Cosmetic Surgery

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					Cosmetic Surgery

  By Zachary Endee
                Colleges I May Attend

                                              Duke University is
                          East Carolina       my final choice of
I would like to attend    University is the   college. Although I
the University of North   college I am most   may not have a high
Carolina Wilmington       interested in due   enough academic
because of it’s high      to it’s esteemed    standing, I feel that
academic standing         medical program.    I would achieve very
and beautiful campus.                         much at this school.
•   Triage Nurse and other Emergency Room attendants
•   Work 12-hour shifts
•   Most have a nursing degree
•   On average, the nurses make $20-$30/hr.
•   In the Emergency Room, one must be very knowledgeable of
    their field, able to work in an environment where
    communication is needed, and tolerant of the variety of
    patients that need attention
 • Cosmetic surgery is an incredibly controversial field.
    Many believe that reversing the natural aging process
    is immoral
                              •Although the practice is very safe,
                              there are still risks to be taken when
                              having surgery of any kind performed,
                              such as the procedure not correcting
•Many cannot afford           something, further disfiguration, or even
cosmetic surgery and          death
believe that those who
can are wasting money
Topics Discussed
For the product of my project, I have
designed a pamphlet providing a brief   Insert
overview of cosmetic surgery. I have    cover of
spent roughly _______ hours on it       pamplet

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