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									Ahead proposal to Asha-Seattle - Q&A – round 1
Q1) Finance: Computer, Printer DMP, Accounting software & UPS - Is a separate
printer for Finance required? Can you use one of the other computers for that?

Ans.1). We have a four storied school building where different facilities /
departments will be located separately in different floors. As finance applications
require substantial printing, Dot Matrix printer will be much economical as the ink
is ribbon based and substantially cheaper. Stationery cost will also be economical.

Q2) Office Application (Special): Computer, DeskJet Printer (psc) & Ups
Q3) Office (Normal): Computer, Laser Printer & UPS
What is the difference between Office application Special & normal?

Ans. 2. & 3).
For Office Special, the computer system will be with 512 RAM instead of 256 RAM
for other computers and 17” Color monitor instead of 15” and modem for internet.
This will be used for Research work, and development of educational packages,
graphic work and educational / musical application and Internet usage.
Normal Office work will comprise correspondences and general administrative
work. Laser Printer will be economical.

Q4) Class Rooms: Computer & UPS-Would it be possible to get 1 powerful UPS that
will support 7 or more of computers instead of having 1 UPS per computer?

Ans.4) We have requested for 6 UPS for 6 Desktop computers with the intention of
making each computer unit as an independent unit of work for promptness and
specific areas of applications with sufficient load for each unit. The cost of 6 UPSs @
Rs.1800 will be Rs. 10,800 where as one centralised Ups will exceed Rs. 20,000 i.e.
double the cost. Moreover, the disadvantages are: additional wiring work involving
additional cost (to be estimated), risk and probability of spoilage of work in all units
if the centralised UPS is down (we do not have steady current supply and there are
load-shedding problems in Kolkata). Considering all these factors, separate UPS has
been recommended by the specialist vendor who furnished the quotation.

5) Information Services: Computer & Ups-What is information Services and how would
the computer be used by Information Services

Ans.5) Maintaining data bank for all students, personnel, service providers, new
applicants for admissions / employment, about similar NGOs locally, nationally and
internationally, Govt. Depts., Statutes, Specialists and Doctors, availability of
appliances and gadgets, interaction programmes with general schools, curricula
information, Employers, Entrepreneurship Development Information, etc. for
proving information to in-house and outside requirement and counseling / referral
services to parents and OPD services, Self-help groups, and all front office / Help-
desk requirements..
Q6) For presentation to donors & outdoor lectures: Laptop -Many of us might have a
laptop that we can donate. It will be 2nd hand but in good working condition. Does it
make sense to get you such a laptop instead of buying a new one?

Ans. 6) Yes, it will serve the purpose. We have discussed with the vendor who have
agreed to provide the support / repair services in case of any problem.

Q7) OS: MS-Windows XP Home - Why is the OS required when computers will have the
OS pre-installed by the manufacturers?

Ans.7) In India, OS is to be separately paid for and pre-installed before delivery.

Q8) Communication internal & between floors: Inter-com System 24 line
From which company will you purchase the intercom? Do they have a warranty period?
What is the purpose of using these intercoms?

Ans.8) From the same vendor i.e. Eastern System, B255, Lake Town, Kolkata –
700089. They will give one year’s free warranty. These Inter-com units will be used
for internal communication between different floors / departments to avoid
unnecessary movement, ensure speedy communication and work with reduced staff.
Parents / Visitors for information can communicate right from ground floor and be
dispersed with to avoid unnecessary waiting time and flow of people.

Q9) Annual maintenance contract @ 8% for 2 years
What are the items that will be covered by this contract? 8% of what? Quantity = 2, what
2 things?

Ans.9) 8% of total cost of Items 1 to 8 for computers and Inter-com systems as
        1. Finance -            Rs. 37,800
        2. Office – Special      Rs. 39,800
        3. Office – Normal       Rs. 52,600
        4. Class Rooms            Rs. 52,600
        5. Information Services Rs. 26,300
        6. Laptop                  Rs. 40,000
        7. OS                     Rs. 22,500
        8. Communication            Rs. 50,000

               TOTAL              Rs. 3,03,300

        8% of Rs. 3,03,300 for 1 year     =       Rs. 24,264
                -do-      for 2 years     =       Rs. 48,528
Qty. 2 means 2 years.
The initial one year is a free-warranty period. We have asked for support for two
more years. Thus it will be for a total period of three years, after which we should
be able to maintain it from generation of our own operating fund.

Q10) For Class room: overhead projector
Q11) For Projection: Docking Box
Q12) For Projection: Screen for Projection
Why are Overhead projector, docking box and screen for projection put separately?

Ans.10, 11, 12) Docking box and screen for projection will remain installed in
training room so that a laptop can be just plugged in for any presentation and
viewed by teachers, students, trainees, parents in the large screen. The cost of
Docking Box and Screen together is only Rs.7,000.

1. All computers will be from HP-Compaq. The standard configuration will be P-IV,
   3.06, 256 MB DDR RAM, 80 GB Sata, 15” Color Monitors with CD ROM Drive and
2. For Office Special , the computer system will be with 512 RAM and 17:” Color
   monitor and modem
3. The dot matrix printer will be from EPSON
4. The UPS will be from Frontech
5. The Laser Printer will be from HP

Q13) Why are 2 different printers required? Would it be possible to have just 1 printer for
all the computers?
Can you have just one UPS supporting all the Computers?
What is the purpose of having the office special computer of a different from the rest of
the computers?

Ans.13) This is replied vide our Answers to your Questions 1 to 4 above.

Q14) Which is the company that the computers are being purchased from?
Are they going to be providing any kind of discount?
Will the computer, printer, Ups and software be bought from the same company?
Do they have a warranty period?
For Microsoft office etc. we can actually get it much cheaper at the company store. In
that case does it makes sense for us to buy the software & sent them to you? We can find
specific donors for that part.

Ans.14) The vendor company identified is M/s Eastern System, B255, Lake Town,
Kolkata – 700089.
They will be giving us a discount of 5%.
All the items will be taken from the same company i.e. from a single point vendor so
that we get better service / repair support during warrant / post-warranty period.
They will give one year’s free warranty support. They have the required
infrastructure to provide good technical support.
We had thought of “open office” from Internet available free and didn’t include any
cost for this software. But MS office is much known to all of us and much more
user-friendly. The cost of each MS Office package is Rs.17,000 in India. Therefore,
if could send us MS Office from your end, it will be very convenient for us. This
proposal is welcome.

List of Some of Our Clients

1.     Indian Airlines Ltd.
2.     Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
3.     Job
4.     LSI International
5.     Office of The Principal Accountant General, West Bengal
6.     Office of The Accountant General ( A & E) , West Bengal
7.     Office of The Accountant General (LBA) , West Bengal
8.     Office of The Accountant General ( A& E ) , Orissa
9.     Office of The Accountant ant General Audit-II, Orissa
10.    Office of The Principal Director of Audit, Eastern Railway
11.    Office of The Principal Director of Audit, Central
12.    Office of the Principal Director of Commercial Audit & Member Audit Board –I
13.    Office of the Principal Director of Commercial Audit & Member Audit Board –II
14.    Office of The Principal Director of Audit, Ordnance Factories
15.    Office of The Director of Audit, Scientific Departments
16.    East Bengal Club
17.    Pt. Budhaditya Mukherjee
18.    Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, Narendrapur
19.    National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
20.    Svarna School

Q14) Could you elaborate about how the above offices are your clients?

Ans. 14) These are the clientele furnished by the computer vendor in support of
their expertise / reputation. This was the excerpt from the quotation of the vendor.
Sorry, this was not properly clarified.

Q15. How many children are served by Ahead right now?

Ans. 15) Right now we have 35 children.

Q16. How many will be served after these computers ++ come in?
Q17. How will these computers help in improving the work Ahead is doing now?

Ans. 16 & 17.
We have planned to admit up to 120 children within a year. We should have then 25
teachers, officials & staff.
The various departments / facilities we have planned are:

   a)   School (including for autism),
   b)   vocational training centre,
   c)   Govt. approved training courses,
   d)   Research Unit
   e)   OPD
   f)   Office (including accounts)
   g)   Information, parent counseling & referral services
   h)   Self-help groups & Placement information for rehabilitation
   i)   Activities like exhibition, sports training, educational films,
        development of educational packages, cultural activities, seminar &
        workshops etc.

This Sunday our advertisement for recruitment of Principal, Special Educators (on
autism, mental retardation and Speech & Hearing) and Office Executive will come
out in Ananda Bazar and Telegraph jointly. We have also planned for starting
Training Division and Research Work.

We are making endeavor to achieve our target. We have since opened a separate
Section for autistic students and also physiotherapy unit under a physiotherapist
(sponsored by one U.K. Trust).

Our proposal for hiring of school bus service, library for references and research
work, and equipping multi-use training room is progressing in a positive manner
with Asha-NYC.

Our office, accounts, internet work etc. are presently being done in a scattered
manner from the home PCs of respective members amidst much inconveniences and
delay. These are now urgently to be brought in to school premises under a proper
office set-up. In order to make headway to achieve above, we require a computer
and communication setup. The utilization areas of each computer have been
detailed in our proposal. 120 students, 25 teachers/officials/staff, parents of students
will be directly benefitted. Benefits which cannot be measured are research work,
information etc. services, OPD, training activities etc. But such benefits will be
substantial and long-term to society. It is better to say that without a computer set
up, a society cannot properly be run effectively. The services / working of each and
every department like education, vocational training, teachers' training, OPD,
research work, information services, office & accounts etc. will be improved.

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