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                                                                             Pay your bill online

                                                                             Check your account balance

                                                                             View your billing and payment history

        It’s free and easy to get started. Visit and register today!

What is the online payment system?                                            What types of payments are accepted?
   The Big Bend Water District now offers an easy-to-use online                  The online system accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover
   payment system for all customers. It’s a safe and secure way to               credit cards.
   quickly pay your water bill from the comfort of your own home.
                                                                              Will my credit card information be saved?
How much does it cost? Are there any fees?                                       You can choose to save the credit card on file so you don’t have to
   The service is free and there are no additional convenience fees              type it in again the next time you make a payment. This is optional
   when paying online.                                                           for customers.

Why should I use online bill payment?                                         Can I sign up for automatic payments?
   The online system offers a variety of features, right at your                 The online payment system only allows for one-time transactions.
   fingertips! Pay your bill online, check your account balance and              Recurring payments or automatic payments are not available at
   view your billing and payment history all in one place. You can also          this time.
   view your usage history to see how many gallons of water were
   used during a specific period.                                             What other payment options do you offer?
   Please note: Payments made after 4 p.m. PST will not be posted                Mail your Big Bend Water District payment to:
   until the next business day.                                                        Big Bend Water District
                                                                                       1520 Thomas Edison Dr.
How do I register?                                                                     Laughlin, NV 89029-1600
   It’s easy to begin. If you’re registering for the first time, have your
   account number handy. It can be found on your printed water bill.          There also are payment drop boxes at our offices on
   Then, visit to get started.                          Thomas Edison Drive and at the Laughlin Town Shopping Center,
   Please note: If you are starting a new service, you’ll need to pay            3080 Needles Highway.
   the required deposit and activate your account before using the
   online payment system.                                                     What if I have other questions?
                                                                                 We can be reached the following ways:
What if I forget my username or password?
                                                                                 Phone:       (702) 298-3113
   The online payment system will allow you to retrieve a forgotten
   username and reset your password from the “Forgot Password”                   Web:
   screen. Remember, you must use the same e-mail address you
   used when you signed up to have your username re-sent to you.                 Mail:        Big Bend Water District
                                                                                              1520 Thomas Edison Dr.
What if I move?                                                                               Laughlin, NV 89029-1600
   If you move to a new address, please remember that your old
   account number will become inactive, and you will need to register
   with your new account number. You’ll also have to register again if
   you add another address in the BBWD service area.                          What are your hours?
                                                                                 We are open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST.
                                                                                 We are closed weekends and major holidays.
                                                                                      Pay your bill online
                                                                                      Check your account balance
                                                                                      View your billing and payment history

It’s free and easy to get started.
First, sign up
  •	 Be sure you have your account number and credit card handy

  •	 Once you have access to the Internet, go to

  •	 Click “Pay Online,” a new window will open

  •	 Click “Not already registered? Register Now!”

  •	 Enter your information in the designated fields and click “Find My Account”

  •	 Create a username, enter your e-mail address and create a password in the
     designated fields

  •	 Review and accept the “Terms of Service”

  •	 Click “Create My Profile” and then check your e-mail for confirmation

  •	 Follow the instructions in the e-mail to return to the online payment system

  •	 Now you can pay your bill, check your account balance and view your billing
     and payment history.

What do the tabs at the top mean?
“My Account”
   This tab will automatically display upon login with your Account Summary. Here
   you’ll see current balance and due date information. If you click “Profile” you’ll be
   able to update your e-mail address and password.

   Under this tab you can “Make a Payment” or view your “Billing History.” The
   “Make a Payment” page will allow you to enter your credit card information
   and submit payments. The “Billing History” page will list for you past bills and
   received payments. Once on this page, you can select “Click for Detail” next to
   any bill for Bill Detail showing charges and water usage details for that bill.

“Contact Us”
   This tab will provide you with contact information if you have any questions
   about the online payment system or your bill. You’ll find mailing address, e-mail
   contact, phone number and website.

“Log Off”
   Click this tab when you are finished using the online payment system.

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