Low-fat Guide for People with Disability

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					Low-fat Guide for People with

How to do exercise People with Disability?
    Important of exercise with People with Disability

• Everyone knows that it is essential for a human being to
  exercise in order to live healthy and fit. However, what if
  you are a person with disability? These people already
  find it hard to take care of their basic needs. How can
  they perform disabled slimming (low-fat) exercises if they
  are in a wheelchair or trouble with other forms of
  physical disabilities.
• The fact is, exercise is even more important for those
  with disabilities than those who do not have them. It
  keeps you your energy up, pick up strength, minimizes
  stress and keeps fatigue to a minimum. The key is to
  perform the right exercise for your disability.
   Disabled Low-fat Activities for Wheelchair Users

1) In general, you can focus on resistance training if you
   are confined to a wheelchair, to strengthen your upper
   body and help in reducing the chances of getting
   injured. But before doing any exercise, always consult
   with your physical therapist or doctor first, so that you
   can be provided with guidance on your best options. A
   good place to start would be training videos. You can do
   the workouts at home or in a gym. If you want to do
   more, you can consider purchasing exercise equipment
   that was specially made for disabled people. At present,
   there are various exercise machines are available for
   wheelchair users such as hand cyclers.
cont… Disabled Low-fat Activities for Wheelchair Users

2) If you have a competitive spirit, you can go into
   organized sports instead. Events where wheelchair
   confined people can participate include, archery,
   fencing and basketball. It is important to maintain your
   flexibility and strength to reduce chances of injury. Thus,
   all of your major upper body muscles such as your
   arms, shoulder, neck and back should be trained. Talk
   with your therapist or doctor about activities that can
   help you remain strong and active.
 Disabled SlimmingExercises for People with Hearing
               and Sight Impairment

• If you have a hearing or sight disability, you will have a
  lot of obstacles to tackle in your daily life. It is doubled
  when you try to exercise. The particular concern for
  hearing and sight impaired people is exercising safely.
  Like anybody else that is new to exercise, you should
  start slowly with weight training and cardio workout and
  make sure you are doing the disabled slimming activities
  in proper form. An option that you could take is to
  become a member of a health club and see what their
  training options are. A personal trainer can help in
  guiding you on the equipment that you can use as well
  as the gym.
              SlimmingExercises for People
      with Hearing and Sight Impairment

• If you like doing disabled slimming exercises
  outdoors, try getting into sports. Some of the
  great resources that you can use are the Deaf
  Sports Federation and The Association of Blind
  Athletes. Guiding Eyes is another good resource
  if you think that you need a dog to guide you.
• Living with disabilities is a great challenge and
  you may think that disabled slimming exercises
  can be another heavy burden that you will have
  to add to your load. However, with a little extra
  help and guidance, you can start working your
  way to healthier and more meaningful life.

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