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					ISLAND CONNECTIONS :: EDITION 662 :: 10/02/2012 - 23/02/2012                                                                                                           HEALTH DIRECTORY          43
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                                                   dental implants -
Urbanización San Eugenio, 
s/n,  38660 - Adeje
Tels:  • 922 752626

                                           the closest thing to a real tooth
       • 922 791 000
       • 900 112 111
Carretera Del Rosario 145 
Santa Cruz de Tenerife 
922 602 000                What is a dental               than  likely  you  will  forget               What do dental
                                             implant                     that  you  have  actually  lost                implants do?
UNIVERSITARIO                                                            one  (or  various)  teeth.  And 
                                                                                                                    • Substitute one or more
Carretera Cuesta-Taco - La            A  dental  implant  is  an         you  know  that  how  your 
Laguna. Tenerife. 922 678 000                                                                                      teeth without adversely                          artificial root which a dental       teeth  and  mouth  look  and 
                                                                                                                affecting neighbouring teeth
                                    surgeon  or  a  Maxillofacial        feel  affects  you  confidence 
HOSPITEN SUR                        surgeon  will  place  in  your       and  therefore  has  a  direct               • Help bridges and
Playa de Las Américas Arona-                                                                                     eliminate the necessity for
Tenerife                            jaw  to  hold  a  replacement        impact on your personal and 
Tel.: 922 75 00 22                  tooth  or  a  bridge  in  place. 
                                                                         professional life.                         removable false teeth
Fax: 922 79 36 18
                                    Dental implants are the best           Maybe up to now you have               • Support semi-permanent
HOSPITEN LA LAGUNA                  option  for  those  with  good       been hiding your smile due to                  false teeth
C/ Pescadores, Edf. Discovery,  
Carretera Gral. La Cuesta. Taco     general oral health but who          gaps where teeth have been 
La Laguna                           have lost one or a few teeth         lost.  Maybe the false tooth               The advantages of
Tel.: 922 626240 
Fax: 922 614355
                                    through gum or other related         or  teeth  you  do  have  don’t         dental implants over
                                    problem.                             feel secure.  Maybe you have           false teeth and bridges
HOSPITEN BELLEVUE                     An implant isn’t just a false      problems chewing. If you are 
C/ Alemania, 6. Urb. San                                                                                           In every way dental implants 
Fernando. Puerto de la Cruz         tooth, it also works to protect      missing one or more teeth and 
Tel.: 922 38 35 51                  your natural teeth as the new        want to smile, talk or eat again       are  better  than  false  teeth/
Fax: 922 37 03 12                                                                                               bridges. 
                                    tooth  won’t  need  to  rely  on     with confidence and comfort, 
HOSPITEN TAMARAGUA                  the  neighbouring  teeth  to         there’s good news!                        Dental  implants  look  and 
C/ Agustín de Bethencourt, 30. 
                                    stay in place.                         Dental  implants  mean               feel like your real teeth.  When 
Puerto de la Cruz 
                                                                                                                the implant is in place in the                                          Dr. Fu Qiang
Tel.: 922 38 05 12                                                       teeth that look and feel like                                               Dr. Fu Qiang Li
Fax: 922 38 08 50                         Why are dental                 your  own.    Under  the  right        jawbone it prevents the loss 
                                                                                                                                                     Modern Chinese Medicine             Li is a fully
HOSPITEN RAMBLA                          implants the right              conditions, for instance proper        of bone and receding gums, 
Address: Rambla General                      choice?                     and professional installation          which  is  not  the  case  with         Acupuncture      Reflexology
Franco, 115. 38001 Sta. Cruz de 
                                                                         and  the  right  care  by  the         false  teeth  or  bridges.    No                                        specialist in
Tenerife. Tel.: 922 29 16 00.                                                                                                                           Massages         Sauna
Fax: 922 29 10 88                     Dental implants are such a         patient, implants can last for         one would ever guess that you                                            traditional
HOSPITAL SAN JUAN DE                natural manner of replacing          the rest of your life. Studies         have replacement teeth.              Tel. 922 717 906 • 679 787 290     and modern
                                                                                                                   Dental  implants  don’t           Complejo Palo Blanco Fase 2
DIOS                                lost  teeth  and  feel  so  right    show that with the right care                                               Avda. Andalucía 31, Costa Adeje       Chinese
Ctra. Gral. del Norte, 53. Santa    in you mouth that it’s more          implants continue to last.             sacrifice the quality of existing    opposite C.C. San Eugenio            medicine
Cruz. Tel: 922 64 55 11
Fax: 922 64 93 52                                                                                               teeth as bridges may, as they 
                                                                                                                do not have to be attached or 
                                    Counselling                                                                 fixed to those existing teeth 
Gran Canaria                                                                           K undalini               to stay in place. So, the longer 
                                     Alcoholics Anonymous
                                     (AA) South:                                                                your own teeth are in place 
 C/. Barranco de la Ballena, 
 s/n. 35020 
                                     Monday, Wednesday,
                                     thursday and Saturday at
                                                                                    Tantric                     the  longer  you  have  good 
                                                                                                                oral health.
 Las Palmas.
 Tel. 928 450 000
                                     5.45pm, Friday at 11.45am.
                                     1st Floor Apolo Centre, Los
                                                                                   M assage                        Dental implants allow you 
 Fax: 928 449 100                                                                                               talk  and  eat  with  comfor t 
                                     (next to bus terminal).                  693 979 153                       and  confidence.    They  are 
 Plaza Doctor Pasteur                630 478 448 (24 hrs).                                                      secure and give you full dental 
 35020 Las Palmas.                                                                                              freedom. They allow you to 
 Tel. 928 313 033                                                                                               say  goodbye  to  false  teeth 
 MATERNO-INSULAR                     Missing Children> 116000                 Therapies, Spiritual              that have to be held in place 
 Avda Maritima del Sur                                                    hypnosis, Past life regression        with glue or paste. 
 35016 Las Palmas.                                                        Come, unleash your internal power
 Tel: 928 444 500                     Emergency                                                                    Dental  implants  have  a 
                                                                          and heal your mind, body and soul
 Fax 928 444 288                                                                                                high  success  rate  and  are 
                                    DIAL 112
                                                                          completely through energy healing,
 CLÍNICA SAN ROQUE – SUR                                                   hypnosis and past life regression.   considered an excellent tooth 
 Mar de Siberia 1                                                          Get Space Clearing carried out for   replacement option.
 Urb. Meloneras
 35100 Maspalomas-                  Emergency                             more positivity at home and in your
                                                                                       work place                 (In Dr Chanut’s next column
 Tel: 928 063 600
                                    Single emergency line                                                       he will explore who can benefit
                                                                              Call 619 519 858
                                                                                                                most from dental implants)

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