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					                                               Buyer Questions:

Are children allowed on opening day? Yes, and strollers are welcome at our sale

Are the sales located indoors?: Yes

Are there any parking fees or entrance fees? No.

What forms of payment do you accept? We accept Cash, Check, MasterCard and Visa.

What is your return policy? All sales are final with no returns.

Can we "try on" the clothing? Although we do not have fitting rooms we try to accommodate the families
shopping at our sale the best we can

What items do you sell? Girl's clothing infant thru teen, Boy's clothing infant thru size 16, Maternity, Toys,
Outside and Inside play equipment, Little Tikes, Linens and Bedding, Shoes, Bedroom Decor, Baby Equipment,
Books, Bikes, Videos, or anything else to do with kids!

Are the sales seasonal for clothing? Yes. We only sell spring/summer clothing in our Spring Sale and fall/winter
clothing in our Back to School Sale.

Who runs the sales? Second Helpings is a group of all volunteers who are willing to give of themselves to help our
community both selling and buying quality kid’s items.

                                               Seller Questions:

Who can consign their items and become a seller? Anyone can consign their children’s items

What percentage of the sales do I receive? Sellers receive 70% of their sales less a $5.50 selling fee

When do I pick up my unsold items? Unsold items are to be picked up on the Saturday of the sale closing from
2:30-3:30pm. All items not picked up at that time will automatically be donated.

Do I have to sort through the racks to find my unsold items? No, when you pick up your unsold items, your
items will already be sorted into your seller number for easy pickup.

How long does it take to receive my check? Your check is mailed within one week of the sale

If I would like to donate my unsold clothes where do they get donated? All donated items will go with our next
Hands of Hope West Virginia team.

Where do I find safety pins/coat hangers? Most dry cleaners will give you a modest amount of these items free.
If you need a lot, ask if you can buy them. Most of the time dry cleaners will sell you these supplies at a reduced
amount. (cheaper than discount stores). The other place to try is your local $1.00 store or Walmart.

If I consign my items, do I have to stay during the sale? No. Consignors drop off their items and come back on
Saturday afternoon to pick up their unsold items.

                                            Volunteer Questions:
Can anyone sign up as a volunteer and attend the volunteer preview sale? Yes, anyone may sign up to
volunteer on a first come/first serve basis.

Can I volunteer for more than one shift? Yes

How long are the shifts? 3 hours

Do you provide childcare for volunteers? We do offer a limited amount of childcare and it must be requested at
the time of setting up a volunteer shift.

                                          Preview Sale Questions:

Can I bring my husband/wife/relative with me to the preview sale? We allow each seller to bring one person
with them to the preview sale. Volunteers are not allowed to bring someone with them to that portion of the sale but
can have someone come at the seller preview time.

Can I bring a stroller or wagon to the preview sale? Yes

Are children allowed at the preview sale? Yes

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