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									Customer Sign Up Process


                     Make Annual Fee                                   Direct customer to URL
                     Payment online?                                           to Fill Up
                                                                       Online Application Form
                                                                   We will capture their application
                                                                   details even if they do not make

                  Direct customer to URL
                          to Fill Up
                                                                   Pass Documents for Customer
                  Online Application Form
                                                                               to fill :
                                                                     1. Bank compliance form
                                                                      2. Customer Agreement
                                                                           3. Schedule A

                     Customer makes
                    credit card payment

                                                                  Request Customer to submit following
                                                                     documents to Singapore Office:

                                                             1.Bank Compliance
                   Customer Downloads                        2. Customer Agreement
                Documents from Webpage :                     3.Schedule A
                                                             4. Balance Sheet
         1.   Bank Compliance
                                                             5. Send Cheque for 350 SGD Annual fee to
         2.   Customer Agreement
                                                             Singapore Office made payable to
         3.   Schedule A                                                    " WorldPay Ltd "
         4.   Balance Sheet Template (Optional)

      Customer to Fill in and submit following
          documents to Singapore Office.
    1. Bank Compliance Form
    2. Customer Agreement
                                                                          Please send all documents to:
    3. Schedule A
                                                                                Customer Service
    4. Balance Sheet
                                                                              7 Temasek Boulevard
                                                                            #07-02 Suntec Tower One
                                                                                Singapore 038987


Payment by Cheque is applicable only to merchants in Singapore.

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