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					   Not many people understand the concept of a Urban drama. This is mainly because it
    does not conform to the other common Drama’s as an Urban Drama takes into
    account the society. Giving the mise-en-sence a more visible focus as the common
    skyline of the busy city might be substituted with the grittiness of area with elements of
    graffiti and vandalism.

   Urban Drama therefore become more about today’s urban society as well established
    scenes depicted a sense of realism as the film might have a similar story to one which
    might be heard on the news. These stories consist Racism, Gun Crime, Drugs,
    Gangs, Music (predominantly Rap, R&B and Grime) and most importantly the lack
    of money as this is mainly the reason why the characters are to seen to be in difficult
   The idea in most Urban Drama’s it to simply “get rich” and live a
    comfortable life. This is not only common in Urban drama’s but also the
    American dream.

   Characters are seen to desperately turn away from bad, but due to the
    environment they live in they are constantly dragged back with links
    from racism, loyalty, friendship and getting equal.

   In most Urban Drama’s there is always a happy ending however the
    main character is often killed giving a sense of reality within the drama.

   However even with such a story line there is always another positive
    consequence to weight out and give balance. This allows the audience
    to feel as their isn't always a negative outcome which we always hear
    on the news.
   Waist deep is an urban drama, which consists
    of the common aspects an audience would
    expect to see in a film like this. These aspects
    include violence, money, drugs and women.
   The background of the poster is black which
    suggests that the plot is dark and has mystery
    to it; it also improves the focal point and allows
    the actors to be the main subject.
   The trap line ‘His son, his life, his freedom, he’s
    taking them all back’ this along with the gun
    suggests the actor has loses so much and
    finally gets fed up then, which forces him to
    use violence to take ‘them all back’
   This poster also hold the common aspects
    which most posters hold, which is the title, trap
    line and the actors names to help improve the
    Tyrese Gibson is facing away from the
    audience which show the total opposite to
    Meagan Good, this could show that Tyrese has
    more things to worry about as he is also
    holding a gun which is a key prop in a film of
    this genre.
   There are many other forms of media’s which also simulate an urban
    vibe. The main form being music with artists such as Notorious B.I.G
    and 2Pac both have song which express common events in “the
    ghetto” and the consequences.

Gimmie the Loot by Notorious B.I.G. The song title alone has
   connotations to robbery and possible casualties. This song delivers a
   story about Biggy and another character stealing from a store for
Brenda’s Got A Baby by 2Pac, this whole song explains how a woman
   becomes pregnant however due to the lack of education she has
   she find it hard to survive.

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