Factors Affecting Childhood Cancer Survivors' Choice to Attend a Specific College: A Pilot Study by ProQuest


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to develop and assess the content of a questionnaire to investigate the college decisionmaking processes of childhood cancer survivors and age, gender, and race-matched peers as well as determine factors that impacted the selection of an institution. Methods: Participants included 5 childhood cancer survivors and 5 age, gender, and race-matched controls attending college. Participants were surveyed regarding factors influencing their college choice and attended a followup interview session. Descriptive statistics and frequency data were calculated from collected responses. Results: Differences between the survivors and matched peers were reported for influential factors including availability of academic support and availability of health support. Conclusion: These results support the need for future study to examine whether early detection of functional limitations in the critical high school years influences a survivors' decision to attend college, to attend a specific college, and/or choice of occupation. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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									Factors Affecting Childhood Cancer Survivors’ Choice
      to Attend a Specific College: A Pilot Study
                                                   Victoria G. Marchese, PT, PhD;1,2
                                   Megan Miller, SPT;3 Lisa Niethamer, SPT;3 Michelle Koetteritz, SPT3

                               Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, Lebanon Valley College, Annville, PA
               Assistant Professor, Penn Stat
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