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					  Keep Calm Carry on Rugs - Why are they so
You may have seen these words – keep calm carry on - engraved on many items such as
t-shirts, coasters, jewelry and tote bags among others. One may pause and wonder what
is meant by these words. Many people may be wondering; where did all these come from?
Though this message is very common on many items, some people may not have an idea about
the origin of the message. The original ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster was produced by
the British government in 1939 during the inception of World War II. This phrase was basically
aimed at raising the morale of the British people who were facing an impeding invasion. Many
designers have ever since adopted this phrase and it is common to find it engraved on many

The design gained a lot of popularity in the year 2000 when a copy of the original poster
resurfaced in one of the bookshops in the United Kingdom. It is believed that to date, there
are only two remaining examples of the original 1939 posters. The United Kingdom bookshop
simply printed their own version of the image at the request of their customers. The phrase soon
became recognized by designers all over the world.

Not left behind are the rugs designers. You can access a wide range of rugs and non slip mats
of all sizes and designs with the phrase printed on them. The rugs are available in many colors
for the customers to choose from. For instance, you may come across red rugs with the phrase
printed in white color. You may also get other mixtures of colors but in each instance, the
phrase is very well outlined in the rug.

Due to the high demand for the keep calm carry on rugs, many manufacturers have responded
to this demand by manufacturing the mats. You can therefore access many mats with this
phrase on them especially from stores in the United Kingdom, where the phrase originated way
back in 1939. There is no better way to get in touch with the past history of the United Kingdom
than investing in these rugs. The phrase brings to mind the history of the United Kingdom when
the World War II thrived. Though the phrase originated in the UK, designers across the world
have embraced it and you can find mats and rugs with this phrase in any part of the world and
not necessarily limited to the UK.