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									    This workshop will provide attendees with a
foundation knowledge of Facebook and Twitter and
 some examples of what can be achieved through
   implementing these into business strategies.
 Social networking is fast becoming the new way for people to
search for products and services. For a business social network
                sites are simply make or break!

Messages can be sent to a wide audience within seconds and it
    is this which can lead to the make or break situation.

Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are heavily
 influencing internet marketing. On the next few slides we will
demonstrate real searches and real life examples of how socials
 have helped businesses to hit the big time and how it has also
                    had the reverse effect! 
The Search Term

Suggested Search Terms

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 The Search Term
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The Search Results

           who deal with this
           search term
As you can see from the examples the search terms are entered
                 and the relevant results show.

 People who have mobile devices and smartphones have easy
 access to their Twitter and Facebook and may even have this
                    signed in permanently.

  For these people searching through socials is vital. The real
  question is if a search is made on these sites for a specific
          product or service will your business show?

For a business social network sites are simply make or break! If
        you are not involved then you simply lose out.
Recently it was London’s Fashion Week 2011, a very popular event where big labels attend to
showcase their new products.

It was at this event that Burberry decided to use social media and it had a ground breaking effect on
a global scale. They tweeted images of each latest range just moments before it appeared on the

The hash tag #Burberry became a worldwide trend and completely took the world by storm!

People at the event were receiving updates from Burberry and so they received a tweet and
moments later it appeared in front of their eyes!

Those who couldn’t get tickets didn’t miss out they too were in on the action. It was this virtual
experience which Burberry managed to create which lead to worldwide training and everyone talking
about Burberry!

The opposite effect however was experienced by well known company
Blackberry when they experienced issues which resulted in users of their
phones being unable to connect to the internet for around 3 days.

Blackberry had a problem, they didn’t communicate with their customers and
so many took to social networking sites to voice their anger, frustration and
also speak to other Blackberry users to try and find some information.

This issue has been resolved but the damage which was caused through
social networking and people “Tweeting” and “Commenting” on Twitter and
Facebook was already done.

Brick technology listened out for some of the tweets and here are some of
our favourites even if they were damaging are:

                 "If you have an iPhone turn it into a Blackberry by enabling the airplane mode"

                          "When is a smart phone just a phone? When it is a Blackberry"

          "Blackberry has shown their respect for the loss of Steve Jobs by having three days of silence"
When socials such as Twitter and Facebook are implemented into a
sound internet marketing plan with other items linked in the effect
you can have online is phenomenal.

You need to link together your socials with the following in order to
have an internet marketing strategy:



                              Email signatures

                         Promotions & Special offers


                               Business cards

                Founded in 2004 by:

 Mark Zuckerberg, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
            Chris Hughes, Co-Founder
          Dustin Moscovitz, Co-Founder
           Eduardo Saverin, Co-Founder

    One of the most trafficked sites in the world

3000+ employees working on the site every single day

             800 million+ active users
                    Founded in 2006 by:
                        Jack Dorsey

Has more that 200 million users the number of active users is
    unknown but this number is growing every single day

     Over 200 million tweets are made every single day

 Over 1.6 billion searches are made on here every single day

        Adopted by Apple to integrate into the iOS 5

     NASA astronauts even use it to Tweet from space!
   How to login/sign up

   Once your in what on earth am I faced with?
    (A brief overview)

   What problems do you have? Is there anything
    I can demonstrate/explain to you
Presenting and explaining the latest
              Facebook technology

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