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									     “Meeting the Emerging
       Demand for Skilled
        Migrant Labour”
By: Mr. Cesar A. Averia, Jr,
EDI Staffbuilders International
CEO & President

I. EDI-Staffbuilders In Focus

II. Trends and Realities
III. Recruitment Strategies (Case-in-Points)

IV. New Emerging Markets for Skilled and Highly-
    Technical Workers
 V. Recommendations
 VI. Open Discussions
                     EDI-Staffbuilders International:
                     A Generation of Leadership and Excellence

•   29 years of experience in consulting, recruitment, and human capital solutions in all major

•   International Offices and Alliances Partnerships

•   EDI-Staffbuilders International, Inc. was Incorporated in 1979 in the Philippines.

•   We are one of the largest international recruitment consulting companies in the
                       Best Practices

1.   Market Segmentation / Niche Marketing

2.   Thorough research / study on countries with potential recruitment needs and companies operating in
     those countries

3.   Exploring and Developing new markets / Sending Executives to these markets

4.   Establishing Professionalism in the Business and Delivering Quality Service and Continuously training

5.   No Placement Fees to Job Seekers

6.   Setting up branch operations in matured markets

7.   Forming Global Alliances

8.   Recruiting to protect the recruitment industry and the workers promoting goodwill & also taking risks)

9.   Establishing a cooperative, complementary, and collaborative relationship with the POEA, and strictly
     following their rules and regulations
             EDI’s Social Responsibility and Excellence:
             Recognized by the POEA and International Labour Groups


                           Award of Excellence
                          Award of Distinction
                           Hall of Fame Award
                           Top Performer Award

The POEA also recognizes good performance of recruitment
companies by giving awards and incentives.
                         The Seven Yesteryears

                         2000 – 2002                                 2003 – 2005

                         • 2000 Paradigm Shift                       • Post 9/11
                         • Y2k Bug Dilemma                           •Outsourcing
                                                                     • The Oil Boom Chain Reaction

1970’s            2000           2002                  2003                 2005           2006       PRESENT

  1970’s – 2000
                                       2002 – 2003
                                                                                      2005 – 2006
  • “Oil Boom” became
  the determining factor               • The 9/11 aftermath dramatic effect in IT
                                       recruitment                                    • Emerging people demand:
  for sudden economic
                                                                                      Oil, Healthcare, Tourism,
  change.                              • Declining trend in the emerging industries   Skilled
                                       (e.g., engineering & telecommunications)       • EDI’s borderless and
                                       • Effect to the neighboring regions of USA     boundary-less recruitment
                                       (Asia Pacific and Middle East)
Recruitment Strategies
Case-in-Point: Recruitment Integration

Sr. Operations Engr (Ammonia/Urea/Utility and Offsite/Melamine)                    Staff Engineer (Rotary)
Document Control Sr. Instrument Maintenance Engineer                               Electrical Technician
Sr. Electrical Project Engineer                                                    Instrument Analyzer
Sr. Process Engineer (Ammonia/Urea/Utility and Offsite/Melamine) Sr.               Field Operators
Executive (Shift-Utility/Offsite)                                                  Inspection Engineer
Sr. Executive (Shift - Melamine)
                                                                                   Static Engineer
Sr. Executive (Line Trainer - Urea/ Trainer - Utility/Offsite) Autocad
                                                                                   Rotary Engineer
Auxiliary Operator                                                                  Aircraft Technician
Chemist                                                                             Avionics
Lab Analyst                                                                         Sheet Metal Technician
Mechanical Engineering Technician                                                   Aircraft Project Engineer
Instrument Technician                                                               Maintenance Control Engineer Planning
Control Room Operator                                                               Engineer (Fleet Technical Management)

Chief Occupational Hygienist         Snr.Gas Engineer             Snr.Petroleum Engineer            Drilling Engineer
Engineer Mech Maint                  Engineer Design Projects     Snr.Reservoir Engineer            Engineer Cost & Estimation
Engineer Electrical Maint Engineer   Engineer Planning            Reservoir Engineer                Controller Terminal
Instrument Maint                     Facility Engineer            Snr.Geologist                     Supervisor Terminal
Process Engineer                     Snr.Process Engineer         Snr.Engineer Instrument Maint     Petroleum Engineer
Petroleum Engineer                   Production Chemist           Snr.Drilling Engineer             Snr.Contracts Engineer

Design Coordinator               Chief Engineer                 Survey Assistant                  Deputy Manager - Accounts/
Sr. Design Coordinator           Planning Engineer              QC Engineer                       Finance
Design Coordination Manager      AutoCAD Operator               QC Inspector                      Accountant
Electrical Engineer              Chief Civil Engineer           Materials Testing Engineer        Accounting Assistant
Site Manager                     Civil Engineer                 Electrical Engineer               Deputy Manager – Administration
Site Engineer                    Civil Foreman/ Supervisor      Electricial Technician/ Foreman   Administration Supervisor
Safety Officer                   Survey Engineer                Electrician                       HR Supervisor
Mechanical Engineer              Land Surveyor                  Mechanic, Welder                  HR Assistant
Case-in-Point: Market-driven Training
& Development (MTD)

          Scaffolder               Mechanical Fitter
          HSE Supervisor           Paint Blaster
          Scaffolding              Insulator
          Supervisor               Boiler Maker
          Rigging Supervisor       Welder

          Elevator Erector
          Commissioning Technicians
          Project Engineer

          Service Engineer - Overhaul
          Service Engineer - Field Repair
          Diesel Fitter
          Heavy Diesel Mechanic
Case-in-Point: Responsible and
Responsive-able Recruitment

Safety Officer                Cost Accountant           Steel Erector                 Technical Office Engineer
Document Control              Tech Off Engineer         Crane Operator                QC Engineer
Material Man                  QC Engineer               Welding Inspector             Heavy Duty Driver
Store Keeper                  Quantity Surveyor         Computer Operator             Foreman Structure
Administration Clerk          Welding Inspector         Pipefitter                    Foreman Structure
Male Nurse                    Material Man              Spv Support                   Foreman Mechanical
Camp Boss                     Spv Piping                Spv Piping PFA                Foreman Pipe Support
Autocad                       Spv Furnace               Foreman Piping                Helper
Data Enter                    Spv Structure             Foreman Rigger                Heavy Duty Driver
Computer Operator             Spv Millwright            Foreman Welder                Millwright
Pipe Support Fitter           Rigger                    Steel Erector                 Welder

Safety Officer                           Piping Material Engineer (Utility Offsite)   Quality Auditors
Instrument Designer                      Instrument Supervisor (Offsite)              Senior Quantity Surveyors
PDS 3D Designer                          Electrical Supervisor (Utility)              Contract Advisors
Test Package Controller (Utility)        Steel Structure Supervisor (U/O/C)           Proposal and Contract
Project Safety Advisor                   Assistant Cost Engineer                      Managers
Planning Engineer                        Piping /Welding Inspector                    Senior Structural Engineers
Quantity Surveyor (Piping &              Steel Structure Inspector                    Structural Engineers
Mechanical)                              Piping /Welding Inspector                    Architects
Equipment Inspector (Static)             Painting Inspector                           Senior Electrical Engineer
Field Engineering Secretary              Camp QC Inspector (Piping/Welding)           Electrical Engineer
Project Engineer for FDC Control         Project Safety Advisor                       Network Administrator
Area Planner (Utility/Offsite)           Senior Architects                            CADD Supervisor
Civil Supervisor (offsite)               Training Managers                            CADD Designer
Building Supervisor (Utility/Offsite)    Quality Managers                             CADD Operator
Steel Structure Supervisor (U/O/C)
Case-in-Point: Borderless Recruitment

  Night Manager             Asst Manager Butler       Driver – Supervisor       Maintenance Supervisor
  Laundry Manager           Asst Manager Concierge    BC Supervisor             Chef Garde Manger
  Cost Controller           Asst Manager HK           Housekeeping Supervisor   Chief Butcher
  Credit Manager            Asst Manager Outlet       Laundry Supervisor        Chef D'Partie
  Reservation Manager       Asst Manager Banquets     Security Supervisor       Kitchen Artist
  Stewarding Manager        Asst Manager Stewarding   Income/ Night Auditor     Fitness Instructor
  Banquet Manager           Asst Manager Housing      Paymaster                 Restaurant Supervisor

  Room Attendants                         Life Guards                   Events Bartenders
  Waiters / Waitress for Market Place     Events Supervisor             Events Waiters
  Waiters / Waitress for HB               Events Captain                Kitchen Stewarding
  Waiters / Waitress for Vienna Café      Events Drivers                Room Service
  Waiters / Waitress for Atrium           MVP Technician                Waiter
  Bar Captain - Piano Lounge              Events Operational Admin      At-Your-Service

  Training and Development Manager        Cashier                    Florist
  PR and Marketing Manager                Usher / Usherette          Florist Helper
  Sales Lady / Man-Bakery                 Head Bartender             Guest Service Officer
  Sales Lady / Man-Pastry                 Hostess                    Telephone Operator
  Sales Lady / Man-Chocolate & Silverware Waitress
                                                                     Reservation Supervisor
  Sales Lady / Ice Cream                  Bus Boy / Bus Girl         Bell Captain
  Sales Lady / Fresh Juices               Mini Bar Attendant         General Cashier
Case-in-Point: Riding the New Wave
of Labour Demands

         (80+) Customer Service Officers / Call Center Agents

         (60+) Customer Service Representatives – Call Centre

         (130+) Relationship Officers, Personal Banking Advisors, Phone
         Banking Officers, Sales & Services Officers, Telesales Agents,
         Bancassurance Officers, Sales Officers (Personal Loans,
         Mortgage Financing, Auto Financing, Credit Card), Remittances

         (120+)Deputy Managers, IT Auditors, Credit Risk Auditors,
         Operational Risk Auditors, Relationship Managers, Branch
         Banking Officers, Credit Analysts, Project Finance Officers,
         BPR Specialists, Remittances Officers, Head Tellers, Bank
         Tellers, Leasing Finance Assistants, Operations Assistants,
         Mortgage Finance Assistants, LC Assistants, Investment
         Assistants, Banking Assistants.
        Emerging Markets

Finland          U.S.A.     Singapore

  Recommendations To Meet The
  Emerging Market Demands

• Create a working group comprised of major international
  companies, reputable recruitment firms, education and
  training institutions both from the government and private
  sectors to address the emerging labor market demands –
  e.g. aligning curriculum with industry needs, placement
  programs, demographic studies and shared information.

•Conduct Intensified and comprehensive              career
counseling sessions with high school and college
graduates for informed decisions making related to
education and training institutions, labor market demands
and international qualification standards.
 •Increase the number of sponsorships/donors for
 scholarship programs supported by international
 corporations to motivate their students and develop loyalty
 to the donor companies.
        Recommendations To Meet The
        Emerging Market Demands

•   Undertake     programs      like    encouraging
    international    firms    and      philanthropic
    organizations to adopt existing technical school
    or training centers to improve the quality and
    increase the number of graduates.

•   Advocate and lobby for additional government
    support for policies that will open up additional
    opportunities for scholarships or “study now
    pay later” program.

•   Encourage foreign companies to provide
    apprenticeship programs fpr skills training that
    would require on-the-job training.
     Recommendations To Meet The
     Emerging Market Demands

•   Initiate the upgrading of the proficiency levels in
    the language curricula of schools particularly
    those offering courses in hotel/hospitality and
    healthcare to include conversational English,
    Arabic, Finnish, Nihonggo, Spanish and

•   Provide academic and educational institutions
    with and orientation on in demand skills and
    job opportunities that dovetail with the
    requirements of oil and gas industries.
Open Discussion
“Therefore, every recruitment company’s mission should
be that of finding only the best employment opportunities
for our countrymen, and in the process, contribute to the
quest of achieving a better quality of life for our people.”
-Cesar Averia, Jr.
EDI President & CEO
April 2005

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