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									     JOAN OF ARC



 Era of Chivalry and Faith

      February 4, 2003
                    Joan of Arc
                  The Maid of Orléans

Statue of Joan,
                   Jeanne d’Arc
Paris             La Pucelle d’Orléans

                    February 4, 2003
                                         Statue of Joan,
Key terms
   • Dauphin
   • Valois
   • Dukes of Burgundy
     / Ducs de Bourgogne
   • Anglo-Burgundians
Political situation
• The Hundred Year’s war (1337-1453) between
  the French and the English raged on.
• Five years after the death of French king
  Charles VI, the crown of France was in dispute,
  claimed by…
  – Charles, the dauphin, son and heir of the Valois king
    Charles VI
  – Henry VI, English King.
• The duke of Burgundy was allied with the
• Charles’s enemies held Reims, the traditional
  site of royal coronations.
Timeline                          Joan of Arc (1412-1431)

1337-1453    Hundred Years' War (France vs. England).
1412         Joan born in Dorémy, France.
1422         Death of Charles VI, king of France.
  Joan’s exploits:
1429         … leads French to defeat
                    the English in battle.
1429         … leads Dauphin to Reims, for
             his coronation as Charles VII
1430         … captured by Burgundy/England.
1431         … tried by the Inquisition, convicted,
                    burned at the stake
1920         … canonized as a saint.
Modern uses of the legend

   U.S. treasury
   department poster
Joan of Arc on screen
a selection
1928, The Passion of Joan of Arc, by
 Carl Dreyer

1957, Saint Joan, by Otto Preminger, adapted by Graham
  Greene from Bernard Shaw’s play

              1994, Joan the Maid,
                  by Jacques Rivette

               1997, Joan of Arc,
                  Virgin Warrior,
                  A&E documentary
More actresses as Joan

Ingrid Bergman, 1954
                                                Milla Jovovich, 1999, 41st actress to play

                       Sarah Bernhardt, 1890.
Joan’s story, as told

  - selected scenes -
scene 1:   Siege at Orléans

From Joan the Maid (1994), by Jacques Rivette

      May 7, 1429.
      The French town of Orléans had been held
      under siege by the English for 6 months. With
      her followers from the Dauphin’s army, Joan
      convinces the soldiers there to attack the fort
      at Les Tourelles. The English capitulate.
scene 2:   Coronation at Reims

From Saint Joan (1957), by Otto Preminger
       adapted by Graham Greene from Bernard Shaw’s play

      July 17, 1429.
      After leading successful battles against the
      English and recapturing Reims, Joan
      accompanies the Dauphin to the cathedral
      there, where he is crowned Charles VI, king of
scene 3:   Trial and Execution

From The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928),
     by Carl Dreyer

      February 21 (interrogation begins).
      May 30, 1431 (execution).
      The Anglo-Burgundians captured Joan then turned
      her over to the Inquisition, which tried her for heresy.
      The trial took place at Rouen, under the direction of
      the Bishop of Beauvais. She was found guilty and
      burned at the stake.

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