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									Hotel Melbourne Victoria Australia

Victoria is the second smallest state in Australia located at the tip of Australia’s east
coast which covers 227 600 sq km which is almost the same size as the British Isles.
There is a wealth of diverse regional attractions and areas, from pristine beaches and
beautiful coastline to forests and national parks filled with unique Australian wildlife,
scenic lakes and towing mountains that offer hiking, skiing and climbing to beautiful
scenic wine lands. There are day trips from Melbourne which are easily accessible to
visit Victoria’s varied and unique landscapes. The climate in Victoria various across
the state, as the north is warmer and drier as opposed to the south. From December
to February the climate is warm to hot, March to May is winter which is damp and

There are a number of advantages you can look forward to when staying in a hotel in
Melbourne, as the hotels offer great service and are well suited to the most
discerning visitor, when planning your holiday at a Melbourne hotel should be your
first priority. View all the various hotel options and galleries online which will help
you find the perfect hotel option no matter if you are traveling alone or with your
family. Once you have located a hotel the suits your needs and budget, you can
immediately secure your booking as well as make a secure payment online. There
are also various package deals that include flights and accommodation and if you
make an early booking you can expect discounts. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria
located on the Yarra River and near Port Phillip Bay shores. Melbourne is well known
for its sense of elegance and style and also hosts amazing events and festivals
annually. Melbourne has a flourishing interest in the arts and culture, and is the best
shopping area as well as boosts a lively passion for drinking and eating. Following
the gold rush, there has been many building that have been preserved and restored
from the early 19th century which provides a reminder of Victoria’s prosperous age.

To compensate the fast pace of Melbourne’s city life there are beautiful tended
gardens and parks where one can take a walk and relax. Some of the most
prestigious events are hosted in Victoria annually such as the Melbourne Cup in
November and the Spring Racing Carnival. In January there is the Open Tennis
Championships and in March is the Formula One grand Prix and during March and
April are the International flower and garden show as well as the Arts and Comedy
festival. There is something for everyone throughout the year in Melbourne.

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