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					Dental Implants Canberra, Crowns & Bridges

Missing teeth can greatly affect a person’s self esteem and quality of life.

Missing teeth can result from:
•    Injury;
•    Orthodontic treatment recommending removal of teeth;
•    Teeth not developing;
•    Gum disease and poor oral health which causes tooth loss and
•    Poor advice that it is cheaper to remove teeth than keep them.
(NB: Teeth should only be removed if they are condemned and you are planning to proceed
with dental implants or bridges).
Naturally, the effect of tooth loss varies from person to person. Without the tooth, the bone
around the lost tooth gradually recedes (as it is no longer required to support the tooth), often
remaining teeth shift, chewing becomes difficult, lips and cheeks lose support and often appear
sunken with time.
Implant-retained crowns are restorations whereby a titanium screw is placed into the jaw bone
to replace a missing tooth root, and then a crown is placed on top. In the case of multiple
missing teeth, more than one implant can be placed, and multiple crowns or a bridge put on top.

Implants provide a solution for one or many missing teeth and once again, you will be able to
smile widely and enjoy whatever food you desire. A dental implant with a crown is the only way
to replace a missing tooth that will then look, feel and function like your natural tooth.

Dental Implants Canberra, Crowns & Bridges

Bridges close a gap caused by one or more missing teeth. They consist of an artificial tooth
being anchored to the adjacent natural teeth on each side of the gap. Bridges are either made
entirely from porcelain, or from porcelain bonded to a metal substructure.



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