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Good Neighborhoods Action Team
         June 17, 2008
What is a strong family?
   A strong family
    experiences love,
    respect, and well-
    being within the
    family and are
    effectively connected
    to knowledge and
    resources in the
Our Team’s Long-Term Objectives
 Link Cody/Rouge families with
  appropriate resources and monitor the
  resources for effectiveness
 Present a series of on-going
  workshops that are focused on
  enhancing strong families
 Explore options for neighborhood food
Explore options for food pantries
 What resources already exist in the
 Are these resources meeting families’
 What are our options for getting more
  food to more families?
Linking families to resources
 Conduct a survey of Cody/Rouge families
  to find out what family resources exist
  and to link these resources to people
  who need them
 Work with a number of families to create a
  plan to meet their family’s main
  concerns and help link the families to the
  appropriate resources
Linking families to resources
 The Cody/Rouge Gazette – a
  community newsletter to assist in building
  strong families
 The 1st issue will feature interviews,
  articles, youth employment and summer
  activities, and youth poetry
Workshops for strong families
   Home maintenance          Health care
   Childrearing              Nutrition
   Youth empowerment         After-school programs
   Starting block clubs      How youth can talk
   Budgeting and saving       with parents
   Home ownership            Substance abuse
   Conflict resolution       Raising grandchildren
   Neighborhood watch        Career education
   Starting a small          Financial aid and
    business                   scholarships for
Workshops for strong families
 The 1st Annual Cody/Rouge Family
  Fun Day
 Don’t miss it: August 16, 2008 from
  12:00-5:00 pm at St. Suzanne
 We’ll have a bouncing castle, basketball
  tournament, games, face painting, guest
  speakers and break-out sessions, hair
  cuts, resources for families, good food and
  much more!
Getting Results
   Families gain information and access
    to resources
   Community agencies, including churches,
    businesses, and schools, share facilities,
    resources, and programs
   Social service agencies become more aware of
    how best to reach families and deliver services
   Businesses become better informed of
    community needs and provide youth incentives
We Can’t Do This Alone!
 Please get involved with our Action
 Sign up to volunteer at the 1st Annual
  Family Fun Day – August 16, 2008
 Fill out the Strong Families survey
 Support future Strong Families
  seminars and meetings
 Stay involved with one of the four
  Cody/Rouge Action Teams
Thanks to all our
Action Team Members
   Sister Lucy Abbey         Gloria Newton
   Di Algood                 Maria Peoples
   Charles Boayue, Jr.       Belinda Raines
   Theresa Early             Khadijah Shabazz
   Richard Horne             Lynette Simmons
   Dave Law                  Charles Small
   Willye Lowery-Whitly      Valaise Smith
   Chacrice Miles            Luutricia Valentine
   Willa Miller              Tangy Washington
   Tracey Moore              Harold White
Thanks to
 The Skillman Foundation
 University of Michigan School of Social
 Cody High School – Detroit Public School
 Second Grace United Methodist Church
 Many local social and professional
 Many churches and community groups
  within the Cody-Rouge area

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