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									Capuchino High School / ROP                       Name: ____________________
Computer Systems Design II                        Date: _________
‘How Laser Printers Work’

Use the web site at: (http://computer.howstuffworks.com/laser-
printer.htm/printable) to answer the following questions.

1. What is the basic principle at work inside of a Laser Printer?

2. What places the initial charge on the photo-sensitive drum inside of a Laser
Printer? What polarity is the charge placed on the drum?

3. What material attaches to the drum to create the image on the drum?

4. What does the ‘transfer corona wire’ do to the paper before it gets to the

5. How does the ‘fuser’ attach the toner to the paper?

6. What keeps the paper from burning when it passes through the fuser?

7. What is the job of the ‘printer controller?’

8. What are the two primary printer ‘languages’ used today?

9. What does the ‘raster image processor’ do with the page once it is received
by the printer?
10. What are the three parts of the laser scanning assembly?




11. A laser printer is most like which other office machine?

13. What is ‘toner?’

14. Which three parts of the laser printer are usually included in the ‘toner

15. What are the two different processes color laser printers use to print?



16. List three advantages of laser printers over ink-jet printers:




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