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					Dear Food Allergy Families:

We need everyone’s immediate efforts! We have tried to make this as easy as possible for you. We suggest you
print out this email for your convenience. The email is 6 pages long, but there are only three easy steps!

We are asking you to do three things:

    1. Call, email and fax members of the House of Representatives – information on how to do this is below.
    2. Call, email and fax members of the Senate – information on how to do this is below.
    3. Call, email and fax Senator Susan Garrett – information on how to do this is below.

1. House Bill 281 -- Food allergy legislation

The House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee considered House Bill 281(Bellock) on Tuesday,
February 10 and MOCHA representatives testified and were in attendance at the hearing in Springfield . We are
delighted that there were many expressions of support for the bill and we are most appreciative of Rep. Bellock's
leadership on our behalf. The Committee asked questions relating to the implementation of the bill, and Rep.
Bellock indicated that she would follow up with the Committee. It is our intention to re-appear before the
Committee, possibly as early as next week, to respond to these questions. In the meantime, we would be
appreciative if you can call, email and fax members of the Committee to express your support for our bill. The
following message can be used to assist you:

Dear Representative ____:

As you know, HB 281 (Bellock) is in the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee and we
respectfully ask your support for this legislation. This exact same bill was supported unanimously by both
the House and Senate last year, and was only held up because of an impasse relating to rule making
authority. The bill directs the Illinois Department of Public Health and the State Board of Education to
develop guidelines for managing children with life-threatening food allergies. These guidelines will then be
used by school districts to develop their own plan. This bill is needed now to make sure that schools know
how to deal with children with life- threatening food allergies. Ten states, including Arizona, Connecticut,
Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Vermont, and Washington have
already implemented guidelines similar to this bill, providing guidance and expertise to local schools for
dealing with the challenges of educating food allergic children safely in a school environment. Ten years
ago, food allergic patients made up five percent of Chicago Children’s Memorial Hospital . The other 95%
were suffering from other allergic diseases like asthma and environmental allergies. Today, food allergy
patients make up more than 40% of the same allergy practice. And as more children are afflicted with life-
threatening food allergies, schools increasingly struggle to figure out how to deal with it.

Thank you for your support of this important legislation.



Please call/email/fax all of the following representatives. If you don’t reach someone, leave a message. We are
providing both their District and their Springfield office numbers. If you live in their district, you can mention that you
are a constituent. Remember our “kill ‘em with kindness” motto!

Representative Suzanne Bassi (R)
District 54 60067
District Phone: 847-776-1880
District Fax: 847 776-1925
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8026
Springfield Fax: 217-782-5257
Representative John D.Cavaletto (R)
District 107 62881
No email available
District Phone: 618-548-9080
District Fax: 618-548-9080
Springfield Phone: 217-782-0066
Springfield Fax:

Representative Marlow H.Colvin (D)
District 33 60619
No email available
District Phone: 773-783-8492
District Fax: 773-783-8625
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8272
Springfield Fax: 217-782-2404

Representative Fred Crespo (D)
District 44 60107
District Phone: 630-372-3340
District Fax: 630-372-3342
Springfield Phone: 217-782-0347
Springfield Fax: 217-557-4622

Representative Monique D.Davis (D)
District 27 60643
District Phone: 773-445-9700
District Fax: 773-445-5755
Springfield Phone: 217-782-0010
Springfield Fax: 217-782-1795

Representative Lisa M.Dugan (D)
District 79 60901
District Phone: 815-939-1983
District Fax: 815-939-0081
Springfield Phone: 217-782-5981
Springfield Fax:

Representative Roger L.Eddy (R)
District 109 62433
District Phone: 618-563-4128
District Fax: 618-563-4129
Springfield Phone: 217-558-1040
Springfield Fax: 217-558-3481

Representative Robert F.Flider (D)
District 101 62523
District Phone: 217-428-2708
District Fax: 217-428-3419
Springfield Phone: 217- 782-8398
Springfield Fax: 217-782-2528

Representative Paul Froehlich (D)
District 56 60193
District Phone: 847-985-9210
District Fax: 847-891-8772
Springfield Phone: 217-782-3725
Springfield Fax: 217-557-6271

Representative Esther Golar (D)
District 6 60609
District Phone: 773-925-6580
District Fax: 773-925-6584
Springfield Phone: 217-782-5971
Springfield Fax: 217-558-6370

Representative David E.Miller (D)
District 29 60419
District Phone: 708-201-8000
District Fax: 708-201-8200
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8087
Springfield Fax: 217-558-6433

Representative Jerry L.Mitchell (R)
District 90 61071
No email available
District Phone: 815-625-0820
District Fax: 815-625-0839
Springfield Phone: 217-782-0535
Springfield Fax: 217-557-0571

Representative Harry Osterman (D)
District 14 60640
District Phone: 773-784-2002
District Fax: 773-784-2060
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8088
Springfield Fax: 217-782-6592

Representative Sandra M.Pihos (R)
District 42 60137
District Phone: 630-858-8855
District Fax: 630-858-8857
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8037
Springfield Fax: 217-558-1072

Representative Robert W.Pritchard (R)
District 70 60178
District Phone: 815-748-3494
District Fax: 815-748-4630
Springfield Phone: 217-782-0425
Springfield Fax: 217-782-1275

Representative David Reis (R)
District 108 62450
District Phone: 618-392-0108
District Fax: 618-392-0107
Springfield Phone: 217-782-2087
Springfield Fax: 217-557-0530

Representative Darlene Senger (R)
District 96 60540
No email available
District Phone: 630-219-3090
District Fax:
Springfield Phone: 217-782-6507
Springfield Fax:

Representative Michael K.Smith (D)
District 91 61554
District Phone: 309-353-6276
District Fax: 309-353-1819
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8152
Springfield Fax: 217-557-4415

Representative Jim Watson (R)
District 97 62650
District Phone: 217-243-6221
District Fax: 217-245-2071
Springfield Phone: 217-782-1840
Springfield Fax: 217-557-0530

Representative Karen A.Yarbrough (D)
District 7 60155
District Phone: 708-615-1747
District Fax: 708-615-1745
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8120
Springfield Fax: 217-782-1739

2. Senate Bill 152 -- Food allergy legislation

We are delighted to report that the Senate Education Committee unanimously approved SB 152. We would be
most grateful if you can call, email or fax members of the Senate Education Committee with the following

SB 152

Dear Senator ____:

I am writing to express my gratitude to you for your support for SB 152, which the Senate Education
Committee unanimously approved on Tuesday, February 10. This bill will insure that guidelines are in
place that will insure the safety of children with life-threatening food allergies. [Insert a statement
regarding your interest in the bill, about your son/daughter etc]

Very truly yours,


Please call/ fax/email all of the following senators. If you don’t reach someone, leave a message. We are
providing both their District and their Springfield office numbers. If you live in their district, you can mention that you
are a constituent.

Senator J. Bradley Burzynski (R)
District 35 60178
No email available
District Phone: 815-895-6318
District Fax: 815-895-2905
Springfield Phone: 217-782-1977
Springfield Fax: 217-782-4885

Senator Dan Cronin (R)
District 21 60148
District Phone: 630-792-0040
District Fax: 630-792-8620
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8107
Springfield Fax:

Senator Deanna Demuzio (D)
District 49 60626
No email available
District Phone: 217-854-4441
District Fax: 217-854-5311
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8206
Springfield Fax:

Senator Michael Frerichs (D)
District 52 61832
District Phone: 217-442-5252
District Fax: 217-355-5255
Springfield Phone: 217-782-2507
Springfield Fax:

Senator David Luechtefeld (R)
District 58 62271
District Phone: 618-243-9014
District Fax: 618-243-5376
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8137
Springfield Fax:

Senator Kimberly A. Lightford (D)
District 4 60154
District Phone: 708-343-7444
District Fax: 708-343-7400
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8505
Springfield Fax:

Senator Iris Y. Martinez (D)
District 20 60647
District Phone: 773-283-7000
District Fax: 773-489-2024
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8191
Springfield Fax:

Senator James T. Meeks (D)
District 15 60409
District Phone: 708-862-1515
District Fax: 708-862-4745
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8066
Springfield Fax:

Senator Heather Steans (D)
District 7 60640
No email available
District Phone: 773-769-1717
District Fax: 773-769-6901
Springfield Phone: 217-782-8492
Springfield Fax:
Senator Frank C. Watson (R)
District 51 62246
District Phone: 618-664-1800
District Fax: 618 664-9112
Springfield Phone: 217-782-5755
Springfield Fax:

3. It is absolutely essential that our hero, Senator Susan Garrett, be deluged with calls, emails and faxes
expressing thanks. She is essential to our efforts going forward and she needs to hear our appreciation now.

Senator Susan Garrett
847-433-2002 District phone
847-433-8002 District fax
217-782-3650 Springfield phone

Thank you for your time. We will continue our efforts until this is a law in Illinois .

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