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									Initial Eligibility

         Presented by:
      Ryan Garka
  Colonial Athletic Association

    Pamela Mason
     Director of Compliance
   College of William and Mary
National Collegiate
Athletic Association

 Known as the NCAA
 1200 member institutions
 Sponsors 84 championships in 23 sports
 Approximately 360,000 student-athletes
 compete for NCAA championships
 Divided into THREE divisions
   NCAA Initial Eligibility

 Started 10 years ago to establish a standard
  evaluation of high school academic records
 Used to determine eligibility to participate in
  Division I or II college athletics as a freshman
 Starting in 2007, used to determine
  ACADEMIC and AMATEUR eligibility
       Academic Eligibility
 Qualifier
   Practice and compete during first year of college

   Receive athletics scholarship during first year of
   Can play four seasons in your sport if you maintain
 Nonqualifier
   Cannot practice OR compete during first year of
   Cannot receive athletics scholarship during first
    year of college
   Can play three seasons in your sport if you
    maintain eligibility
          NCAA Division I
 Graduate from high school
 Successfully complete 16 Core Courses
 Have a core course GPA in combination with a
 SAT or ACT test score
 Receive Amateurism Certification
          NCAA Core Course
 16 core academic courses required:
     4 years of English
     3 years of Math (Algebra I and higher)
     2 years of Natural/Physical Science (at least one lab)
     1 year of Additional English, Math, or Science
     2 years of Social Science
     4 years of additional academic courses
      (foreign language, philosophy or nondoctrinal
      NCAA Test Score
     Math (200-800)
     Verbal (200-800)
     Writing (Not used in determining Qualifier Status)

     Math (1-36)
     English (1-36)
     Science (1-36)
     Reading (1-36)
         Timely Graduation
    Effective August 1, 2007
    Prospect must complete core-curriculum
     requirements not later than the high school
     graduation date of the prospective student-athlete’s
Test Dates in Virginia
      SAT 2007-2008         ACT 2007-2008
   November 3, 2007      October 27, 2007
   December 1, 2007      December 8, 2007
   January 26, 2008      February 9, 2008
   March 1, 2008
                          April 12, 2008
   May 3, 2008
                          June 14, 2008
   June 7, 2008
To Report Test Scores

Mark code 9999 when registering for
Scores must be reported directly from
         the testing agency.
      NCAA Sliding Scale
Core GPA            SAT               SUM ACT
   3.550 & above    400               37
   3.525            410               38
   3.500            420               39
   3.250            520               46
   3.000            620               52
   2.750            720               59
   2.500            820               68
   2.250            920               77
   2.000            1010              86

Scale is now expanded with gpa range as low as 2.00,
            an SAT score as low as 400,
         and a SUM ACT score as low as 37.
   Additional Restrictions
 Only grades from classes taken through 8 semesters
  (9th-12th grade) of high school CAN be used
 Summer school classes after 8th semester (12th
  grade) CANNOT be used
 Students with Learning Disabilities—Approval by the
  NCAA Academics/Eligibility/Compliance Cabinet
 Joint Enrollment Courses—College courses must be
  accepted by the high school and placed on the
  student’s high school transcript
      NCAA Division II

 GRADUATE from high school
 MINIMUM 2.0 GPA in 14 core courses
 MINIMUM 820 SAT combined score or 68
ACT Sum Score
       NCAA Division III

 No Initial Eligibility requirements mandated
by the NCAA
If admitted to a Division III institution, you are
eligible to compete
 Contact Division III institution for its policies
on financial aid, practice, and competition
  Amateurism Eligibility

Amateurism Certification is NEW in 2007
WHY:    Concerns about domestic and
        international student-athletes
WHO:    All prospects planning to enroll Fall 2007
        and beyond (high schools & JC transfers)
HOW:    Same registration through NCAA
        Clearinghouse as the Academic Eligibility
WHAT:   Answer amateurism related questions
     Amateurism Eligibility
 Review of Pre-College Enrollment Activities
    Contracts with a professional team

    Salary for participating in athletics

    Prize money

    Play with professionals

    Tryouts, practice or competition with a professional
    Benefits from an agent or prospective agent

    Agreement to be represented by an agent

    Delayed initial full-time collegiate enrollment to
     participate in organized sports competition
Clearinghouse Response
In April, 2008, all registered prospects who have
received a preliminary report from the
Clearinghouse will need to RETURN to the CH
web site to update their registration and confirm
the information provided is correct and complete.

After doing so, the prospect will receive final
amateurism CERTIFICATION or if a PENALTY
should be assessed before certification.

Opportunity to appeal penalties.
      Application Process

 Online registration is REQUIRED!!!!!!!!

 Apply online at

 Apply beginning of junior year in high school

 Cost $50 for domestic prospects, $75 for
  international prospects
       Application Process
    Effective August 1, 2007
    Prospects cannot be extended an Official Visit (i.e.
     provided transportation, lodging or meal expenses)
     by an member institution to its campus without
     being registered with the Clearinghouse.
    Prospects cannot receive an offer of athletically
     related financial aid without registering with the
 Student takes CORE courses
 Student takes SAT or ACT and has scores reported
      directly to the Clearinghouse (Code 9999)
 Student registers with the Clearinghouse
 Student has official high school transcript sent to
      CH after junior year for preliminary evaluation
 Student answers amateurism questionnaire
 April of senior year, student verifies amateurism
 Immediately after graduation, student has final
      transcript that includes date of graduation sent
      to Clearinghouse
     Additional Information
              NCAA Clearinghouse:

          NCAA Hotline: 1-800-638-3731

Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete
Additional Information
         Pamela Mason
     Director of Compliance
    College of William & Mary

           Ryan Garka
  Colonial Athletic Association

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