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									Unique Coffee Tables

We all know people who won't take chances in life... They have to play it safe with everything they
do. Because they are afraid to make mistakes or can't deal with failure...

When you chose the coffee table you now have, did you play it safe and got it because it fit in with
what's conventional? Deep down inside, did you really want something else that broke the rules and
was something wild and crazy?

Let me tell its okay to break free from the dull and boring coffee tables everyone else pretends to
enjoy. We are going to look at a few unique and unusual coffee tables that are beautiful to look at and
are artistic pieces you will appreciate.

One of these unique coffee tables is a pair of sculptured dolphins riding the crest of a wave. They are
supporting a clear round tempered glass top which allows you to see their details from above. The
dolphins are made of polyresin.

 Next there is a unique coffee table displaying a pair of eagles gliding down stormy seas. One is
catching its prey. They are made of polyresin and form the base of the table. These birds help keep a
round shape clear tempered glass in place.
Another unique coffee table consists of a trio of sculptured horses running free in the wild. These
horses are made from polyresin and form the base for the table. An oval shaped tempered glass sits on
top of them.
Okay, I hope these examples have got you thinking about taking a chance with your selection of a
coffee table. Hopefully you now see that you don't have to accept something that is typical. Go with
what feels right to you.

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