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					                 Dos                                          Don'ts                            Consequences

check with tech mentors to add software damage computer or its parts                           suspension of privileges
      or hardward to computers          vandalize                                              suspension of privileges or
install only district-owned software    upload or create viruses                                   payment for damages
                                        remove keys or other pats
                                        hold the district responsible for loss of data
                                        drag applications to your desktop

Internet/Network Use

use network appropriately                  bypass the network filters                        suspension of privileges
                                           use social networking/instant messaging sites
                                           do things to disrupt the use of the network by others
                                           do not download large files
                                           access information that is obscene or illegal


                                            email personal ites for sale or give away
check school email frequently if used in class                                                 suspension of privileges
                                            forward emails unless related to school business
                                            participate in "chain letters"
                                            participate in spamming
                                            send large attachments
                                            reply to spam email

tell teachers, parents if some online     never give out your last name
      asks for information                never give out your address
choose a nickname/user name that does not never give out your phone number
      include your real name              never give out your age
notify an adult if you receive a message never give out your school informaiton or hang outs
     that is inappropriate or threatening never choose a user name that is inapproiate
follow your parents approval guidelines   never share your password with anyone
     when accessing information           never agree to meet in person anyone you met
remember that everything you read online     online without parent permission
     isn't always true                    never respond to messages that are obscene, threatening
block anyone in a chat room that is          or uncomfortable.
     threatening or inappropriate         do not delete any inappropriate emails or messages
                                          do not say anything in text that you wouldn't want
                                             the public to know
                                          do not pretend to be someone you are not
                                          do not say mean or rude things (cyberbullying)

Good Digital Citizen

stop & think before posting anything onliineo   not search for illegal, crude, rude or
evaluate web content                            inappropriate things
play online games only when allowed        do   not harass others
access only educational web sites          do   not plagarize (claim others' work as your own)
                                           do   not download anything illegally (i.e. music)
                                           do   not post personal information

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