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									Enewsletter June 2006

President’s Message

Welcome to our 3innovations Summer issue filled with tools for growth and ideas to keep
you going all summer.

We are pleased to announce the launch of PerFormance Provisional Components.
Intraoral preparation time is much faster than with titanium and patients can leave with
pleasing aesthetics the day of surgery. The PreFormance Post and Temporary Cylinder
offer some of the longest temporary in vivo use of polymers on the market—180 days
versus 30 days. Click here for more information.

In addition, we are happy to announce the launch of our new OSSEOCISION Surgical
Drill System featuring a revolutionary design in foot controls. The ergonomic, state-of-
the-art foot control gives instant response to human commands, activates the system
from almost any angle and gives you the freedom to focus on the procedure, not the
pedal. Click here for more information.

Finally, be sure to see what’s new on our global website featuring recent translations,
new products, educational opportunities and tools for practice growth. Simply click on

It won’t be long until the fall shows arrive. AAP, AAOMS and EAO are your opportunity
to take advantage of the many innovations available in implant dentistry. All of us at 3i
look forward to bringing you the next level of excellence.

We hope this issue of 3innovations helps you get going and growing. Enjoy your

Warm regards,

Steve Schiess

New Product Information:

Rapid Adjustment. Enduring Strength. Aesthetic Design.
PreFormance Provisional Components

PreFormance car and bullets

A cost-effective option for optimum tissue healing, PreFormance Provisional
Components offer some of the longest temporary in vivo use of polymers on the
market—180 days versus 30 days.

Product photos (4)
Click here for more information

New Product Information:

Focus on the procedure, not the pedal.

Introducing The OSSEOCISION Surgical Drill System

The revolutionary pedal design activates the system from almost any angle

Instant response to human commands means uninterrupted focus of surgical procedures

A high performance brushless micromotor and precise torque control are designed
especially for dental implant procedures.

For The Freedom To Focus On The Task At Hand

Click here

Clinical Case Report:

Three case presentations plus an overview by Dr. Richard J. Lazzara are available in a
new clinical case report Clinical Indications Demonstrating Bone Preservation With The
Certain PREVAIL Implant.

The clinical cases presented are:

      Short Implants in the Posterior Region by Dr. Alan Meltzer (USA)
      Short Implants in the Posterior Region by Dr. Roberto Cocchetto (Italy)
      Papilla Preservation Adjacent To Teeth also authored by Dr. Roberto Cocchetto

For your copy of this case report, go to www.3i-online.

What’s New On The 3i Website?

All the content you are looking for is available in an easy-to-navigate menu that is also

      User-friendly, on-line videos

      Improved search options for Education Programs

      European Educational Initiatives

      New products on the Home Page
      3innovations quarterly newsletter archive in multiple languages

Take a moment and get connected to 3i at www.3i-online.com.

News From 3i Headquarters:

Manufacturer of the Year

3i was selected Manufacturer of the Year by the South Florida Manufacturer’s
Association in March 2006. 3i was selected based upon several criteria including
innovative products and systems, growth in the past two years and commitment to
employees, customers, community and quality.

Materials Win US and International Awards

3i’s Patient Awareness And Education Kit has received a Gold Award in the annual
Healthcare Advertising Awards competition, the oldest, largest and most prestigious
healthcare advertising awards in the US.

The kit also won a Silver Summit Award for communications excellence. The Summit
Awards are an international competition recognizing communications excellence among
competitors from 55 countries.

The 3i Patient Awareness and Education Kit was created for dental implant clinicians
and their staffs to assist them in raising patient awareness about the benefits of dental
implant therapy.

Global Events:

American Academy of Periodontology 92nd Annual Meeting
held in collaboration with the Japanese Society of Periodontology
September 16-19, 2006
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA

American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
88th Annual Meeting
October 3-7, 2006
San Diego, CA

European Association for Osseointegration
15th Annual Scientific Meeting
October 5-7, 2006
Kongresshaus, Zurich, Switzerland

Scientific Meeting of the Academy of
Australian and New Zealand Prosthodontists
July 27-29, 2006
Hilton Hotel, Sydney, Australia

18th Royal Australasian
College of Dental Surgeons
August 31 to September 3, 2006
Hilton Hotel, Sydney, Australia

Global Education

Programs for Surgical Implant Treatment Coordinators

Introduction To The Role Of
The Implant Treatment Coordinator
San Diego, CA
July 21-22, 2006

Presented by
Dr. Robert Blackwell
Ms. Cynthia Bollinger

To maximize the impact an Implant Coordinator can have on the practice, participants
will focus on patient education, consultations and fee presentations, patient charting and
tracking, treatment sequence coordination and interoffice communication. The program
will also cover inventory management, customer support for referring offices,
coordination of continuing education programs or study clubs and marketing, including
in-service training for referring offices. Click here to register

The Role Of The Advanced Surgical
Implant Treatment Coordinator
San Diego
August 18-19, 2006

Presented by Ms. Cynthia Bollinger

This workshop is designed to take the Implant Coordinator to the next level of practice
management and marketing that is more directly involved in the growth and profitability
of the implant practice. Participants can expect to gain a working knowledge of the
infrastructure of the typical general practice, enabling them to work more effectively with
the referring dentists and their staff. Click here to register

3i offers programs for:
     Auxiliary Personnel
     Implant Coordinators
     Laboratory Technicians
     Restorative and Surgical Clinicians
Click here for Implant Dentistry
Educational Opportunities

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