             Please use the formal name assigned to this site by the                   UP4A, LTER1, LTER2
                             BNZ-LTER site management. If your study sites are
                             new; complete the NEW_Sites worksheet and consult
                             with the data and site managers.

Publications                 Provide complete citations for any published work              REQUIRED   (null)
                             related to the study and provide copies of the
                             publications. If the citations are already in the FSDB
                             bibliography, just provide the publication number from
                             the web page.
Keyword (s)                  Please list all key words to be associated with this data      REQUIRED   air temperaure | climate
                             file. Separate multiple entries with the ' |' symbol. A text
                             list of existing keywords is located on BNZ data
                             submission web page. In the future, keywords will be
                             submitted through an interactive web page.

Images                       List the Title of images in the BNZ-LTER Image                 OPTIONAL   (null)
                             Database that are associated with this data file.

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Data File Field         File Name                       Worksheet         Headers          Delimitation       File             Number of    Column #                   Name / Title   Definition of     Units
Metadata                                                Name (if          Included         Type               Extension        Header Lines                                           Name / Title
                                                        appropriate)      (Y/N)                                                Total
          Description   What is the exact name of       For use on         Are column      What is used to    What is the file How many            Which column        What is the    Give a detailed   Unit label for
                        the file(s) you are currently   spreadsheets with headers in the   separate data      extension type? header lines are     of data are the     data field     description of    measurements.
                        submitting? Please use a        multiple worksheet file? (Y/N)     columns?           Please select    in the data file?   following           called?        the data field    (cm, degC,%,
                        descriptive and formatted       tabs. List the                     (comma, space,     one of the                           descriptions                       name.             etc.)
                        file name; providing a site,    worksheet tab you                  tab, etc.)         following : zip,                     referring to?
                        data file, or personal          are referencing                                       txt, gif, ppt,
                        reference and not using         here.                                                 html, csv, pdf,
                        improper characters such                                                              xls
                        as <space>, ?, and &.

          Necessity             REQUIRED                   OPTIONAL           OPTIONAL       OPTIONAL            REQUIRED        REQUIRED            REQUIRED            REQUIRED       REQUIRED          REQUIRED

          Example       DM_example_file_2007.txt N/A                      Y                comma              txt file                         1                     1 Site           Name of site for N/A

                                                                                                                                                                     2 Date           Date              yyyy/mm/dd
                                                                                                                                                                       (yyyy/mm/dd)   measurement
                                                                                                                                                                                      was taken

                                                                                                                                                                     3 Sample#        ID # given to     N/A
                                                                                                                                                                                      each leaf

                                                                                                                                                                     4 Measurement    length            cm
                                                                                                                                                                       (cm)           measurement
                                                                                                                                                                                      value for


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Storage Type              Measurement Scale                           Value Code      Missing Data Min Valid                  Min Expected Max                  Max Valid         Precision          Calculation
                                                                      Explanation     Value / Code Value                      Value        Expected             Value             (Decimal           Notes
                                                                                                                                           Value                                  Places)
string (text variable),   nominal (providing a name or                Key to           code used for     Minimum valid        Minimum          Maximum        Maximum valid       Please give the    Information
integer (whole            category), ordinal (denotes rank or         abbreviations or missing or bad    value for this       expected value   expected value value for this      number of          about
number), float point      position and comparisons of more or         acronyms used data                 measurement.         for this         for this       measurement.        decimal places     calculations
(digits representing      less than can be made; EX=Finishing         in the column.                                          measurement.     measurement.                       expressed in       performed to
real number), date        Order), interval (all the features of                                                               (Normal Range)   (Normal Range)                     the data.          derive this
(temporal reference)      ordinal but equal differences represent                                                                                                                                    value.
                          equal intervals and zero point is
                          arbitrary; EX=Celsius ), ratio (numerical
                          value on a scale where zero is non-
                          arbitrary and meaningful ratios between
                          arbitrary pairs of numbers exist;
                          EX=Mass, Kelvin temperature)
        REQUIRED                        REQUIRED                        REQUIRED         REQUIRED          OPTIONAL             OPTIONAL         OPTIONAL        OPTIONAL           OPTIONAL           OPTIONAL

string                    nominal                                     N/A             N/A                N/A                  N/A              N/A              N/A               N/A                N/A

date                      interval                                    N/A             N/A                N/A                  N/A              N/A              N/A               N/A                N/A

integer                   ordinal                                     N/A             N/A                                 1                1              240               240 N/A                  N/A

float                     ratio                                       N/A                        -9999                    0                0              100               150                     2 N/A

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                                                                            D_NEW Sites

Sites Metadata
FIELD                         UNITS / Description               Necessity     Example                                            Entry 1
Site Name                     Formal site name to be used        REQUIRED     UP4A
                              in all database references.

Management Group              Agency, department, or             REQUIRED     Bonanza Creek LTER
                              group responsible for
                              oversight and management
                              of on going activities at this
                              research location.
Site Status                   Current use status of this         REQUIRED     Active
                              site; Active, Inactive
Elevation Max                 Maximum elevation of               REQUIRED                                                  490
                              research site (in Meters (m)
                              if possible)
Elevation Min                 Minimum elevation of               REQUIRED                                                  480
                              research site (in Meters (m)
                              if possible)
Elevation Units               Meters is preferred, feet can      REQUIRED     Meters
                              be accepted
Site Type/Shape               Describe what is the type          REQUIRED     This is a primary control monitoring site.
                              and shape of site you are
                              describing. Point, polygon,
                              or transect. Explain how
                              the site should be viewed on
                              a spatial basis.
Site Description              Detailed description of site       REQUIRED     Mature upland black spruce stand.
                              and research activities at
                              that site.
Site Location/Directions      Where is the site located and      REQUIRED     Located north of the Parks Highway and
                              how do you get there                            power line where Bonanza Creek Road
                              (generally speaking).                           starts.
Site History                  Brief description of site          REQUIRED     Site was established in 2004 and has been
                              background, development,                        fully functional since 2005.
                              and current status
Location Description          General research location          REQUIRED     Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest- Alaska
                              where the site is located.                      State Forest located along the Parks
                                                                              Highway; about 10 miles southwest of
USGS Topo-Map                 Please provide the region          OPTIONAL     Fairbanks (C3) AK
                              and quadrant for the topo-
                              map that covers this site
                              (more than one is allowed
                              when appropriate).
Aspect                        Direction to which the slope       REQUIRED     NW
                              faces: N (337.5-22.5), NE
                              (22.5-67.5), E(67.5-112.5),
                              SE(112.5-157.5), S(157.5-
                              202.5), SW(202.5-247.5),
                              W(247.5-292.5), NW(292.5-
                              337.5); or F for flat/no slope.

Slope                     %slope measured across                 REQUIRED                                                  35
                          site extent
Meteorological Parameters What specific meteorological           OPTIONAL     air temp, soil temp, soil moisture, PAR, wind
                          parameters are collected at                         speed, wind direction, precipitation, and
                          this site?                                          snowpack
Data Types                What data variables are                REQUIRED     air temp, soil temp, soil moisture, PAR, wind
                          collected at this site?                             speed, wind direction, precipitation, and
Comments                      Any notes or comments              OPTIONAL     Location was selected for its proximity to the
                              relevant to this particular                     LTTG-7ubs site that has climate data
                              site.                                           extending back to 1977.
Contact Person                Individual contact person for      REQUIRED     Jamie Hollingsworth
                              inquiries about activities at
                              this location.
Latitude                      Decimal Degrees (n_dd)             REQUIRED                                            64.7664
Longitude                     Decimal Degrees (w_dd)             REQUIRED                                          -148.2935
UTM-N                         UTM Northing Coordinate            REQUIRED                                         7182855.5
UTM-E                         UTM Easting Coordinate             REQUIRED                                           438471.3
Zone                          UTM Zone for above                 REQUIRED     6N
Datum                         NAD83 (Preferred) or               REQUIRED     NAD27
                              NAD27 (secondary
                              preference); others can be
                              acceptable but please
                              consult with GIS coordinator.

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                                                                      D_NEW Sites

Site alternate Names   Names previously used by            REQUIRED                                                141
                       researchers to describe this
                       particular site.
Site Attributes        List all attributes being           REQUIRED     air temp, soil temp, soil moisture, PAR,
                       collected at this site.                          precipitation
Site Habitat           Select a habitat (s) for this       REQUIRED                                                 7
                       site; listing the primary type
                       first. 1) Agriculture, 2) All
                       Habitats, 3) Alpine, 4)
                       Desert, 5) Estuary, 6) Field,
                       7) Forest, 8) Grassland, 9)
                       Ice, 10) Lakes, 11) Littoral
                       Zone, 12) Marsh, 13) Office,
                       14) Riparian, 15) Rivers, 16)
                       Southern Ocean, 17)
                       Streams, 18) Tundra, 19)
                       Wetlands, 20) Watersheds

Site Images            List the Title of images in the     OPTIONAL     N/A
                       BNZ-LTER Image Database
                       that are associated with this
Site References        List publications related to        OPTIONAL     N/A
                       this site.
Site Keywords          Please list all key words to        REQUIRED     black spruce | north facing | permafrost
                       be associated with this site.
                       Separate multiple entries
                       with the ' |' symbol. A text list
                       of existing keywords is
                       located on BNZ data
                       submission web page. In
                       the future, keywords will be
                       submitted through an
                       interactive web page.

Site Personnel         List the names of LTER              OPTIONAL     Jamie Hollingsworth (Site Manager), Brian
                       personnel that have                              Charlton (Technician)
                       conducted research at this
Subplots/Treatments    Please list all sub-plots or        OPTIONAL     (null)
                       treatments that are at this
Site Code              Abbreviation, acronym, or           OPTIONAL                                                141
                       code used to refer to the
Location Code          Acronym or abbreviation             OPTIONAL     BCEF
                       code used to describe the
                       general location.
Location Name          Name used to reference this         OPTIONAL     Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest
Landform               General description of the          OPTIONAL     add more description
                       landform type of the site.
Geology                Description or notes about          OPTIONAL     add more description
                       the geologic history or
                       condition of the site.
Soils                  Soil classification or              OPTIONAL     add more description
                       description and date of
Hydrology              Hydrologic description or           OPTIONAL     add more description
                       classification of the site.
Vegetation             Vegetation classification or        OPTIONAL     add more description
                       description and date of

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Images Metadata
FIELD                    Description                                    Necessity Example                                   Entry1
Image Title (s)          Descriptive title of image.                    REQUIRED   FP3A Weather Station (2005)
Image File Name (s)      Exact file name; as submitted to the data      REQUIRED   FP3A_WeatherStation_2005.jpg
                         manager. Please use a descriptive and
                         formatted file name; providing a site,
                         data file, or personal reference and not
                         using improper characters such as
                         <space>, ?, and &.

Image Description (s)    Describe the equipment and protocols           REQUIRED   Photograph of weather station at FP3A.
                         used in generating or processing the                      Taken with Kodak 7440 digital Camera
                         photo.                                                    and post-processed with Adobe
                                                                                   Photoshop to adjust contrast and
Image Date (s)           yyyy-mm-dd                                     REQUIRED   2005-06-21
Image Photographer (s)   Who took the photo?                            REQUIRED   Brian Charlton
Image Scan Date          If a scanned object, when was it               OPTIONAL   (null)
Scan Description         Describe the scanning process and              OPTIONAL   (null)
                         equipment used in generating or
                         processing the photo.
Primary Image            Is this individual image the primary           OPTIONAL   0
                         image (1) for this reference type or is it a
                         secondary (0) image.
Site Layout              Is this individual image the primary site      OPTIONAL   0
                         layout diagram for a site? 1=yes; 0=no

Image Reference Type     What should this image be associated           REQUIRED   1
                         with: 1) site, 2) personnel, 3) data file.

Image Reference Object   Which site, person, or data file should        REQUIRED   FP3A
                         this image be linked to?

Image Keywords           Please list all key words to be                REQUIRED   weather station | climate | floodplain
                         associated with this site. Separate
                         multiple entries with the ' |' symbol. A
                         text list of existing keywords is located
                         on BNZ data submission web page. In
                         the future, keywords will be submitted
                         through an interactive web page.

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