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					PAC Meeting Minutes

April 19, 2010

In Attendance: Carol Luterbach, Tina McIntosh, Meagan Salekin, Michelle Anderson, Lynn O’Keefe, Michelle Postnikoff,
Misty Soukochoff, Tamara Millar, Carrie Reilly, Wayne Naka, Patrick Kinghorn, Deanna Akselson, Kim Klashinsky

Total: 13

Meeting called to order at 6:02pm.

Approval of February 16, 2010 Minutes by:       1) Misty Soukochoff

                                                2) Michelle Postnikoff

Principal/Vice Principal Reports

Principal – Wayne Naka

        -   Number of Divisions will be staying the same at 14. Unsure of the staffing implications yet.
        -   Class lists will be compiled in the last two weeks of May. They should be posted at the end of June. Class
            composition will probably be:
                2 – Kindergarten
                2 – Grade 1
                1 – Grade 1-2 split
                2 – Grade 2
                2 – Grade 3
                1 – Grade 4
                1 – Grade 4-5 split
                1 – Grade 5
                1 – Grade 6
                1 – Grade 6-7 split
                1 – Grade 7
        -   We lose between 7 and 11 kids every year, next year we will be losing 7 students to French immersion.
        -   Patrick will not be doing special education next year. This will now be turned into a .5. If things stay at
            status quo Mr. Naka and Mr. Kinghorn will be splitting a class next year.
        -   Elaine Pilla will be permanent full time next year
        -   Denise Jenner will be laid off in May. We will try to get her back as a .5 depending on retirements and
        -   Track and field will be starting soon. Elaine Pilla will be helping this year. Track and field is for the
            intermediate students.
        -   Ready, Set, Learn will be starting in May. 4 weeks on Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11:00 am
        -   We had our first cultural event of the year, it went well. Funny.
        -   District Math Fest went okay. It gave us some good ideas for next year. We did have a couple of our school
            teams do well.
        -   Family Math Night – The speaker was not as well prepared as could have been for the primary kids. The
            numbers were good, but the organizers now know that if any more were to show up that they would need
            to set up more stations and activities. About 3 families that weren’t from our school attended. Good ideas
            for next year.
        -   Pink day was a big success, “Awesome”.
        -   Jump Rope for Heart was “awesome”. Thank you to Elaine Pilla and Geri Bryden.
        -   KE Performing Arts Festival 2010 is scheduled for April 29th in the morning, and on the evening of the same
            day (6PM). The morning performance is for the school and students, the evening for parents and our
            educational community. Parents are welcome in the morning if they cannot attend the evening
            performance. For more info…talk to Mr. Naka
        -   Earth Day clean- up is Thursday, April 22.
        -   Staff Pro D. Caroline Tomlinson is the speaker. 4 staff from our school will be attending in Penticton.
        -   Roots of empathy is in the Grade 5 class this year
        -   Fun Lunch and crazy hat day is Friday April 30, 2010.
        -   If we can get some parents to help organize the classroom outdoor bins, the school has purchased $2500
            new gym equipment, and will be sending some of the old equipment to the classroom bins.
        -   June 3 in the bike rodeo for Grades 1 – 3
        -   The Grade 5’s are going to Fort Steel May 25, 26th. Sandy Deschene has been sick, and we may need to see
            what fundraising help is needed. Or do the students each pay to go?

Vice Principal – Patrick Kinghorn

    -   Patrick gave a real cool presentation on the new classroom acquisitions

    -   They are called 21st Century Teaching Stations. They comprise of an Avervision document camera and an LCD
        projector. We currently have 5 stations. In a perfect world we would require 8 more stations. They cost about
        $1500. In a best case scenario, the teaching stations would also have a laptop...adding approximately $900 to
        the $1500.

Treasurer reports – Carol Luterbach

    -   Please see report attachments on the school website

    -   The family dance raised about $600

    -   Last Fun Lunch – we cleared $250 (because of outsourcing of drinks)

    -   Additional funds raised so far are just over $1000 with minimal fundraising
Old Business:

At the February meeting, Misty Soukochoff offered to check out what was available in the area for Island Farms Labels
as another means of fundraising. After making some calls she was able to find about 5 stores that carry Island Farms
products, mostly in Trail. We’ve decided not to go any further. It will probably be too much for parents to try to buy the
products by going to Trail.

Recycling Bins at Canadian Tire and 7/11 were suggested by Alison. 7/11 agreed that they would let us put a bin for
bottles there if we provided the bags and picked them up when full. But Alison does not have the storage space or time
to offer. No one else wants to take this on, so it has been decided to let this idea go.

New Business:

    1) SD 20 Budget – Carol Luterbach
       The district has decided to go with a zero based budget. Which means they will look at what is available and
       what is needed, then decide. They do have some money that has not been allocated and are looking at the
       ideas from the public and the district schools to decide what to do with the monies. The SD20 website has more

    2) Staff Appreciation Week – Lynn O’Keefe
       May 3 – 7. If you want to help out, just let the PAC know. We’ll have another meeting this week or next to
       discuss the ideas. Carrie Reilly has offered herself and Michelle to make official invites for the staff lunch. We
       only have one full time custodian.

    3) KE 2009/2010 Yearbook – Kim Klashinsky
       So far we have 47 orders. If we don’t get at least 76 we will have to scratch it.

    4) Year End Fun Day – Lynn O’Keefe
       Friday, June 25. Do we want to do hot dogs again? Yes. We already have the hot dogs, but will double check.
       We will still need buns and some sort of dessert.

Some last minute comments:

Kim Klashinsky – Kim was in the girls bathroom and found that they are in need of proper disposal of feminine products.
Where to they go to get supplies? And how are they supposed to dispense?

Meeting Adjourned 7:29 pm.

Next Meeting: May 18, 2010 at 6:00 pm in the K.E. Library.

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