seo keyword for your blog or website by ciboycool


									Keyword or Keyword goal can be viewed from two sides. The first side of
the visitors / users of search engines and the second from the blog and
its contents. Target of search engine users find the information / blogs
that are expected while the target of the blog to get traffic to see /
read the contents of the user through a keyword search engine is written.
Although the keywords have the same goal got the target, but said the
real key remains on the user side of the internet (search engines).

In the blog and its contents, keyword or keyword is the only target,
meaning that the possibilities to be written by internet users. Do we
know the word (keyword) what will be written by Internet users on search
engines to find its target? Please understand also that the behavior of
Internet use are not the same in writing keyword. Suppose that someone
will find the article "how to optimize blogspot seofriendly", may be
written in the keyword or keywords in different search engines: "blogspot
seo, optimization blogspot, blogspot seofriendly" or even simply

For that sense of the keyword or keywords in the SEO needs to be
considered with care. On a blog or article, the words that would later
become the key word on the Internet must be predicted accurately. A
search engine will look for keywords in your blog or post (indexed) for
inclusion in their database to convey to the user on the internet (search
engines). Therefore, it is necessary and sufficient unique keyword in the
blog, posting articles. If, among users of search engines and blogs have
keywords that match and fit the target of the blog and visitors can be

SEO is to place keywords in the search engine position. In SEO, keywords
are the most important part than any other factor. To improve the SERP,
SEO keywords need to be supported other aspects, such as: backlink,
loading site, and so forth.

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