Examining the Ivybot The Latest Forex Program

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					Commissioned by Clerkwise Inc. August 11, 2009

Examining the Ivybot: The Latest Forex Program

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Ivybot, an automated trading application, has been gaining popularity since its inception in
July 28, 2009. Forex (foreign exchange market) traders everywhere are claiming Ivybot is
the next, big hit in the realm of forex robot applications.

The forex trading market is tempting to even the most skittish of investors for many reasons.
People can get their start in this $3 trillion market with as little at $50. The forex industry is
actually bigger than all the world stock, bond, and futures markets combined. Six days a
week people can trade currencies 24 hours a day (the market shuts down on Saturday).
Traders need only to pay the spread, resulting in low overhead. Despite the rise and fall of
prices, traders stand to profit on all transactions, and there is no limit to how much a trader
can grow.

Ivybot, short for Ivy League Robot, was created by a group of Ivy League school chums.
These friends were trading from their dorm rooms and tackled the forex market head-on by
producing an application of intelligence, expertise, and hard work.

With so many forex trading applications on the market, Ivybot offers many distinctive
features. Ivybot only trades with the current trend-line and specializes in short trades
(brokers in a 1-hour timeframe with 3-10 profitable trades weekly). And, it provides several
kinds of downloadable forex market indicators and scripts for manual traders.

Ivybot runs on data that is updated continuously. It follows market trends, thus reducing
risk and optimizing profit potential. Traders record and analyse any variation in the market
and release updates to the application. When testing during the 2008 market crisis, Ivybot
updated more than 50 times during the worst of the downturn. It was able to respond to
the changes as they happened and would have saved many investors from financial burden
had it been in distribution at the time.

This automated forex program, or Expert Advisors, uses two algorithms to determine the
best decision to pursue. These algorithms measure volatility, market liquidity, technical
price patterns, weighted price action, trend analysis, and forward projection scanning.
These all make Ivybot able to predict the futures with a 98% accuracy.

Ivybot also uses 4 robots to deal exclusively with 4 trading pairs (EUR-USD, USD-CHF, EUR-
JPY, and USD-JPY). The rationale behind this is that one robot is not capable of accurately
performing the calculations on more than one currency pair, and focusing on less than 4
currency pair will result in the loss of profit potential. Competitors, such as MetaTrader4,
only offers one robot (with one algorithm) to deal with multiple currency pairs.

Ivybot is also more flexible than MetaTrader4 because it is updated constantly and it runs in
real-time with current information. Traders who use Ivybot have a leg up on all the other
traders using redundant, outdated information in their proposals.

Customer service and support is tremendously important to the makers of Ivybot. They
have 5 traders and programmers on call to provide full-time customer support. Offering
lifetime updates at no additional cost and a high spread protection program, Ivybot also
offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.
Commissioned by Clerkwise Inc. August 11, 2009

With so much interest, traders are urged to take Ivybot up on its introductory offer of
$149.95 to its first 1000 customers. At any price, Ivybot is sure to be a sound investment.

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