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									“The Long-Promised Day”

    Continuing Revelation
  “We believe all that God has
revealed, all that He does now
reveal, and we believe that he
will yet reveal many great and
 important things pertaining to
     the Kingdom of God.”

    – Ninth Article of Faith
Elijah Abel –

Ordained an Elder by
  Joseph Smith, Jr. on
  3 March 1836

Ordained Seventy by
  Zebedee Coltrin on 4
  April 1841

Served three missions
“In the spring of 1838 I
   heard the first Gospel
   sermon by a Latter-
   day Saint. His name
   was Elijah Abel …”

-- Eunice Kinney, 1891
1879: Elijah Abel applies for
  permission to be endowed

31 May 1879: A meeting is held by
  John Taylor with Joseph F.
  Smith, Abraham O. Smoot,
  Zebedee Coltrin, and others, to
  recall Joseph Smith’s teachings
  on men and women of color

Elijah Abel is denied permission to
  be endowed
“Died, Elijah Abel: In the Thirteenth
  Ward, December 25th, 1884, of old
  age and debility, consequent upon
  exposure while laboring in the ministry
  in Ohio. Deceased was born in
  Washington County, Maryland, July
  23rd, 1810. He joined the Church and
  was ordained an Elder as appears by
  certificate dated March 3rd, 1836. He
  was subsequently ordained a Seventy,
  as appears by certificate dated April 4,
  1841. He labored successfully in
  Canada and also performed a mission
  in the United States, from which he
  returned about two weeks ago. He
  died in full faith of the Gospel.”
Jane Manning James –
“We walked until our
  shoes were worn out,
  and our feet became
e sore and cracked
  open and bled until
n you could see the
a whole print of our feet
  with blood on the
“Inasmuch as this is the
   fullness of times and
   through Abraham's
   seed all mankind may
   be blessed, is there
   no blessing for me?”
“My faith in the gospel of
  Jesus Christ of Latter day
  Saints is as strong today–
  nay it is if possible
  stronger–than it was the
  day I was first baptized. I
  pay my tithes and
  offerings, keep the Word
  of Wisdom. I go to bed
  early and arise early. I try
  in my feeble way to set a
  good example to all.”
Green Flake
Lucinda Flake
Daniel Bankhead Freeman
Mary Ann Perkins
Amanda and Samuel Chambers
          Len and Mary Hope

“I’d be willing to be
   stripped of my skin if
   only I could hold that
             Walker Lewis
Ordained an elder in 1843 or 1844 by
 William Smith (Joseph Smith’s brother)

“We have one of the best Elders -- an
  African -- in Lowell.” – Brigham Young, 26
  March 1847

Emigrated to Utah 1851; returned East
 1852; died 1856
           William McCary
• Bi-racial: African and white? Native

• Baptized February 1846, and ordained an
  Elder, at Winter Quarters

• Claimed to be a prophet and to be the
  incarnation of Biblical and Book of
  Mormon figures
           William McCary
• Excommunicated in 1847

• Gathered a group around him near Winter
  Quarters, and instituted his own brand of
  plural marriage

• First known Mormon sermons critical of
  blacks are preached against McCary
“There is not now, and there
  never has been a
  doctrine in this church
  that the negroes are
  under a divine curse.
  There is no doctrine in
  the church of any kind
  pertaining to the negro.
  We believe that we have
  a scriptural precedent for
  withholding the
  priesthood from the
  negro. It is a practice, not
  a doctrine, and the
  practice someday will be
– David O. McKay, 1954
“Day after day I went alone
  and with great solemnity
  and seriousness in the
  upper rooms of the
  temple, and there I
  offered my soul ... I
  wanted to do what he
  wanted. I talked about it
  to him and said, ‘Lord, I
  want only what is right. ...
  We want only the thing
  that thou dost want, and
  we want it when you want
  it, and not until.’”

-- Spencer W. Kimball
“We witnessed an
  outpouring of the
  Spirit which bonded
  our souls together in
  perfect unity – a
  glorious experience.
  In that bond of unity
  we felt our total
  dependence upon
  heavenly direction.”

-- David B. Haight
“The Spirit of the Lord rested
   mightily upon us all; we felt
   something akin to what
   happened on the day of
   Pentecost and at the
   dedication of the Kirtland
   Temple. From the midst of
   eternity, the voice of God,
   conveyed by the power of the
   Spirit, spoke to his prophet ...
   And we all heard the same
   voice, received the same
   message, and became
   personal witnesses that the
   word received was the mind
   and will and voice of the Lord.”

-- Bruce R. McConkie
“It was a quiet and sublime
    occasion. There was not
    the sound ‘as of a rushing
    mighty wind,” ... No voice
    audible to our physical
    ears was heard. But the
    voice of the Spirit
    whispered with a certainty
    into our minds and our
    very souls.”

-- Gordon B. Hinckley
“He has heard our
  prayers, and by
  revelation has
  confirmed that the
  long-promised day
  has come when every
  faithful, worthy man in
  the Church may
  receive the holy
  priesthood . . .”

-- Official Declaration 2,
   verse 8
“Forget everything that I have said,
  or what President Brigham Young
  or President George Q. Cannon or
  whomsoever has said in days past
  that is contrary to the present
  revelation. We spoke with a limited
  understanding and without the light
  and knowledge that now has come
  into the world. We get our truth and
  our light line upon line and precept
  upon precept. ...
… We have now had added a new
  flood of intelligence and light on
  this particular subject, and it
  erases all the darkness and all
  the views and all the thoughts of
  the past. They don’t matter any
  more. ... It doesn’t make a
  particle of difference what
  anybody ever said about the
  Negro matter before the first day
  of June of this year.”
– Bruce R. McConkie (CES
  Symposium, August 1978)
“The folklore must never be
  perpetuated. ... They
  [early church leaders]
  were doing the best they
  knew ... All I can say is,
  however well intended
  the explanations were, I
  think almost all of them
  were inadequate and/or
  wrong. ...”

-- Jeffrey R. Holland
“Racial strife still lifts its
  ugly head. I am
  advised that even
  right here among us
  there is some of this. I
  cannot understand
  how it can be. It
  seemed to me that we
  all rejoiced in the
  1978 revelation given
  President Kimball. …
… Now I am told that racial
 slurs and denigrating
 remarks are sometimes
 heard among us. I remind
 you that no man who
 makes disparaging
 remarks concerning those
 of another race can
 consider himself a true
 disciple of Christ. Nor can
 he consider himself to be
 in harmony with the
 teachings of the Church
 of Christ. …
… How can any man
 holding the Melchizedek
 Priesthood arrogantly
 assume that he is eligible
 for the priesthood
 whereas another who
 lives a righteous life but
 whose skin is of a
 different color is

-- Gordon B. Hinckley,
   General Conference,
   April 2006

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