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									Our Merged, Merged World

         Chapter 2
Technology Shifts the Industry
 From mass to personal entertainment
  (online games)
 Pre-packaged to self-generated content
 Episodic to persistent experiences
  (constant interaction - iPods)
 Virtual to imbedded
  (fused experiences - cell phone movies)
New Form of Content Delivery
        Internet influence
 Search engines
 Global use with Asia leading
 Video games on line
 Downloading media
 Instant information
 Shopping function
Online Gaming
      Global entertainment

        standardized content
Global  TV          ^ film, cruise ships Local
message theme parks ^ theater message
        customized content
 Transnational Media (TNMC)
Bertlesmann     Germany     Books, film
NBC Universal   USA         TV, film, parks
News Corp       Australia   TV,film, broadcast
Sony            Japan       games, film
Time-Warner     USA         cable, music, film
Viacom          USA         TV, film, DVD
Disney          USA         theme parks, film
         Madison & Vine dynamic themes
1.   Reject status quo - change a must
2.   Collaborate - TV, marketing, ad, PR
3.   Accountability – bottom-line ROI
4.   Flexibility - adapt branded entertainment
5.   Audience collaboration in content
6.   Respect the audience - from intrusion to
      Ongoing Convergence
 Celebrity fashion shows
 Reality television with product
 Branded films
 Branded CDs, music as advertising

What other examples can you recall?
   Reality shows use product
placement to pay for production
     Experiential marketing
 Drives purchases across age, gender and
 Increases purchase consideration
 Influential on brand image
 Participation yields favorable brand
Have you climbed a rock at REI? Used a
  Cuisinart blender in a store demo?
  Entertainment Ad Agencies
            agency           client
McCann Erickson          Sony Entertainment
Gotham Advertising       Sony/BMG
                         Walt Disney
Buena Vista Marketing
DiMassimo Carr Brand
Leo Burnett Advert.
Starcom Media
Grey Advertising         Warner Brothers
                         ABC Cable Network
Initiative LA
Masivmedia               NBC Universal
Media Vest USA
          Stealth Marketing
1. Uses a battle strategy of covert activity
     Visible product in social settings
     Internet chat rooms
2. Ad agency self-promotion to create buzz
3. Posing as a researcher to promote
4. Industry consolidation and cross-pollination -
Macy’s Day Parade Tie-ins
1. What other entertainment - advertising
   merger examples can you site?
2. How does experiential marketing differ
   from marketing entertainment
3. How has digitalization changed the focus of
   entertainment for providers of children’s
   television and gaming?
4. What ethical issues are inherent in the
   “Grand Theft Auto” game?

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