Description of project by fanzhongqing


									Description of project

       We choose to create an Online Purchase System as the main project of

1. Type of Pages

              In this system, we have created:

       a) Sign in page
       b) Sign up page
       c) Gallery page
       d) Ordering page
       e) Payment page
       f) E-receipt page
       g) Terms and Condition page
       h) Feedback page.

              Sign in page is created for any users to sign in the system using their
   username and password. Sign up page is for internet user who has not registered
   into this system by filling up the sign up form in which user’s details such as
   name, username, password, I/C number, contact number, address and e-mail are

              As for the gallery page, it is a view of item offered with description
   (price, size, colour, etc). Order can be done in this page too because order
   button is provided. Order list is shown under the page. Order page is a page that
   shows all of the clicked orders. User can choose to edit quantity of order, do
   more ordering, or confirm the orders. The page will then navigate to payment
   page. Choices of payment need to be chosen by user can confirm location of his in
   order to include shipment fee into the total payment. After confirming the
   payment, and e-payment page will be shown. Details of user and payment did will
   be displayed. User may print out the page as receipt for further usage.

              Terms and Condition is created to protect administrator’s right and
   gain. It is also to get rid of argument between user and administrator in the
   future. Feedback page is displayed for user to record their opinion towards the
   system for further improvement.
2. Flow of Pages

   Sign in/Sign Up          Gallery         Order         Payment
           If sign up,
           Must agree to

         T&C                                             Feedback

3. Type of Users

               Basically, this system is a system where user can do e-shopping. It’s
   is a system that is used by 3 types of users:

      a) Administrator
      b) Member
      c) Internet user

               Administrator is the one who own this system. What this user can do
   is edit all the information in the database except members’ personal details and
   feedback from members. Data that can be edited (add/delete/edit) includes
   details of administrator, information of stocks, reply on feedback and Terms and
   Conditions. Administrator has the responsibility to deliver ordered stocks to
   customer within an agreed time period.

               Member is an internet user who had registered into this system. This
   is the group of user who did the e-shopping. Members can only edit their
   personal details. They have to sign in before do ordering and proceed. Members
   can view gallery of the system and do ordering through this page since Order
   button is provided under each item showed. Their choices of item will be listed in
   an order list which is shown under the gallery page. After ordering, they have to
   do confirmation onto the order list and proceed to payment page. Choices of
   payment are provided for members to choose (Cash, Debit Card, Visa Card,
   Master Card). After did the payment part, and e-receipt will be displayed on the
   screen and members is encouraged to print out the receipt for further usage.
   Members can make decision whether they wish to give feedback.

               Internet user is given chance to view our gallery page, but if he wants
   to proceed in other action, he need to login first. As for non-members, they have
   to sign up before proceed.
4. Choices of Payment
      a) Cash Payment
                Bank in to the given bank account number within the time period
      b) Debit Card
                Enter the card number
      c) Visa Card
                Enter the card number
      d) Master Card
                Enter the card number

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