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gambang resort city by fauzi7237


Info About Get Various packages Tourism And Vacation In The Overseas. Everything is there in this Blog.

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									THEME PARK
                                                        FOR RESERVATION:                                 KPL/LN : 5923 (SSM : 826825-U)

                                  AL SAFWA TRAVEL AND SERVICES SDN BHD
                                                  KOTA BHARU, KELANTAN
                             TEL: 09-747 5115 FAX: 09-747 9060 EMAIL:

                             BUKIT GAMBANG RESORT CITY
                              CARRIBEAN BAY RESORT PACKAGES

                                                                                         ADULT                   CHILD
                                                     ENTRANCE FEE
                                                                                         RM 30                    RM15

                                                                                                         FRIDAY, SATURDAY,
                                                   OPERATING HOUR                 MONDAY, WEDNESDAY,
                                                                                                         & SUNDAY, PUBLIC &
                                               **closed every Tuesday except          THURSDAY
                                                                                                          SCHOOL HOLIDAY
                                               Malaysia public & school holiday
                                                                                    10.30 AM - 6.30 PM    9.30 AM – 6.30 PM

For reservation please contact:        Tel: 09-7475115/9876/6362           Email:                       TA033

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