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Baseline Baseline Project Purchasing a


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									                               Baseline Project (Purchasing a New Vehicle)


      A. Project Overview: Purchasing a new car. Needing a new vehicle because of previous car
         breaking down all of the time. I will need to be approved by the bank in order to get a loan to
         purchase the car. The car is currently $10,000. The car needs to have four wheel drive for the
         winter months in Vermont. Also the gas mileage of the car needs to be higher than 20 miles per
      B. Recommendation: Toyota, Suzuki, & Honda have the highest rating for cars. Though Toyota is
         having their problems, they still have some nice cars out there. Honda actually has half electric
         and have gas powered cars that have an amazing MPG close to 50!

System Description

      A. Alternatives: There are plenty of brand names for cars out there besides Toyota, Honda and
         Suzuki. Chevrolet, Ford, dodge, and the list goes on in case I need an alternative.
      B. System Description: Have chosen a Toyota Tacoma with a 30 MPG. It will be blue with a nice
         hood scoop in the front and quad cab. The engine will be a nice V6 twin engine. Made for
         speed and smooth acceleration.

Feasibility Assessment

      A. Economic Analysis: Purchasing this Toyota may have to be taken into consideration as well as
         being very cautious since there were many recalls with Toyota. Looking at the whole economy,
         this specific model has higher ratings than most pickup trucks with one of the best MPG you
         could get and Toyotas are known to last a long time. Toyotas are known to be very expensive
         but you get what you pay for, it is worth the amount of money to invest in a nice vehicle like
         this. Just do the research.
      B. Technical Analysis: The largest risk with purchasing this vehicle is the specific recalls on gas
         pedals with Toyota as well as brakes. Before purchasing the vehicle, I would make sure the risk
         of bringing the vehicle back afterwards to get repaired would be low. Also the risk of anyone
         who drives my vehicle including I will be safe and accident free.
      C. Operational Analysis: This vehicle will save me money with gas each day traveling back and
         forth to work and school. It will save me roughly $150 more each week traveling. Better
         acceleration and overall performance will make a large difference traveling to and from
      D. Legal and Contractual Analysis: Legal or contractual risks include paying the loan back on the
         vehicle on time each month and making sure there is a full coverage with insurance on the
         vehicle. Registering the car with the state and going through the inspection process to drive the
         vehicle is important. There is quite a bit of money involved with all of these processes.
   E. Political Analysis: I am going to need to figure out how much my monthly payments for the
      vehicle will need to be in order for me to afford the entire loan. I will need to see if there is
      going to be a fixed rate or a changing rate monthly and how high the interest rate will be on the
      loan. I believe the vehicle will make a huge difference from my previous car that I have driven
      for a long time now. Saving me money each day will make a large difference overtime.
   F. Schedules, Time Line, and Resource Analysis: The loan payments will be approximately 5 years
      to pay the entire vehicle off so instead of the bank owing the car, I will be the righteous owner
      without worrying about anymore payments besides maintenance and insurance costs.

Management Issues

   A. Team Configuration and Management: I will need to send a monthly payment into the bank
      from where I took out the loan. The dealership will find the bank for me that fits my needs best.
      The dealership will let me test drive the vehicle and then will clean it up and give me the keys
      once I am approved by the bank to take the loan out. Then I can find an insurance company to
      cover my vehicle.
   B. Communication Plan: I will need to communicate with the bank and insurance company for
      payments and any other questions I may have.
   C. Project Standards and Procedures: Approval from the bank will be dealt with at the actual
      dealership where the vehicle is being purchased.

       2.) Purchasing a New Laptop
       Economic Analysis: There are many brands of computers but I chose the Acer brand
       which had great ratings and a great computer for overall usage. They are very cheap
       computers but it doesn’t mean that they are horrible computers either. They are one of
       the cheapest brands for computers you can get on the market being as low as 280
       dollars. This makes for a great cost benefit as well as saving me a few extra dollars.
       Technical Analysis: There are many risks when it comes to computers. Many risks come
       with technology such as bad hard drives, viruses, etc. I would just need to make sure
       there is a nice warranty that comes with the Acer model as well as great software to
       protect me from threats, etc.
       Operational Analysis: Purchasing this new laptop will allow me to complete homework
       assignments and other related school work on time and at a quicker rate. Each day I
       have quite a bit of homework to get done and with the software programs such as
       Microsoft office, I can get things done the correct and fastest way possible.
       Legal & Contractual analysis: Purchasing a new laptop does not have that many legal
       risks associated with it as long as I don’t do anything that would be illegal such as
       downloading and selling copy written material like movies and music, etc.
Political Analysis: I would need to make sure I have enough money to purchase this and
then would be able to purchase the laptop. It would be very necessary purchasing this
laptop especially considering how cheap the price is.

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